Look At The Flowers

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They greet you at the local café. They are the first things you notice as you enter your supermarket. Their beautiful hues of fuchsia, violet, orange, gold and emerald greens await you before you make it to the check out line. This is exactly what you needed on this cool and windy first day of spring. They smell just as amazing as they look. You breathe in their fragrant scent and try to chose just one. But each one is lovelier than the next. You have made your decision. You reach down and lift two bundles from the green plastic cones in which they are displayed.

At the register you notice more than a few eyes are on your last minute purchase. In the parking lot some people smile while others whisper their approval at your choice. On the drive home you sing along with the radio. Several times you look in the rear view mirror and smile at them. After parking your car, you gather up everything and head for the front door. Once inside, you drop your shopping bags on the floor in the foyer beside the door. Then you joyfully head toward your kitchen in search of something to put them in.

When they are on the counter you remove the shiny foil paper that surrounds them. With shears in hand you give them a nice sharp trim. Then run cold water from the tap over their leaves and stems. You position each and every one till you feel they are just right. The first vase you settle in the center of your dining table. The second one you decide belongs on the white side table so visitors can see them when they walk through the door. You start water in the kettle for your afternoon tea. You stare out the back window at this gloomy March day and remember when your gardens were in full bloom.

You love how the yard looks in summer and spring. You wish it was warm enough to plant something. The sound of the kettle starting to boil brings you back to the moment. When the tea is ready you settle into your favorite arm chair and gaze upon them again. The last rays of the afternoon sunshine streams through the windows and shines on their pretty faces.


A few weeks go by and everywhere you notice the many signs of spring. Leaves are now on once bare branches. Buds appear where they weren't before. The dull muddy brown grass is again growing into a lavish deep green.

On your way into work you have begun to roll your window down. The air is crisp but inviting and you know the afternoon will be quite warm. You can already feel it against the side of your face. You inhale it all in. In the evenings you take your dog Lucy with you for the walks you have missed all winter long.

That next evening you decide to stop off for some color for your space. Yes, a new paint would certainly do the trick but its not what you have in mind. You have returned to the store and you stand there admiring them all. You try to make up your mind. An older woman has stepped up beside you and she smiles.

"Oh how pretty. Look at them."

"Yes, they really are. My only problem is I can never chose just one."

"I guess that's true. I can see they make you very happy. Its written on your face. And you've just made up my mind."

She reaches for two and smiles again as she leaves you there. You take another moment before you decide. Then you gather up your choices and head for the cashier.

Back in your kitchen its the same routine. Unwrap, trim, water, display. Stand back and grin as you've done before.

This goes on several times in the next three days. Your home is looking and smelling beautiful. You hate to keep them all to yourself. Most of your family and friends would appreciate them too.


It turned out to be a beautiful Saturday in April. You have a small get together with family and some of your closest friends. It is much warmer than anyone expected. And its what everyone seems to talk about as they gather in your yard. You spent most of Friday night making and preparing food for this special day. You even bought a new floral dress that your more than happy to show off. Your older brother offered to man the grill. He has finished the chicken and will soon start the steaks. Your mother made her famous potato salad. Your sister brought a delicious chocolate cake. A few of the ladies from work surprised you with dessert.

You are happy to show everyone the plants and vegetables you spent all last weekend working on. As everyone complements your yard you feel very proud.

"I never knew you had such a green thumb." Your mom says.

"I really like it now. It keeps me sane." You explain.

"Hey we all need something. For me its drinking." Lisa laughs.

You take them on a tour and everyone seems to love what you have done. The afternoon went better than you expected. Everyone drank and ate till their hearts content.


Soon most of your guests have gone. Your tiding up with your sister and good friend when you notice your mom staring at your table in the front hall. You set the dirty dishes down on your counter then hurry off to speak with your mom.

She turns to you and you touch her hand. She seems in awe too.

"Mom, is everything ok?" You ask.

" Oh yeah, I'm just so proud of you. Your happy.

That's all I ever want. And this place and your garden, its all so lovely.

But I think these here, well their my favorite ones of all.

Just look at them."

"Mom, I do every single day. And you want to know a secret ?"

She nods at you.

"These are my favorite too. I think its because they were the first flowers I bought. They been here all along."

March 25, 2021 17:07

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