Coming and going from the Bistro

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Drama Mystery Fiction

This story contains sensitive content

Coming and going from the bistro

By Jacob Fitzpatrick

**This story contains language and themes that may offend some readers. Discretion is advised.

Kit's place of business is packed. I really don't want to bother my long-time friend, so I'll just sit in the corner and wait, maybe when he gets a break we can chat.

He seems to be acting weirdly though. There's this dazed look in his eyes, and he's just stopped in the middle of the bistro clutching at that god awful red apron he's wearing.

Some girl has just lent in and said something to him, Kit just doesn't seem to be himself today.

'Okay Sammy, no problem' I hear him say in a way that somewhat scares and troubles me.

Maybe I shouldn't be here, maybe I should go. I really want to talk to my friend, it just feels like we haven't been able to communicate in such a long time.

I think Kit rubbed that waitress 'Sammy' up the wrong way, the face she pulled when she sped away from him was, well, pure contempt I reckon.

I wonder what time he might be home; I might just go and wait for him there.

This place is interesting though, so busy, it must be the most popular bistro in town.


It’s written on all the staff's aprons, Kit's included, so I guess that's what this place is called, 'SPIRIT'd'.

Oh no, I was deep in thought and now I've lost sight of Kit. I might take a wander around, see if I can catch his eye.

Probably best to check outside, I think this place might have a beer garden.

Ah, there he is, there's Kit, some guy is talking to him though.

Must be the boss, he looks like a lord muck, sitting there under that ridiculously large umbrella.

He's got his fancy little laptop out. Look at him sitting at that wooden table, like he's on holiday, he's even drinking a beer.

If I can get close enough, I just might be able to hear what they are saying.

'You were late this morning' the arse bandit spits at my friend.

Kit's just standing there though. Well at least he still has his self-respect, look at him smoothing his cringe worthy apron, tucking in his shirt, preening his amazingly jet-black hair.

'Are you okay? do you need to take the day off? The slob enquires while looking up at my friend from his wooden bench seat.

Is he sweating and somewhat out of breath? How can he be sweating and out of breath sitting? This guy is seriously outta shape.

'Marcus, you hired and retain me as an employee because of my usually precise and well-presented style' I hear Kit state like a freakin king.

'Look Kit, I just need to know if I should call in a replacement waiter' the guy say's.

What a condescending fucker!.

Gee, their interaction is looking awkward from where I've parked myself on the bistro's veranda.

'Listen, I've got bookings out the wazoo, if you can get your head in the game, we could do close to 800 covers today'.

This guy looks wound up tighter than a drum, is he having a panic attack?

Why do his cheeks look so weird, all white and sweaty and damn his eyes are bloodshot to hell, must be a coke fiend!

'No need to worry Marcus, I'm good to go, I could turn over 1000 covers by myself today'

Man, I'm proud of my boy Kit, he's always been the best of us.

Makes me think of the good old days when Kit, me and Andy would hang out every weekend, the three musketeers.

I might stay just a little longer, see how Kit does.

It's stupid really of his boss to throw down the gauntlet like that, it's just something you don't do with Kit.

I'm thinking all these clowns are about to witness another level of skill, especially when Kit kicks into gear.

Yeah, this is gunna be fun to watch.

Where the hell did the time go? It’s gotten dark already; I can't believe the time just flew by like it did.

Kit and his crew are starting to clean down and pack the place up now, might get to have a chat soon.

Kit hasn't acknowledged me all day, what's up with that?, admittedly it has been non stop.

The time has just flown, its gotta be at least 9pm I guess.

Man, Kit worked his butt off, smashed it like a machine.

I swear Kit must have served six customers to every one customer the other slackers served.

Kit's gotta be tight with Marcus on the back of this effort or that guy's just a clown.

Wait a second, here's Marcus now, looks like he's getting ready to talk to everyone.

I should probably leave, don't want to embarrass Kit, just in case Marcus wants to praise his spectacular performance.

'Okay, listen up everyone'.

'Hey, that includes the few remaining customers, I would like everyone to listen a sec'

Wow, this Marcus guy seems pumped, even got my attention, I wonder what he wants.

Maybe I'll just stay to hear this, watch the tool eat a little humble pie!

'This day was crazy, we did over 850 covers, I can't believe it'.

Marcus is grabbing the tip jar, well looks like Kit might at least get a great bonus from his efforts.

One thousand two hundred!

'You all deserve to split this between the four of you', Marcus cries out.

Oh my, a little over a grand in tips, I'll have to suggest to Kit we get a couple of beers after this, celebrate a little, have a good catch up.

Damn, Marcus is handing out hundreds like a busted ATM with tourettes.

Fuck fuck fuck, fuckity, fuck, balls.

'You four deserve this extra three hundred each, plus your hourly rate and an additional one hundred bucks each from me as a gift'.

'Here you go Sammy four hundred for you, Lilly here's your four hundred, Pedro, I haven't forgotten you man, here's four hundred'.

'Kit, come here man, I'd like to say something'.

'Have a beer everyone, come on grab a beer'.

Well, I guess Marcus is a pretty decent guy after all.

It's oh so sweet watching Kit get this recognition.

'The way you worked, the way you moved, wow, just wow man'

Marcus looks really proud of Kit right now; well, I guess I had him pegged all wrong.

Kit looks so uptight? this is a big moment, Marcus is humbling himself and talking you up bro!

Okay, maybe I should get over there and show him I'm still here, might brighten his mood.

Yeah, better get over there and congratulate the sphincter myself.

'Thanks Marcus, but keep the bonus, just pay me my hourly and I'm done with this place'.

Hang on a moment, what did Kit just say?

'Come again Kit?' Marcus rightly asks

'Well Marcus, I'm saying fuck this job and fuck everybody here, I quit'.

I'm embarrassed for Kit, what the hell is wrong with him?

Wow this is awkward, I really better leave.

'Fine with me pal, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out'. Marcus screams.

Hold the phone, Sammy has sidled up to Kit, maybe she might talk some sense into him before it's too late.

'Don't bother Sam, you slut, I'm outta here, I'm leaving this fucking town'.

'In fact, hey Marcus, give my bonus to this skank, whores love cash!'


It's been about a week since the incident at the bistro.

I really thought Kit would have been around by now, or at least tried to contact me to talk things over.

I really should have done something, said something.

Kit would have behaved differently I'm sure if I had just, I don't know, put my hand on his shoulder, let him know I was there.

That I would always be there for him.

Being back in our home town feels strange without seeing him or hearing from him.

This whole thing, ah, It's really gotten to me.

I think I might go see his parents, maybe they know what's going on.

I'm feeling so out of sorts though, haven't been feeling well since that night really.

This whole situation is so strange, I don't get it, I just don't get it.

What the hell happened?

Yeah, best thing to do is just bite the bullet and go see Kit's parents, Mr and Mrs Brewer.

If I don't catch Kit, I could at least speak to them, see if there's anything I can do to help, or if they know anything about what's happened.

Dianne and Darrel are strange people though, it feels weird to say their names.

What is it about saying parent’s real names, so icky!

I must find out what's going on.

I'll get ready and go there now.


'Hi Ms Brewer?’

'I was wondering if you have seen or heard from Kit?'

'I'm sorry who are you?'

'Kit and I are friends, were friends'

'I wanted to come see him and talk about something that happened about a month ago'

'Kit's gone to see Andy at the hospital, I don't think now is the best time to see him'

'No, no, I have to speak to Kit today'

'Look young lady, I don't know who you are but one of Kit's best friends is in hospital dying from terminal cancer'

'Ms Brewer, this is really awkward, I need to talk to Kit today'

'Darrel, can you come here a minute!'

Either my timing is terrible, or I've entered the twilight zone.

Sammy from the bistro has arrived to the Brewer's home, Kit's home, just moments before I did, I thought I saw a figure enter their property before me.

What is Sammy doing talking to Mrs Brewer?

I guess Sammy and Kit were closer than I had realised.

'Listen, listen'

'Kit is visiting his very sick friend in the hospital, he's been going every day for the last few days'. 'Andrew-Lee Harding, his childhood friend hasn't got long to live, it's just hours now, please respect Kit and give him some space with this'

I think I'm going to be sick

Did Dianne just say that Andy is in hospital dying from cancer?

'Mrs Brewer, my name is Samantha Jane Harvey and I'm pregnant with Kit's baby, I need to speak to him today'

Did Sammy from the bistro, who just arrived at the Brewer residence a moment before I did, say that Kit was the father to her unborn baby?

That's why Kit acted weirdly, that's why he quit and left.

'Listen Samantha, whatever, just leave Kit be, he needs time with his friend right now'

I can't believe Dianne actually just said that to Sammy, she's way outta line, what a bitch.

I've got to get to the hospital, I've got to see Kit and Andy, I've got to tell Kit about Sammy.


'Wake up dam it'

'Andrew Lee Harding, if you're in there wake the fuck up bro'

'Kit, is that you?'

'I didn't think you were going to show up'

'You know, you said the same thing to me three days in a row now dumb ass'

'I remember asking my mom to talk to your mom, to see if you'd come'

'Andy, I'm here man, I'm here'


How the hell did Sammy beat me to the hospital, I'm watching her enter the building.

No that's right I walked here, so she must have driven.

Makes sense, then again why do I feel so weird.

Maybe nothing makes sense anymore!.

Should I leave Sammy to have time with Kit, but then again she doesn't know Andy.

Andy! he's dying damn it.

I'm here now, I'll go in and see if I can do something to support all of them somehow.


'Did I tell you I saw Stan, I asked him to come see you Kit'

'What the hell are you talking about Andy'

'Stanley Moore, our other best friend, I saw him, I asked him to go see you'

'Stanley isn't'

'Kit, I'm sorry, but I have to talk to you'

'Who's this Kit?'

'Nobody Andy'

'Sam, I suggest you leave, Right now!'

'No Kit, I have to talk to you'


I'm nervous about going in there, going in to Andy's room.

I can hear that Sammy has started talking to Kit and he doesn't sound very happy to see her.

Maybe be she shouldn't be here, should doing this in her situation.

Andy, looks terrible.

I've got to do something about this.

'Kit, hey Kit'

'Can't you see this beautiful girl obviously has something important to talk to you about'

Andy is trying to prop himself up in his hospital bed, he looks so unwell.

Andrew-Lee Harding has always stated things so well, has always been a top guy, it's what I've always admired about him .

'Andy, I don't care what she has to say, she's leaving' Kit's just glaring at Sammy.

'Oh man, oh man, I can't believe it, Stanley made it'

'What the hell are you talking about Andy'

'Stan is dead'

'No Kit, he's standing just there'

'No Andy, Stan has been dead for years'

'Listen Sam, Andy is very sick and you shouldn't be here, he's starting to hallucinate and I want you to leave' Kit's getting up out of his chair.

'Andy, I'm gunna call a nurse bud, just hold on mate'

'Stanley man, it's so good to see you' Andy is saying to me.

What is happening, I feel so cold, I don't feel right.

'Andy, what's happening, I'm scared'.

'Who said that?'

Stop messing around Kit, I'm right here

'Andy tell him!'

'Kit, listen, I know Stan died, I died too, twice recently'

'That's when I seen him, seen him in the void'

'You didn't acknowledge me for a while Stan, but then something happened and we were able to talk, remember?'

'This is too much Andy, too much'

'Wait why do you look different all of a sudden?'

'How are you able to be standing there and be lying in the hospital bed at the same time?'

'Help somebody, I need a nurse in here' Kit screams.

'Oh my god, oh my god, this is not possible'

'Stanley I can see you, how is this possible, you're dead, you died?'

'Kit, I don't know what's going on'

'I'm here too guy's, it's time to move on Stan, we have to go now'

'Andy, what are you talking about'

'Stan we are the departed, you died years ago, you must not have realized'

'Can you feel that gentle tug man, it's time for us to go'

'Kit listen, Stan and I must leave now, love you bro'

'Wait Andy, just wait a moment'

'Kit, please listen to Sammy, just listen to her, she has something really important to tell you'

'Sam, tell him'.

'Kit, I love you, I'm pregnant, the baby, the baby is yours'.

'Oh Andy, I can see the baby's essence floating around Sam's belly can you see that too?'

'I can Stan, we have to go now'.

'Kit, your baby is beautiful, be proud man be proud'.

This is the expiration of the story

Andy and Stan have gone on to the next place

the place after here

gone to the bistro in the sky

the bistro for the


Thank you.

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