It was just below 10 degrees, while my legs swiveled side to side as if they were dancing. I — was attempting to ski for the first time ever in my life. I can’t believe I just said that! Trying anything new was never my style, as old and fashioned fitted me perfectly. The idea of just even listening to new music or just experimenting with new television shows even made me hesitate. So what made me decide to ski down the biggest mountain I’ve ever known to exist? My best friend Aaron!

Oh boy, what an extrovert could make an introvert do, huh?

 My anxiety had made me shiver (or was it the weather) as doing anything that required moving at a fast pace, gave me cold feet. I breathed heavily just by imagining a picture of me skiing. It was about time that my thinking went away for a little bit, as some fun entering my life was the game plan. The skiing resort was impressive I must say. However, I didn't know everybody there I was skiing with. Well, let's break it down. There was the king of clumsiness (me), my best friend Aaron, who also brought his younger brother Samuel, while both Aaron and Samuel's mutual friend Katy brought her roommates Summer and Porscha from the University of St. Johns.

Now, the only people who I knew the most to interact with comfortably, were obviously Aaron (best friend), and you can add his little brother in the mix as well. It sucked that Michael (my assistant best friend) had gotten sick, due to food poisoning. I told him to not eat chinese food after it’s been left out all day. Well, you could lead a horse to the water, but you can't force the horse to drink the water — right? Well, I’m just thrilled that it wasn’t from the coronavirus, because that would’ve been nothing but horror. 

But anyways, “fun” was in the pending stage as we put our skiboards on, getting ready to go downhill. 

Aaron looked like a professional, as he did a couple tricks impressing the small group. His little brother — well I mean…….he followed and he tried. He tried to do the tricks — well it’s an E for effort. Katy must’ve been late for a date as she literally left us in the wind, skiing in a miscellaneous path. Well, she’ll be back. It’s not like bigfoot is after her or something — ya know?

Porscha went back to the cabin, as she gave us the peace sign. I could honestly relate to that, as relaxing in the hot and toasty cabin, while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea, never screamed the word “hesitate”. 

I hesitated for a minute, that is. It was my turn to go downhill. And oh boy, did I go! 

I’ve experienced a high while going deep down low from the slopes, hoping not to crash into anything. Well, a raven must’ve been on my shoulder apparently, as the first thing that happened after my high was a crash. Silly me, I should’ve been myself (a pessimist), and to not hope for anything. 

I crashed face first into a random pole that came out of nowhere. I was in so many places at that moment, as a trip to “pain” was first, then space followed after while stars flew around my head, and then hell was next as my fiery fury started to erupt! Summer in the winter you could say, as my fiery hot temper provided warmth for me in the cold. 

“Mario!” “Mario!” was all I heard, but it wasn’t from Aaron or Samuel for sure, as it sounded like a woman’s voice. I looked up, and I literally calmed down instantly. 

Her hair could've been taken right out from a painting. She was — art! It was Summer, the roommate belonging to the group of Katy and Porscha (even though we’re all one group). She wanted to make sure that I was alright. I said “I’m alright now.” She looked like Lavagirl from the movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, as her hair would have broken the internet if a picture were taken. If only you saw what I just saw. 

If you saw the woman I saw at first sight, you wouldn’t want to see anything else. You wouldn’t need to do (I’m doing too much). So we decided to head back and talk in private back at the cabin, while a hot chocolate (hot tea for me) drinking session became intense. Porscha fortunately, was out of sight. After all, the cabin was humongous!

I started with my face brutally crashing into a pole, while falling down into the ground — then ending with my eyes staring into her mind as she intrigued me. Well it’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish in life right? 

She revealed to me how much she loved writing, and then the fire started to pick up. Once again, it’s summer in the winter, one might say. It was cold outside, as it once again was just below 10 degrees, but on the inside of the cabin it felt like a beautiful summer day. I’m not sure if it was the warmth of the cabin, defending us from the chilly and brutal weather from outside. Or, if it was the warmth of her arms, as she’s welcomed me with joy. It’s funny how one thing could lead to another, as we started off talking unexpectedly after a miserable skiing attempt (from me), to now jet skiing in the warm and tropical islands where our honeymoon hosts us. 

From a dark ring around my eye, to a silver ring around your finger, as love hands us a taste of life. It tastes — just like chocolate, as life gives us multiple boxes of them. 

From skiing at the whiteface resort freezing our asses off, to getting a vicious, yet beautiful tan, as the sun in Hawaii beamed on our bodies, as we were cooking things up between us — stirring up more excitement in our lives. Even though every feeling is temporary, your name couldn’t dare to be deceiving, as your “summer in the winter” ability could even give the sun hope to come out on the darkest day. 

Even though a night owl best describes my vibe, you make me question myself. Well, I shouldn't talk about life seriously, But then again, how would I take you seriously?

January 21, 2022 21:52

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