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Drama Fiction

March 5-

This is new for me but my caretaker has left me this journal and pen. I decided to keep track of my life by writing. I am Emma. I have long auburn hair that I wear in two buns on my head. My eyes are green and my skin is light. I enjoy drawing and making things. My room is small with no windows, light blue walls, a desk, and a bed. I have lived here for 14 years. This whole writing thing is making my hand cramp. I'm going to come back later.

March 6- 

Today was pretty good. I drew for a while, my caretaker brought me new pencils, and now I'm writing in here. Nothing really happens down here. But I can't leave. My caretaker says it is too dangerous. I'm not sure why though. I hear them coming. I got to go!

March 7-

Yesterday I asked my caretaker why I can't leave. She said it was too dangerous and when I asked why she ran upstairs because she had left something cooking on the stove upstairs. What a silly woman. She could have caught the house on fire! Anyway, now I have to eat my dinner. See you tomorrow!

March 11-

Sorry that I have not written anything in here but nothing much has happened. Except, I'm beginning to suspect that my caretaker is hiding something from me. A few days ago she came in and out as fast as she could so I didn't get to talk to her. Then she did it again! This went on for a few days before I stopped her. I asked her why she was always in such a rush. She responded that she was just in a hurry. I sat her down and talked to her about her day. Then I asked her the question again and she just got up and walked away. It is super weird!

March 12-

Sorry, I stopped my writing short yesterday but this strange woman came into my room. I had never seen her before. I had never seen anyone else besides my caretaker! She walked in and handed me my dinner. I decided to ask her why I was down here. She told me not to ask that question again. I persisted because I really wanted to know. Then she hit me across the mouth and yelled at me that I needed to listen to her. She hit me! Then she stomped out of the room. What happened to my nice, sweet caretaker. And who replaced her with that wicked woman!

March 13- 

The woman didn't come today. No one came. I waited the whole day and nothing happened. I think this might be punishment for asking that question. But I need to know!

March 16-

No one came for 3 days. My caretaker finally came back. She ignored me the whole time she was bringing in my food. I asked her what was wrong. She sat down on my bed. She said someone was going to fire her because she was not harsh enough with me. Who was going to fire her? This is so strange! Then she left the room.

March 18-

I haven't heard from her. A new person has been coming into my room. She says her name is Avery. She likes to talk with me. I don't want her to get fired as well so I didn't ask her why I was down here.

March 20-

I decided that I might be able to ask Avery my question. She thought about if she should tell me for a minute and then she told me she might tell me tomorrow. I'm so excited! It never occurred for me to ask why I've been down here all these years. I'm ready to figure out what is happening. My last caretaker made it sound like it would be horrible. I'm a bit scared to find out.

March 21-

She told me today. I know why I'm down here. My parents both died in a house fire when I was little. I came out unharmed. I had no other family besides my aunt. She hates my family and she despises me. She put me in one of her maid's basements and locked it up with me inside. The maid was my old caretaker. The evil woman was my aunt. Avery is another one of my aunt's maids. Most of the people in the outside world have forgotten I exist. I don't know what to say.

March 23-

Avery is helping me create a plan to escape from this prison. We decided that tonight I would pack up my things and escape with her. She will send an email saying she has quit her job. We will both leave and go to her parent's house. I am allowed to stay with her until I can find someone to adopt me.

March 24-

We did it! I'm in the spare bedroom in Avery's parent's house. Yesterday night when Avery came to give me my dinner she left the door to my prison unlocked. I snuck out with my journal and pencils and hid. When I first went outside a gust of warm air hit me. It was so strange. The outside was also so bright. I had to shield my eyes from the bright light. I ran behind a giant thing that I think was a tree. Then Avery came to get me. We both got in her truck and drove for what felt like hours to a house. It was Avery's parent's house. They are letting me stay in their spare bedroom. I was about to go to bed but I decided to write in here first. I'm going to bed.

April 21-

I'm sorry that I have not written in you in almost a month. After I went to bed the last night I wrote in you I lost you. I only found you because I am moving out. After a few weeks of living with Avery's parents, they found a friend that had been wanting a child but could not have one. We met up a few times and I decided that I wanted to stay with her. Her name is Ella. She is sweet and kind. I was packing up my things to move out when I found my old journal. I decided to put in one last entry. I'm very hopeful of my future with Ella. Goodbye for the last time.

March 08, 2021 15:45

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Moss Brown
00:47 Mar 26, 2021

hi you such down votg jk you sus


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