The Blank Space.

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Science Fiction

White. Black. Clear. Nothing. Blank. Space. Invisible. Words like that cannot even describe what I saw yesterday. Beauty. Glow. Wistfulness. Georgous. You may be starting to describe it. Well, what felt like yesterday. You never know what there is in store for you on a normal Tuesday. Sometimes you just wake up, go to work, and come home. For me, however, I spent yesterday in The Blank Space. Somewhere not even someone with the most elaborate imagination could not have even dreamt of.

It was a day like any other. I woke up, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, put on clothes, had some coffee and breakfast. Everything was going smoothly. But right as I was about to leave for work, a beam comes from above me. A weird light, something I'd never seen before. Not even in movies or cartoons. Something was about to happen, but what, I couldn't put my finger on it.

Now, let's just say, I'm not very exciting. I work, sleep, garden. I have friends, go to church. I've also not been one to believe that there are aliens. I'm really not into science fiction. I just believe in what I know. If science could prove there were aliens, then I would believe. I never thought that there was any chance that I would be the chosen one. More like a person who is an extra or behind the scenes. So it's safe to say that I was freaking out when I was chosen to go on this flying saucer. And my car started to float up to it, like in a movie.

First, the back of the car starts to fly up. Then the front does the same until I'm in a floating car. And then I'm inside this silver room and my car drops to the floor of it. I feel the saucer flying off at light speed. I scrambled out of my car and checked my surroundings. Nothing. There were halls, but they were blocked by these laser beam restrictions bars.

Then I hear white noise, like a machine coming from behind me. From above me but lowering. I see a screen coming down. It turns on once it's above my car. I stare at it, mystified. After a series of pictures of landscapes, a cartoon comes on the screen. But not any other cartoon, like the ones I watched with my nieces and nephews or ones I've watched as a kid. It was an animated smiley face, like the one that comes on shopping bags. But it could talk and move unlike the ones on the bag.

"Hello there Earthinling! You are probably wondering where you are, what this message is about, who created the ship, and me. You have been carefully selected one out of billions of other Earthlings to help us explore The Blank Space. You see, our kind cannot step foot on this planet because we would fade to dust. Luckily, we found that Earthlings can step foot, unlike us, on The Blank Space. We picked you to go on there first."

"So what is The Blank Space? The Blank Space is something we found three years ago. We had to gather all the components needed to have a human with us, Gorums. Thank you for your cooperation! Here's a cookie. Enjoy your day!" The screen turns off. When the screen is back in the ceiling, a cookie is in its place. I eat it. I don't think they would poison me. I'm being forced to discover something for them.

I was still super confused. So I re-evaluated my day. I had a normal early morning. The moment I got into my car, things changed. So now I was stuck with a bunch of "Gorums," who chose me to explore, "The Blank Space." I thought I was going insane. I pinched myself but didn't wake up. Quickly, I decided to try to escape. I got in my car and drove into the bars. No luck.

After hours and hours of trying to escape, I was the blank space. The screen lowered once more. The same few pictures and then the animated smiley face started to talk again. "Hello again! The camera on that pedestal is for your mission. We believe there is oxygen on the planet, so do not worry. You will take pictures, put the camera back on the pedestal, and then we will take you back to Earth. You will be timed. If you refuse, you will spend your life on The Blank Space. Agree and you can go home as soon as possible."

I pick up the camera and nod my head. The screen goes back to landscape pictures. Then a timer gets ready to go. I think. If I don't do this, then I won't get back to Earth. If I do, then I will. But this could be a murder. Well, the chances of that are small. Humans aren't smart enough to have this technology. I walk to the door and it opens slowly.

Holding my breath, I took photos and looked around. Its beauty surrounds me. I breathed, and there was the oxygen that filled my lungs. It smelled nice, like lavender. Before I knew it, I was back on Earth. Too early. It was the best place I had ever been, and today had to be the same normal day. But, there was one thing I kept from the white glittery glow of the beautiful planet.

Before I left, I gathered some of the glow and stuck it in my pocket. I learned yesterday there is beauty in your surroundings. You need to absorb your life and live in the moment. You should at least try to make an effort to love living. To truly enjoy life. I once was blind and saw nothing wrong with my life before. Now, now everything is different. More alive. Something that you cannot notice if you are only focused on the past or future.

January 26, 2022 17:27

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