"Tommy and scary washing machine"by Tyra Roberts

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In the small town named Charlotte;there lived a timid,shy,8 year old,boy and child name Tommy. He had no siblings nor human friend;his only best friend was a dog name Spikey; he was a male, German Shepherd,blue eyes and has fur thick like a winter coat.

Tommy received his best friend as a birthday gift from his mother named Mary; ever since the young boy and his dog met ,they have protected,loved and cared each other.

Most persons in the neighbour thought Tommy was deaf or dumb because he didn't speak to anyone except his parents and Spikey. Other children considered him weird because of his mute personality but it didn't bother Tommy;cause Spikey was his bestfriend and the only thing that matter in his life incuding his parents.

In the month of summer school was closed for the annual August vacation ;Tommy and Spikey were spending time at his Grandmother named Carol house. Carol was a old fashion,strict, loving, widow and elderly woman . During the vacation they went to church every day, slept ,ate and took care of animals on the farm. They had no fun nor games playing ,it was boring.

Tommy and spikey were playing outside on the farm ; he felt in the pig style and muddy pen. He made his clothes muddy and dirty then Carol decided ;to teach him at child age;how to take care of his responsible because she was born in the old time,when children started to do house chores earlier than children in the modern world . Carol said, "By the time I was 6 years old,I had learnt to cook for my smaller brothers ;these modern day kids are spoiled"

In the creepy and silent basement, his little feet got weak and he was scared. As he walked down the stairs slowly with his heart beating fast like lightning ;he saw the big and black monster washing machine.

Never did Tommy saw a washing machine in his life especially since his parents washed all his clothes and did all the house chores for him. Carol washing machine was scary,rusty, old and with the sound like thunder and shaking like a earthquake.

Tommy urinate his pants in frights;as he watched the big and black monster shaking like a earthquake and sounding like thunder. Then Carol came down stairs in the basement and comfort Tommy while laughing,she said, "It's nothing to be scared of,its a machine to wash our clothes ".

As Tommy stumbled for words ,his lips glue and then his grandmother threw the clothes in the washing machine ;add the washing detergent ,closed the washing machine and showed him how the machine worked and made all his dirty and muddy clothes ;like brand new .

Carol said ,"she is old but powerful ,this washing machine been around since your great grandmother". While Tommy helped her packed the clothes in the washing machine ,as she washed and rinse the clothes.

March 05, 2020 01:25

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