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Christina was a junior in high school. She was a librarian. But instead of being quiet and keeping peace in the kid's section of the library, she made sure that things were bright and colorful. That there was some sort of "Kid's Bop" playing, and that there were comfy fluffed pillows in a corner of the section. She dressed like a fairy and read to all the little kids every morning. She was loud. Not only did she do all that, but she also put out puzzles and coloring books. Christina knew all the regular kids. When they came upstairs to her part, she waved hello to all the kids.

She didn't hand out bookmarks with sayings like, "Read, Read, Read a book." Christina would in fact take those bookmarks, and then decorate them with patterns, stickers, and characters from books. She convinced the owner of the library to have art morning on Saturday. Any kid was welcome to come and have a great time. Christina on these days would dress up as an elf and put out coloring books and blocks. She would put out books and the art project of the week. Her favorite was bracelets and key chains. Christina was loved by the entire town.

No one messed with her or got on her bad side. She was loved by all the children. Even the meanest bullies were nice to her. She landed a baby-sitting job almost every night. No one hated her. If you even showed the smallest sign of disliking her, you would be kicked out of society for the most part. The only people who didn't like Christina were the other kids at school. She was bullied even from a young age. She dealt with it. But even though she broke out of the normal librarian stereotypes, and seemed popular or cool, at school she was nerdy and bullied heavily.

It wasn't like there was much to bully her about. The popular kids just benefitted from her sadness. they just found it so easy to hurt her feelings. She did not have much self-esteem. But being a librarian and being around children made her happy. She knew that her two friends were good. That was all she really needed, at least that's what she told herself. Christina wanted children when she was older. They made her laugh and happy. She liked books and making people happy. So when she got this job, she was so happy. She hadn't felt that happy in a really long time.

One day, there was a little kid who came in. He was wild. But Christina was able to keep him calm and get him to behave. When his mother came back and found him, she asked her to babysit Friday. She was luckily free. On Friday, she got all dressed up and walked down the street to The little boys' house. The mother and father kept praising her. Said to do whatever and put him to bed whenever he got tired. Only give him candy after dinner. The candy was in the closet. After an hour of watching a movie and playing with blocks, somebody came down the stairs. Christina jumped. She told the boy to hide, and she slowly crept out from behind the couch.

He was the most popular kid at school. He instantly started making fun of Christina. She got flustered and didn't know what to do. But the kid stood up. "DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT ABOUT HER EVER AGAIN. OR I WILL KILL YOU. NOW SAY YOU'RE SORRY NOW! SAYING THAT IS WRONG." When he looked shocked at his little brother and so was I, he murmured to me an apology. No one had stood up for me before. His older brother ran back upstairs. Christina was shocked. No one had ever seen him flustered like that ever before. Christina told him not to threaten his brother but thanked him for standing up to me.

Christina told the kid all about her school life. He looked sorry for me. But then when he heard my story, he gave me a hug. He said he was sorry for his brother. That he was a terrible kid to him too. That he was bullied at school. His parents said that he can practice standing up to bullies by his parents having him stand up to his older brother. Usually, it was defending himself, but that time, he was setting the example for me. Christina told him she had no siblings. He looked sad. Soon enough, he was coming around all the time. He was like my mini-best friend.

Usually, his mom dropped him off for an hour. His dad did it a few times. But his brother only did it once. It was awkward. At school, he'd continued. But near his brother, well, he was kind of nice to me. But at school, he was way different. One day, at lunch, Christina was getting bullied as usual. But today felt different. His older brother hadn't bullied me all week. So anyway, Christina was being bullied when he came over and shouted, "LEAVE HER ALONE." This shocked everyone and Christina. felt like everyone's attention was on us. The person who was bullying me said that they were just joking. "Sure. Now apologize." He said. They did. "Scram." They obeyed.

Soon, no one bullied me. Christina was happy. He began to come by the library more and more. Christina and the most popular kid began to become closer and closer. Happier they had become. Closer. And at the end of the school year, the other kids at school were not shocked when they saw the two go to the school dance together. They were so happy together. Not only did they find that they were happy, but they found that they liked each other. The next school year they were dating. Two years later they got married and his little brother really was now her little brother. "Now you do have siblings," he said to her. And they all smiled at him. One big happy family.

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