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Crime Thriller

Warning: Violent scene

      The search I had started over a month ago added up to a big zero in results. So when February. 3rd rolled around, I started to panic because it meant that I only had 11 days left. Eleven days to find the elusive box of chocolates that was used in the movie FOREST GUMP. It has been said on the internet, that the box does still exist and that there were only a few pieces of chocolate left in it. That chocolate according to the internet person known as SWEET ANYONOMUS, was going to be eaten by him at approximately 12pm on Valentine’s Day.

       My search by the way, was born out of my three loves …chocolate, the Gump movie, and my wife who had approved of my search and informed me that she just wanted the box. I will not discuss for obvious reasons if this is the real order of my forementioned loves.

I know from watching the Gump movie so many times, that Forest only ate a couple of pieces in the scene, so I assume that when the movie was finished, there was more candy left in the box and according to the studio, someone on the movie set, just probably picked the box up and left. No one would have known at that time how big the movie would be or how famous that box of chocolates would get.

         Because the source on the internet was only known to me as Sweet Anonymous, it meant my chances were going to be slim as far as finding him before the 14”.  but then on the 12th, he or she as far as I was concerned made their first mistake on the internet. To them it might not have been a big deal at the end of their posted message that i thought was taunting chocolate and movie lovers like me. He signed his posting with his email address instead of Sweet Anonymous. What a break, the fools mind must have been focusing on whatever little pieces of delight was left in that box that he was going to eat in two days. I bet you he was obsessed too.

         Luckily for me , i knew people in places and I had what I needed to get my answers. it was in the form of an email address. So I asked around and I found out that a friend of a friend worked at AOL and I was told by my friend that for a couple of bucks, I could be provided with a name and address. This was it! The game or hunt, pick your choice, was afoot. When my friend of five long years showed up at the designated spot that I had picked, he handed me the information while smiling and holding both hands stretched outward. One hand with my information and the other waiting for the money. But since I knew what my plan was and how important in my life it was, I couldn’t take the chance on being exposed later.

He didn’t get money. He got two bullets to the head when my deranged ass shot him. Why? Because everybody knows that witnesses are walking and talking time bombs and that there was only one sure way to disarm them, kill them Immediately.

         I had dreamed about that box of chocolates for years. It was what kept me going in that jail, that somebody else might call, a mental institution. My mind was determined, and the distance and driving all day wasn’t going to deter me. I was just happy that on Feb. 14 at about 11:35am, I found myself outside Wilbur Kings house. Wilbur King was Sweet anonymous,

As I looked through his window from the back of the house, I could see that box of chocolates sitting on the kitchen counter. It was sitting there like it was waiting for either Wilbur King's mouth or mine. It was still to be determined.

           I had cut it close, but I was there where I needed to be and at the right time. He had a back door that wasn’t hard to get open, I jemmied the lock with ease. I just had to worry about whether there was an alarm, which it turned out, he didn’t have or didn’t have on. My no-good past was finally paying off because it came in handy that I was a burglar before I was ever an obsessed crazy man and now murderer.

As I quietly got in and positioned myself behind a couch just a few feet from the chocolates, I saw a smiling Wilbur come into the kitchen from what i assume was a bedroom and go to the kitchen counter. He took a seat, looked at his watch and then just sat there staring down at my chocolates.

            His concentration was on the prize, which allowed me to sneak right up on the unsuspecting fool and just stand there right behind him, to wait for that last second in which he believed he was going to eat my chocolate delight.

Then when he looked at his watch for what was going to be the last time, I looked at mine and I saw that it was a minute to noon. I thought about what my mother used to say when she saw me eat pieces of chocolate one after another. She said "One day eating all that chocolate is going to be the death of you" and as I watched Wilbur reach down for the chocolate box, I wondered if his mother had given him that same warning.

Then I hit him with the crowbar I had brought with me. It had the duel role of a stopwatch, one that stopped Wilbur’s time on earth with a nasty babe ruth type swing, that connected with his head. It made the sound of a hard ballpark hit . One that someone could tell was going to be a homerun. Then I think I added a couple of good whacks for good measure, as I went into an out-of-control frenzy.

            I don’t remember how or when I got back to my car. Blood was all over my hands and clothes but that didn’t matter, what was most important, was that the box of chocolates that was on the passenger seat. When I picked it up and looked it over, I could see Tom Hanks autograph and the film studio stamp on the bottom of the box. It was authentic and now I was going to opened it and eat that chocolate no matter how old it was.

            When I opened it, I saw that there was only one piece left. I wasn’t happy about that but in my crazy mind, it was all worth it and I knew my wife was going to love that box. I decided right then and there that I wasn’t going to waste another minute. I picked that piece of chocolate up. stared at it for a second or two and then bit into it with one big smile on my face as I was probably foaming from the month. My smile left as soon as I crunched down on that chocolate and my world turned upside down. I immediately knew that I had crunched down on a piece of damn plastic, a damn prop. That son of a bitch Wilbur was a first-degree internet fake who had roamed the sacred space of the internet, where everybody knew only the truth was supposed to be found. Maybe he was just as crazy as I was, but I had taken my obsession to another level. It was me, that had killed again and for nothing but a box.

            If I was normal, they would not have found me sitting inside my car , staring out my window at nothing, right outside of Wilbur King's house. If I had been normal, two people would still be alive today, because I would’ve most likely believed and thought from the start…. That a life ain’t worth a box of chocolates, not even on Valentine’s Day.

February 15, 2022 17:53

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Kathleen Fine
00:37 Feb 24, 2022

Very unique story!


Darrell Grant
01:05 Feb 24, 2022

Thanks for the comment Kathleen


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Boutat Driss
09:57 Feb 17, 2022

great tale well done!


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