Adventure Sad Crime

The wind was blowing the trees away, it so cold that I'm starting to regret this.


I don't think that I remember my own mother, she left me with strangers when I was only 2 years old.

since that day I have not rested, they treat me poorly.

I always felt dreadful.

I wake up at 2Am and start cleaning, at only 10 I feel stressed.

Mr: Andy wing and Mrs: paddy wing are couples that wore supposed to take care of me when my mother left me.

unfortunately they are not doing a very good job.

They have got 3 children, Emma wing, Oliver wing and Jackson wing.

I never bothered starting a conversation with them since they are extremely rude.


I loved the library, there are so many different stories an poetries.

Mrs: Dorothy AJ, always let me borrow books in return I'll have to tell her some jokes. surprisingly she find me entertaining witch kind of funny since I don't understand my own jokes.

After my hard work day I go there and borrow a book, a smile always pops on my face, even though the wing family treat me badly and abuse me, I still smiled.

Hello I'm Samuel Edward, a soft voice said-

he looked around my age, he had beautiful blue eyes and a gold blond hair with a wintery snowy skin.

I am....

I am...Anglo, I replied

Anglo?.. Oh- that a name that I never heard before, he said.

a memory appeared in my head of why mother named me Anglo, she always called me Angel but people found the name feminine, instead they called me Anglo, so she changed the name to Anglo, even thought she still calls me Angel.


Anglo Wilson!!

A rough scary voice screamed from behind me, I turned around and sow Mrs. Paddy.

You little twat!, I told you a hundred times, TO CLEAN ME BEDROOM! she screamed.

Mrs, paddy is a scary lady that I never took her seriously so I said-,

ma'am you told me only five times not a hundred.

She got furious, her face turned red, one second she was a human the other second she turned in to a devil.

She slapped me-

I'm used to it that not a tear runs down my cheeks no more, so I smile and apologised.


Me and Samuel became closest friends, we always hang out and wrestle and played hide-and-seek.

Till one day he told me something unexpected.

he said- everyone dies, I lost my family in a car accident, had to live with my uncle but he-

barley feed me, Samuel started crying, I hugged him and told him about my mother and the wing family. I knew that we will become best friends, I smiled.

I get one meal everyday but I share it with Sam, when he doesn't have anything to eat.


I'm Ruby Brown, And I did NOT! kill the man!!

I know you crazy old lads think that I did!, why so? is it because I'm British!! I screamed with a furious loud voice.

Excuse me ma'am I'm British as well, a deep voice said.

it does not mean that we trust you darling, you see, you wore next to the crime seen.

Oh well Mr: whatever they call you these days. I must say that a lovely bracelet, Maroon is it? I questioned-

Ma'am you are under arrest for killing an innocent man, The supervisor yelled.

sweet heart, where the evidence that I killed the man?.

Got one yet? oh yes as I thought no evidence. I smiled.

They left a beautiful lady in this rusty old cell, I mattered.

Well when they find evidence and all- I will let them pay for thinking that a fashionista will do a murder seen.


This will sound crazy but we should go and find your mother, Samuel said-.

I agree with him, but I need some details of where she went.

me and Sam, started thinking.

I GOT IT, I screamed-

Emma, Emma yes Emma wing.

that girl keeps every particular, detail, INFORMATION- that she gets in a day.

where? said Samuel

I froze for a second and said, her diary...

Emma's diary is hell, if someone touched it she will shatter them.

I remember that time when her brother Oliver, poked her diary she bitted them, in a second it felt like she was about to eat him.

what makes you think that the Emma person had the right information of where in the planet earth your mother is?. Samuel said


she started righting things in her diary since she was 7years old and by that time I was 2...

She must have the right information...

that I need. But-

I'm scared of her, I whispered.

Samuel laughed.

well interduce me to this Emma girl. he smiled.

As you wish.

me and Sam, went to the wing's house, and Emma was sitting in the dinning room wearing more make-up.

so that behemoth, is Emma wing.

What behemoth? said Samuel with a crack voice. he was a tomato...

He started blushing and laughing and kept saying, beautiful, stunning, mine!

I slapped him and screamed GET A HOLD OF YOUSELF, WILL YA??!!

he looked at me.

I sigh..

now this will be fun...


I was going to be a famous actor, I tell ya.

I had the looks the memory the style.

unfortunately had to give up that glummer for my modelling career. Not so bad just don't get payed enough, I mean two thousand pound a month is not acceptable.

I was talking to a lesbian prisoner, I get it darling I'm stunning but she does not have the right to stare at me.

I was send back to the office where they will announce, that they made an awful mistake and pay me a load of-

That when someone intubated my huge imagination and said, Ruby Brown is under arrest.

Oh my, I fainted-

Ruby, who, what, now?

must be the wrong ruby bet that ruby is the ugly version of me.

No it is you, the supervisor said, we have completed the investigation, and what we have found is your hand print all over the crime.

Oh my it must be industrious, of a model to make a crime, a familiar voice said.

It cant be, I frightened-.

Remember me sister?, she said.


Samuel stop staring at her-

We have to sneak in to her room, and get the diary, as simple as it sound, Samuel wont stop staring at her.

He walked right next to her and said Hello gouges.

Maybe he is distracting her..I mattered.

well good job, while she vanished you ill go find the diary.

I got the diary-

I hided it under my old rusty shirt and pulled Samuel and run, while Emma stared at us.

alright Sam, this is it we will find out where mother left. I smiled-

I looked through the dates and days till I found the right day..

blah blah blah OH here it is!.

( July 22 of 1918, this old lady came to our amazing house and asked to keep this ugly kid in here, his name is Anglo Wilson and she keep calling him Angel. I mean talk about GROSS!!, anyways she left an amount of money on the desk and left this kid here. Apparently she is homeless and got no money and cant take him until she finds a place for them and a job and she will come back...Hopeful. I herd her saying that she is heading to Croydon.) I stopped reading and started crying. mother- left me just to find somewhere safe for us.

wow- Emma sound sassy, Samuel said-

I'm going to Croydon.. I bravely said-

And Croydon is 100miles away from here, Samuel replied.

No actually its 10.7mils, I intubated

Then I'm coming with you. Samuel smiled.

B-but, I mattered.

But nothing. We are best friends and we stick together, and besides it better then staying with my uncle..

Alright then this calls for an adventure, I smiled.


(there will be a chapter 2) :D

June 15, 2021 12:46

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