Thurs, June 1, 3:05pm




MADISON: You must be my new pen pal.

I’m Madison.

AVERY: More like your Internet pal.

I’m Avery. Nice to meet you.

MADISON: Where are you from?

AVERY: Uranus.

MADISON: Cool. I’m from Neptune,

so we’re practically neighbors.

AVERY: Lol! I’m actually from Texas.

MADISON: Where in Texas?

AVERY: Look, we only just met, so I’m not

ready to give you my number and address.

MADISON: Sorry. I’ve lived in Tennessee

all my life.

AVERY: I used to live in Chicago, but I had to

move because of my dad’s job.

MADISON: What does he do?

AVERY: Something.


AVERY: Again. Stranger Danger.

MADISON: Right sorry. Tell me more

about yourself.

AVERY: Let’s see…. I love Fall Out Boy, Panic! At

The Disco, and Paramore, I’ve dyed my

hair so many times I’ve forgotten what

color it was before, I want to write

comic books, and I really want to

get a nose ring.

MADISON: Cool! I’m a Theatre kid, I’ve never

dyed my hair, I really like Taylor Swift,

and I’m scared of needles. Oh, and

I like puppies.

AVERY: So, you’re my complete opposite.


How old are you? I’m sixteen.

AVERY: Same. Favorite color?

MADISON: Lilac. You?

AVERY: Black and gold. Favorite food?

MADISON: Pizza and mint chocolate ice cream.

AVERY: Pizza and sushi. And lemon sorbet.

Favorite movie?

MADISON: Legally Blonde.

AVERY: Seriously?


AVERY: That’s my favorite, too!

MADISON: Really?

AVERY: Uh, yeah!

Who’s all in your family?

I live with my parents,

my little brother Brad, and a

German Shepherd named


MADISON: I live with my folks, my twin

sister Allison, my older brother

Clyde, and our two dogs.

AVERY: What kind and what are their names?

MADISON: We’ve got a Dalmatian puppy

named Polka Dot and a Beagle

named Hugh.

AVERY: Cute!

I’m really glad I found this website.

I thought that Pen Pals For Life

sounded too dumb to be promising,

but this doesn’t feel as bad as I thought

it would be. 

MADISON: So, you’re cool with me?

AVERY: Sure. As long as you’re not actually a

creepy old man who wants to lock me up

in your basement.

MADISON: I’m not. Here, look at this.

*uploads photo


AVERY: Make a duck face.


AVERY: To make sure I’m not looking at a photo

you just randomly found online.

MADISON: *uploads photo

See? I’m not a creepy

old man.

AVERY: Good, because this is 2012 and men should

stay away from young girls.

MADISON: Ok, now you need to prove

that you’re not a creepy old


AVERY: *uploads photo

See? I’m actually cute.

And here’s a duck face.

*uploads photo

MADISON: Ha ha. I think we’re going to

good friends.

AVERY: I agree.

Sorry, my mom is about

to take me to an appointment.



Fri, June 2, 11:45am



MADISON: Hey! What’s up?

AVERY: I’m planning to dye my hair again.

MADISON: What color?

AVERY: I’m not sure yet. Probably blue or pink.

I’m going to bleach it tomorrow.

MADISON: So, you’re going to be blonde?

AVERY: No. If I want to dye my hair a lighter

color, I need to bleach my faded black

hair first. The pink and blue won’t show

up if I don’t use bleach first.

MADISON: Oh. Ok. I don’t know what

color I would pick if I were

to dye my hair.

AVERY: I think your blonde waves are fine.

Actually, I think you might do well

as a rich brunette. It would go well

with your skin tone and eye color.

MADISON: Thanks, but my mom won’t

let me dye my hair.

AVERY: Then wait until you’re old enough to

make decisions without her input.

I think you would look nice either


MADISON: Do you think I would look good

with a nose piercing?


AVERY: Sorry, my parents were fighting again.

Now my mom wants me to go to the

grocery store with her. I’ll have to talk

to you later.

MADISON: Ok. Take care.

Sat, June 3, 10:45am


MADISON: Hey. I threw up and my mom

doesn’t want me to be on the

computer today. I’m going to

stay on here for as long as I can

before she catches me.

AVERY: Ok. That sucks. I hope you

feel better. Also, check this out.

*uploads photo

What do you think?

MADISON: You look fabulous! Are you

sure you want to dye it pink?

You look cute as a blonde.

AVERY: Why? So we can match?

MADISON: No, you just look cute. Also,

if you don’t mind me asking,

how are things with your folks?

AVERY: They haven’t said a word to each

other since their fight, and my

dad refused to eat my mom’s

cooking last night. He slept on

the couch.

MADISON: And how’s Brad?

AVERY: He just shuts himself in his room

and ignores it all whenever he can.

 He’s used to it.

MADISON: I’m so sorry.

AVERY: It’s fine.

Which dress should I get?

*uploads photo

*uploads photo


MADISON: Is that a corset?

AVERY: Yeah, they’re corset dresses.

Which one should I go get today?

MADISON: I don’t know. The lacey one

is pretty, but the one with

the roses looks more fun.

Go for the roses.

AVERY: Sounds like a plan.

MADISON: Sorry, but my mom just caught

me. I’ve got to go.


Sun, June 4, 3:45pm


MADISON: Hi! What’s up?

AVERY: What color should I dye my hair?

MADISON: You just bleached it yesterday!


AVERY: Yeah, I need to bleach it in order to

dye it another color. I told you. Baby

blue or hot pink?

*uploads photo

*uploads photo


MADISON: I think baby blue would be a nice contrast to that corset dress you bought.

AVERY: Which one?

MADISON: I thought you picked the one with

the roses.

AVERY: I couldn’t decide.

MADISON: How many corset dresses do you need?

AVERY: Until I run out of room in my closet

and need to use my parents’ closet.


AVERY: I’ve got to go. TTYL!

MADISON: Ok! Send me a photo of your hair

when you’re done!

Mon, June 5, 11:00 am


AVERY: *uploads photo

What do you think of my hair?


AVERY: Thank you!

MADISON: Hey, I’m auditioning for a show this

upcoming semester, and I need your

advice on my material.

AVERY: Sorry, but I don’t know much about

Theatre. I don’t think I can be any

help, girl.

MADISON: I just need your opinion on a song.

I’m auditioning for Legally Blonde

The Musical and I want to use Fly, Fly

Away for my audition song.

AVERY: I don’t know that one.

MADISON: Look it up. It’s from the musical

Catch Me If You Can.

AVERY: Ok, give me a minute.

I just finished listening to the song.

MADISON: What did you think?

AVERY: It’s good, but I just thought of the

perfect audition song.

MADISON: What is it?

AVERY: All Star by Smash Mouth.


AVERY: Ok, I’ll be serious. I think the one you

picked should be fine.

MADISON: Thank you.

AVERY: Glad to be of service.

Hold on. My folks are fighting

again. I’ve got to go.


Thurs, June 8, 9:06am




AVERY: My grandma passed away yesterday.

MADISON: I’m so sorry, girl What happened?

AVERY: Someone broke into her house and

killed her in a robbery gone wrong.

She didn’t even have anything valuable,

so there was no point in the robber

being there.

MADISON: I’m really sorry, Avery. Is there

anything I can do to help?

AVERY: No, thank you. I just need some time

by myself. Do you mind if I take a break

on here? My parents and I need to make

some arrangements.

MADISON: Take all the time you need! I shall

send you love and prayers!

AVERY: Thanks.

                                                           Tue, June 13, 12:59pm

AVERY: How much Tylenol do you need to take

to die?


AVERY: How much?

MADISON: Why would you even ask that?

AVERY: Life sucks.

MADISON: Is this because of your


AVERY: Life just sucks.

MADISON: Please tell me what’s wrong!

AVERY: Life sucks. That’s all you need to


MADISON: Please don’t kill yourself!


Please respond!

Tue, June 13, 2:00pm




AVERY: Well, I’m not.

MADISON: You can’t just tell me you want to kill

yourself with Tylenol and then stop

talking to me!

AVERY: I’m sorry.


MADISON: Avery, have you taken any pills?


MADISON: How many?

AVERY: Four.

MADISON: Please don’t take anymore!

AVERY: Life sucks.

MADISON: Stop saying that! Tell me what’s

going on! I’m your friend!

AVERY: There’s nothing you can do.

MADISON: Avery, please!

AVERY: I’m on my sixth pill.

MADISON: Don’t do this! Think of your family!

AVERY: Why? My grandma was the only one

who loved me. She encouraged my

parents to stay together, but now

they have no reason to do so.

MADISON: I’m sorry this is happening to you.

Please let me help.

AVERY: I’m on my ninth pill now.

MADISON: Here’s my number! Please

talk to me!


AVERY: No. I want to die. Just accept that this

is what I want to do. If you truly are

my friend, you would support me.

MADISON: Ok. If I’m going to keep chatting

with you on here until you die,

can we at least make it fun?

AVERY: How so?


MADISON: I’ve been doing this thing where I

turn my family members’ names into

Flintstones names. For instance,

I changed my name from

Madison Grant to Madistone

Granite. Want to try?

AVERY: Uh,sure. What should Avery Smith be?

MADISON: Avery Stone?

AVERY: I guess. Not really as fun as Madistone


                                                                                      MADISON: Ok, we’ll get back to your name.           

My parents’ names have been

changed from Phil and Margaret

         to Flint and Margrock.

AVERY: Ha ha. I like that. Ok, my parents’ names

are Danny and Sandra. They could be Doody

and Sandy. Ha ha.

MADISON: I’m sure you’ve heard this before,

but your parents’ names are

pretty much Danny and Sandy.

AVERY: Yeah, yeah. Tell me more, tell me more.

We could change Danny to Dusty since

the Flintstones lived in a rather dusty


MADISON: Dusty and Sandy Stone. How


AVERY: What about my brother Brad?

MADISON: Bone Stone.

AVERY: Sounds like that name belongs in a horror

movie. If I had starred in a horror movie,

I would’ve been the killer. Bone Stone the


MADISON: Nah, I think you would’ve

been called Electric Star.

You’re quite the shocker.

AVERY: Ha ha. Yeah.

MADISON: How many pills have you taken

by now?

AVERY: Twelve.

MADISON: How is your body reacting? Do

you feel different?

AVERY: Madison.


AVERY: There are cops outside my

house right now. And an



AVERY: You called them, didn’t you?

MADISON: No! I don’t even know where

you live!

AVERY: You told them my parents’ names.

MADISON: I’m sorry, but I had to.


Please say something!

Wed, June 14, 9:54am



I know you’re there.

The operator said you were

taken care of.

Please talk to me.

Thurs, June 15, 9:00am

MADISON: You can’t seriously stay mad

at me for saving your life.

Please say something!

Fri, June 16, 1:14pm


Are you there?

AVERY: Hello Madison.

MADISON: How are you doing?

AVERY: Fine.

MADISON: How happened?

AVERY: My parents have decided to

put their divorce on hold and

find me a therapist. They wouldn’t

stop crying at the hospital.

MADISON: How did your body react to

the pills?

AVERY: Right before the cops arrived, I

felt this pain in my belly. It was

more on my upper right side.

When one of the cops unlocked

my door and entered my room,

I puked on his shoes. I felt so

dizzy as I was rushed to the

hospital. I can’t remember

anything else.

MADISON: Are you mad at me?

AVERY: I was at first, but then I changed

my mind.

MADISON: What exactly changed your mind?

AVERY: Brad slept on my bedroom floor

the very next night. He said he

wanted to make sure I went to

sleep in a good mood. I cried and

hugged him. I realized that I just

couldn’t abandon him like I

almost did. I couldn’t really stay

mad at you because you made me

realize what I would’ve thrown

away. Thank you for saving my life.

MADISON: You’re welcome, my friend.

AVERY: How exactly did you get the cops

to come to my house?

MADISON: The 911 operator that my dad was on

the phone with told me to find out your

parents’ names so he could look

up their location and send that info to

the police in your area.

AVERY: I should’ve known.

By the way, that was a very clever

move you pulled. Flintstones names?

Total genius!

MADISON: I didn’t know what else to do

because you wouldn’t accept

my phone number.

AVERY: Speaking of your which, I would like

to actually talk to you for once. I

want to tell you everything.

MADISON: Right now?

AVERY: Is that ok?


March 26, 2020 02:39

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