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It has been three months since the Galactic Court and the United Nations of Earth passed the law for Androids and Humans to finally co-exist again. We were brought to Earth to bridge the gateway from Earth to our planet, Oombalii. We are an advance race of Androids, and here to help the humans preserve life on Earth. Under Galactic Law 215, Section B, sub paragraph 21C: “All Androids are a protected race and any crime committed against an Android is a hate crime and is punishable by law. This includes a minimum of eight years in jail along with a $10,000 fine with mandatory counseling.

               Since migrating to earth we were given a human name, my given name is Melody. During the naming ceremony we were also given skin. A skin is our human host body while we are here on Earth so we can blend in. Our Queen, Queen Rhaella wanted a distinct characteristic that could distinguish a human from an Android, so our creator Minx gave us the purest purple eyes; to match the Queens favorite color of course.

               Queen Rhaella is the biggest advocate for the AHPT (Android and Human Peace Treaty). She has always found humans to be interesting and wanted to make sure their planet, and humans live on for ages. Today I get my work assignment at the local greenhouse down the street from my lodging. I have yet to call it home because I know I do not belong here.

               “Hiya, you must be Melody!” I heard a shrieking voice behind me. I turn around and see a bubbly human with most beautiful red curly hair I have ever seen.

“Yes, I am Melody. How can I be of service to you?” I replied.

She chuckled. I was confused, I did not say anything that would cause to her make that sound.

“You don’t have to be so serious; we’re going to have fun here, just wait and you’ll see.” She raised her hand quickly up toward the air with the palm of her hand facing me. I too, lifted my hand and I poked her palm. Unsure of what would happen if our palms touched, I hesitated.

“You’re supposed to do a high-five silly.” She repeated the same gesture, as did I. We both just stared at each other. What was supposed to happen? Darn, I should have touched palms. I made a bad first impression.

“Well, that’s okay. You will get the hang of it. Let us get you settled in with an apron and a name tag Melody.” She had a clipboard tucked away under her right arm, it clung to her to like a Rizzit on a pugbug. Rizzits are nasty little insects on our planet that resemble worms here, but much bigger. A pugbug resembles a warthog, but nastier, and a lot smellier. As we were walking through the greenhouse, I peaked a glance at the clip board, and I saw my name. I was given the task of watering the Roses, white rosed to be exact.

We walked into the White Roses room and I was amazed at what I saw. We did not have flowers back on Oombalii so I had never had the chance to experience such beauty. As I was admiring the flower, the bubbly red head girl approached me with my orange apron and my little black nametag with my given name written in white. Melody.

“Thank you for your kindness.” I smiled at her.

“Oh honey, you are so welcome! Oh darn, I forgot to give you my name. I am Sarah Hotch. I am your supervisor. Let me just say, I am happy to have you here Melody. When I was told I was getting an Android to help with the plants, I was overjoyed.” She grabbed my hand and had the biggest smile on her face.

“I am glad to be here, and to be of service Miss Sarah.” I smiled back at her, and she walked toward the door. She gave me a nice feeling. Like our creator Minx. She was not human, nor android, but something else. She knew humans well and taught us about them. When Minx made the androids, she made us with emotions. If you want to blend in like a human, you must have the emotions of a human. I will always think of her words, they comfort me.

I was a few hours into my shift when I was startled.

“Beautiful, aren’t they.”

“As to what are you referring?” I turned around and saw this gorgeous man. He was not like anything like we had on Oombalii. He had jet black hair, combed back and out of his face. His eyes were golden brown, when I looked at them, I felt like I was swimming in a pool of honey on a summer day.

“I am talking about you, Melody.”

I was no longer startled; I was a little creeped out. How did he know my name?

“How did you know my name?” I took a step back, and now I was on a alert mode.

He chuckled as he bit bottom lip, he pointed at my apron and said “your name tag. Your name is Melody, right?”

I looked down on my apron and there it was, my name tag.

I chuckled, mostly because I was nervous. A human man talking to me, and he is nice. I needed to not be on high alert. We were brought to this planet to converse with human and get to know them. I needed to do my duty and do what I what I came here to. I had to help the humans preserve their life and the lives of plants and animals too.

“Yes, my given name Is Melody, what is your name?”

“Nice to meet you Melody, my name is Andrew.”

We talked for a few hours while I was still on my shift about the different flowers, and what growing up human was like. We talked about birthdays and the vacations him and his family have been on. He even asked me what it was like to be Android. I was not sure how to answer that question seeing as I have only ever been an adult Android and nothing more.

I saw Andrew more and more after that day. We exchanged numbers and he took me out to dinner, even though I have no need for food consumption. Andrew said he just really liked my company. Maybe this mission was more than just helping the humans preserve life. This mission was about creating relationships, whether they are romantic or simply a friendship. Another thing this mission has given me and the other Androids that inhabit Earth, are allies. I am now proud to call Earth my home. 

February 23, 2021 06:22

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Lynette Brye
04:56 Feb 24, 2021

Great Job D.W.!!!Anxiously awaiting part 2 for updates on Andrew and Melody!


Darien Shaver
13:56 Feb 24, 2021

Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! There might be a spin off 🙃


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