...Can Somebody please just dial Mrs McCarthy's heart 911- Marry's last tear

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Sad Inspirational Creative Nonfiction

Without any doubt attached, she knew nothing about what her future held or had in-store for her, but just like a soldier loaded with rifles and standby for war, she constantly through all her long days and countless nights confidently looked forward and stood ready for tomorrow, because she hoped and belived that one day all the pieces and fallen crumbs will finally make sense. She had a more than stronger than Hulk believe in her heart that every little or big nightmare will come to a complete stand still like a ship in doldrums. Though she slowly felt like she was void and dying a natural death inside, she kept on keeping continuing feeling something so strong inside. It was something that gave her bliss and closure. She sometimes woke up feeling like her past has left her head sagging from the poignant memories that had been like prisoners in her skull. And some evenings she went to bed feeling like her brain's a penitentiary of life time imprisoned poignancy with dead odds of parole. 

All these were passing in and out of Mrs McCarthy's head like airplanes zooming in and out of each cloud. 

Her twins cried inside as they saw aunty Kim out of words to console their grieving and bleeding through the wound mother. A part of her blamed Terrance for all that spiraled. He left a scar that became a fortress and a passage of deeper scars. Terrance broke and left her heart limping. Her parents had just been buried. And the only sibling she had was fighting for her life in Tiger Bag. The thought of Tiger Bag Hospital alone, made her think a call from Terrance will bring another bad news.

Mrs McCarthy had tried everything and all you can think off to escape pain, but none seemed to help. As time rolled, she felt like prayer was pointless, until she one day woke up to a new approach for her tragedies and trust me, she never looked back again. 24 hours looking towards the future and accepting every day as it lands was what Mrs Marry Priscilla McCarthy had finally come to put onto practice, and it helped her deal with a lot of things very well. She told herself that reality is nourishment. Reality is the cleansing of our eyes. It gives us everything as raw and uncooked. Reality is a pill that affects the way you think and do things. As she had this fountain of thoughts landing in her mind, she came to a conclusion that whatever happens, sad or not, is meant to nourish and groom her for the future's challenges. She told herself that bleeding means alive. She told herself and taught her twins that what happens in our presence doesn't always determine what will happen in the future, unless you let it.

A few months of hoping for the best, while expecting the worst, as she kept her sister in prayers, she bumbed onto a piece of two poems written by both her twins. Reading them made her feel loved, and Princess' poem reads:

"Daddy why beat mommy?

"My name's Princess, and I'm only 6 years-traumautised old. 

I have more trust for the cartoons I watch than I do for men, 

especially daddy, who can't keep his promises. 

Daddy can hardly make mommy smile.

One day I'm going to represent my 

country in Barley, and I know mommy will smile more than daddy 

has ever made her cry.

I remember, when I was inside mommy's tummy,

I heard a harsh voice telling mommy that "I can kill you and this thing inside your belly now!

trust me, that was the first time I ever got scared 

and pissed myself inside mommy's belly.  

they say the heart is the first thing that develops inside a pregnant woman's belly,

but mine is still developing, because it couldn't develop well 

inside mommy's tummy, 

due to daddy's beatings. Mommy you're my world, 

my everything,

my second heart, since mine is still developing from daddy's treatment."

...and her twin brother's goes something like :

"Mom this' for you!

"My name's Junior, and I don't like daddy. Mommy you're the best shinning 

star in my life.

when I grow up, I want to marry a woman like you.

One day I'm going to win a BET award and I'll put it in your room to show you that the crown you were carrying gave 

birth to a gold.

I love rap and poetry, because they make me feel good about myself. I once catched mommy and Princess reading one of the poems I had 

written for them, 

and honestly,

I've never seen mommy's face gleaming with smile the way it did as they read my poem. young as I was,

I felt honored and more of a man than daddy has always claimed to be."

Mrs McCarthy almost cried after reading these two pieces. She felt like she had a pill she's been needing and missing. 

It was now a few days later, and her sister still had pipes around her, fighting for her life. Nevertheless, Marry still woke up looking to the future, because she believed her sunshine of her grievances is waiting in the future. 

A few days of prayer later, Princess walks in from school carrying a medal she just won, to go represent her school in Barley. Mrs McCarthy couldn't believe her ears and eyes. Tears of happiness flew. Prayer, hoping for the best and looking towards the future, was all she had decoded in her mind and her kid's. And it amazingly worked well. Results of that showed when a few days later, she heard a knock on the door, only to be greeted by Kim's beautiful smile, Junior's good news, and Angel T.Davids in a wheelchair...

Finally! Somebody dialled Mrs McCarthy's heart a call... and happiness and acceptance responded. 

All those she called her remaining family were all besides her. Kim, her little sister Angel, who through prayers survived comma, and not so long ago burried her daughter. Her Princess had achieved what she promised her mother in the poem she wrote a few years back. And Junior had come home with good news that his "Born inside a womb" poem got tittled the best poem to be ever written by a Lombard School pupil ever. 

...and it reads:

Born inside a womb 

-cyclone fetus

ever since I was a sperm cell, I've always had a burning urge to prove myself to the world, 

and give stars the reason I was born for.

by the time I was a zygote, 

I already had dreams and premonitions of myself sharing stages with 

men wearing expensive ties. 

by the time my mom was 9 hours pregnant, I had already 

made a mind map full of my plans and goals on Earth. 

I had already asked God for a best little sister, and he delivered. 

by the time I had 3 months inside mom's womb,

I owned a notepad full of poems written for my mother,

for surviving all daddy's punches. 

I used mommy's umbilical cord to write my poem's with,

as my hand dropped bombs of words like it was 

a fight between Osama bin Laden and Hassan Hussain.

as soon as I landed on this world, I wanted to 

achieve all the goals I had planned 

inside mommy's belly, I 

didn't even care how naked I was...

And I heard angels ululating like

Adam and Eve are getting married,

while Princess built a statue of me

inside mommy's womb,

as a remembrance that Mrs McCarthy once carried a star...

April 16, 2021 07:30

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