Little Did I know

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Little Did I know

I walked outside and looked up at the night sky as I felt the cold air run between my feet. I was not allowed to be outside during the day and I never knew why. I always wanted to play with the other kids out in the sun or go to the beach while it was hot outside. My mother told me to always stay inside during the day and I was only allowed to go out at night. I wondered, why? Why was I different from all the other children? My father told me when I was younger I was able to go outside, but as I got older I developed a condition. They never told me what condition that was, but keeping me inside was the safest solution.

I was determined to find out what was really wrong with me. After my parents left for work one day, I went to my mothers room and saw a locked cabinet that I was never allowed to go into. I knew where the keys for that cabinet were, but I was too short to grab them. I went back to my room to grab a stool and I stood up on the stool and reached up on the table and reached for the keys. After I grabbed the keys I wondered if this was a really good idea. I put the key in the hole and as soon as I turned the key I heard my mothers car pulling into the driveway. I closed the door and ran back to my room as fast as I could hoping she would not go in her room seeing the keys out. Luckily, when she came inside she had forgotten to grab her lunch and took her lunch and left again. I went back to her room and turned the lock with the key to the cabinet. I opened the cabinet and saw a bunch of files. "Files"? Why would they want to hide files from me? I started to read these files and some of these files consisted of my doctor notes. I read and read and found the answer to the question I was looking for. The doctor's notes read all of my allergies and this consisted of oranges, peanuts, and the sun. I finally realized why they kept inside during the day for so long, but why did they not wanna tell me?

I took these files, closed the cabinet, locked the door, and went back to my room. I then called my closest friend named Raquel and told her all of what I found. She still questioned why they would want to hide them from me. She then said that I should ask my parents about it. I thought about it for a while knowing that I could get in trouble if they knew that I was going through things they told me not to do. I thought about it once more and finally came to the conclusion that I am going to ask them about it. So I waited and waited until both of them finally came home.

Once they both got home I was starting to feel nervous and scared about how they would react. I finally got up and told them to sit down because I wanted to talk to them about something. I said "mom and dad I always wanted to know why I was not able to go out and hang out with the other kids during the day. After you guys left I did some searching and found the answer to what I have been looking for. I found that I was allergic to the sun". They both looked at me in shock and told me that those documents were fake. They knew one day I would find them. They wanted me to believe that I had a sun allergy, but that was not the case at all. They made me believe that I was sick and something was wrong with me this whole time when there was nothing wrong.

I then stormed out of the house and into the sun not caring about what would happen to me. As I went outside I felt the nice warm heat on my back. I just wanted to lay there for hours, but as I started to look around I notice there were posters posted on a tree. The posters had someone on them that looked very familiar. In big black letters it read  "missing child". I then realized that picture was me. I did not have a sun allergy as I thought, but I was the missing child. I looked behind me and noticed my "parents" coming after me. I ran and yelled out for help and saw this older woman sitting on a bench. I ran toward her and asked her to call the police because I was the missing child everyone was looking for.

Shortly after the police showed up they took the people who had kidnapped me to jail. I was 14 years old and I had been missing for 12 years. My whole life was a lie. After taking the kidnappers to jail they called my real parents and told them that I was found. They took me to a police station where I was then given to my real parents. They were so happy to see me. I was still in shock of everything that had just happened. After we left the police station they took me to the ice-cream shop and then we went home. I was able to meet the rest of my family and I realized that I had siblings. I had three sisters and one brother. I was not used to being in a house with other kids. I was told that I was an only child for all of my life. My parents then had a welcome home party for me coming home. We ended the night watching television as we all fell asleep on the couch after watching a movie.

May 07, 2021 20:48

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