The Sky Lover

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A little black finger was raised toward the sky. "Mummy! See the cloud"

"I can see that. The weather is getting dark. Hurry up, honey"

People were rushing to their houses. Shop owners were closing rather early because of the weather. Children were being dragged by their parents on their hands and Hannah wasn't an exception. dirt and sand were raised from the ground into the eyes of people. Trees were dancing and everything moveable was moving. Hannah and her mum arrived at their house. Patience pushed her daughter inside who was looking up. Hannah put off her uniform while her mum entered the kitchen. The rain started from drizzling to a fall. Hannah climbed the chair, pushed the curtain, and looked outside through the window.

Hannah watched the wind drag an umbrella to someone.


Hannah looked up and smiled. She watched as the rain downpour its content on the earth. Hannah left the window and walked toward the door. The cold air slapped her face as she opened the door. she used her hands to feel the rain.

"Hannah, Hannah," Patience said.

 "I'm coming, Mum." Hannah jammed the door.

"Come and eat"

" Dad hasn't come home yet." Hannah sat and put her hand on her cheek.

"He is on his way. Put on this sweater." Patience stretched a sweater toward her daughter.

Hannah wrapped the sweater around her body. Hannah sat beside her mother at the dining table. Omelette, bread, butter, and hot tea lay on the table.

Hannah sipped her tea. "Why is hot tea commonly taken by Africans during cold weather?"

"To make us feel warm despite the cold weather." Patience gulped down her tea.

Hannah spread the butter on her bread. She ate the bread and sipped her tea.

"You have to go to bed after eating," Patience said.

"I will stay awake till Dad is_"

 Water dropped on the table.

Patience and Hannah looked up.

"Our ceiling is bad."Hannah brought down her face."It has soaked water"

"We will fix that," Patience said.

There was a knock on the door. Hannah rushed to the door. She opened the door and jumped on him.

"Welcome." Patience carried her husband's bag.

"If I had waited for the rain to stop, I wouldn't be here by now," her dad said.

"And I won't go to sleep. I want to go and take off this cloth because it's wet." Hannah left.

Hannah's dad was changing his clothes."This rain has done a lot. The road is flooded. Some are still struggling to reach their home"

Hannah stretched herself in the bed, rubbed her face, and yawned at the sound of the alarm clock. Hannah sat with her classmates during break time. They sat in the school compound.

Hannah looked at the sky."The day is bright.

It's bright and fair_"

"Oh! Happy day

The day of joy," her friends said.

"I am a cloud lover. That is the major reason I want to be a pilot or weather forecaster."Hannah put a spoon of rice in her mouth.

"Sometimes, I imagine how the earth was formed. Everything's complicated." Precious bit a bun.

A sound from the sky made the students k up.

"Soon, Ann will be up there driving," Precious said.

Hannah widened her eyes and put her head on her legs."I'm scared. Two things I am afraid of in this life are blood and height"

"That means you can neither be a doctor." Blessing sipped a juice.

"I love the sky. I have to enter the science department  to study the hearth." Hannah looked up.

The bell rang again. Hannah and her classmates entered their classroom. 

"You may be either nine or ten and you are waiting for someone to come and pick you up from school," a male child said.

"How is that your business?" Hannah shouted.

"It's because you aren't ashamed of yourself"

The kids were looking at Hannah and walking. He hit his head on the wall and screamed in pain. 

"That serves as a warning you should always mind your business," Hannah said.

Hannah saw her mother and ran to meet her.

"Why are your schoolmates gathered there? Did something happen?" Patience looked at her daughter

"We should mind our business because a male student is facing the consequence of not minding his business"

Patience and her daughter sat outside on a plastic chair. Hannah laid her head on her mum's lap.

"Mum, despite it, being night and there is no electricity, the street is bright and we can see. That's why I love the sky. You should too"

"Why do you love looking up?"

"Isn't it a wonder that there is a single moonlight. I love nature"

Passers-by were looking up and smiling. Children were playing with their parents and were remembering their honeymoon.

"Let's go and buy something," Patience said.

Patience held her daughter's hand as they walked together along the street to a shop. They entered the shop.

"There is no light here?" Patience said.

"Mum, there is a natural supply of light already. The moon is enough." 

Hannah adjusted back.

Patience bought two drinks and two sausage rolls. She gave one of each to her daughter. Hannah and her mum walked back home. Hannah sat on the chair while her mum entered inside.

Hannah looked at the sky and sang, "I see the moon

          The moon sees me 

          God bless the moon

          And God bless me."

Hannah pointed at the moon and herself as she sang.

"Wow! The moon is above my head. I love you, moon." Hannah laughed and revealed her gaped tooth.

Hannah stood up. She was walking and looking up at the same time.

"The moon is following me" Hannah ran inside. She opened the door.

"Mummy, come and see," Hannah said to her mum who was watching a movie with her phone in bed. Patience saw her daughter and removed her earpiece.

"You said?"

"The moon is following me"

Patience hissed and put back her earpiece.

Hannah was dragging her mum's hand."Let's go"

"You are funny and playful," Patience said.

Patience and her daughter walked outside.

"Just look," Hannah said.

 Hannah turned and saw her dad.

She ran to meet him. Her dad held her hand and walked toward his wife.

"What's going on?" her dad said.

"I want you and mum to watch me."Hannah walked at a distance from her parents.

Hannah looked up. "The moon is following me. Dad and Mum, come here and see" 

Hannah and her husband stared at each other. They walked to meet their daughter and looked up.

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