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The Desun family consisted of Desun, his wife and their daughter Judy. Desun had risen from a humble waste collector to now become a supervisor. The Desuns lived in a quarter allotted to them. Judy had been schooling indifferently as she wasn’t interested in studies. Though a neighbour took interest to tutor Judy she always got failing grades. She was good at sports and the PT master Silva said she would be a success in sports. He would say to her “Judy, complete school. I’m sure you can succeed me. You know I’m approaching 60 and will retire though I dread becoming a pensioner.”

Judy’s mother was another type. She was a typical uneducated villager. She would say “It doesn’t matter if you don’t do well at studies. I’ve trained you in housekeeping and you’re a good cook. It would be easy to find a match for you.”

Judy was 14 when she finished schooling. The highest marks she got were for physical education. She had won prizes in various athletic events in school and interschool competitions. Silva said “Judy you must now try to enter competitions outside our city. I’m recommending you for entering intercity sports.”

Judy was now 16. She wasn’t ugly but wasn’t attractive either. She was dark and tall, in fact wiry. People would say she was wasting time running races instead of studying. She was now an interschool champion runner. Judy’s parents would often discuss about her future. The mother would say “A husband needs a cooperative wife who would give him good food and run the house in an orderly manner. Judy will make a good wife.”

The father would say “First we must find someone willing to marry her.”

“That is easy. One of my distant relatives runs a poultry farm in my village. I’ve heard he would be happy to wed Judy.”

“That means we’ll be sending her to a village from the city.”

“What’s wrong? They’ll have enough to eat. He has agricultural land and the latest I heard was he is taking a loan to buy a tractor to expand operations. Remember we had nothing when I married you.”

Desun said “Wait till she turns 18.”

Meanwhile encouraged by Silva, Judy won more prizes and she was welcomed in a coaching camp.   The marathon came to her city and she won. She was becoming a celebrity. Her mother was against Judy going out to compete in other cities. She told her daughter “Judy, you never know what those sports fellows will do if they find young girls. I keep sitting here worried about you. I was married when I was 16 but now they have raised that age. Your father thinks he is very modern and doesn’t worry about you. I wish you could get married soon.” Judy merely listened. The mother continued “You’re training to become a great athlete. What use is it? Once you get married and have a child you’ll forget about it all. Your father allows you liberty in every way. I’m very unhappy about it.”

It was not that Dusen didn’t think about Judy’s future. He would say “Judy I’m very proud of your race performances and the prizes you bring home. It would only be a short haul as you age. You must also consider marriage.”

The time came when Judy was selected to participate in an athletic meet in Bangkok. Both her father and mother were against her going abroad. She consulted Silva and as advised by him she went to Bangkok. There she won several prizes and returned home.

Coming home she fell ill and her sponsors got her medical treatment in a hospital dedicated to sports injuries. She was there for 2 weeks. Dr.Jain attended on her. Jain was a young man and had received training in sports injuries. He was normally aloof. He took care of Judy and she was impressed by his friendly manner. He was only 24 but his hair had started greying and his hairline was receding. The nursing staff were all praise of Jain as he was cordial towards them and was considerate. Judy suddenly realised she had fallen in love with Jain.

She dreaded discharge from the hospital as it meant the end of her dealing with Jain. Even after she had left hospital she kept calling Jain and talking to him. Then came the chance to participate in  Olympic Games. She had to travel to Europe. She called Jain and said “I’m going to Europe.”

He said “I heard about it. Thank you for informing me. I know you’ll win. You’ve already a place in the sun. I wish you all the best.” She had thought he would say he would like to give her a send off party but realising he wasn’t the type she said “Since you know my medical history I thought if we could meet somewhere say for dinner I could get some doubts cleared.”

He said “You’re in perfect health. So why waste money on dinner outside?”

She said “I’ve money now. I’ll be the host at Hotel Ambassador at 8 tomorrow evening.”

‘Okay. I’ll be there.”

Judy had now changed to international attire. She knew she wasn’t attractive but still wore the best dress she considered appropriate for the occasion with Jain. Jain came in the same hospital attire he would be in. No ostentation about him. They sat chatting. She said “I’m participating in 3 events. In one of them I’ll pitted against Denise of Portugal and Zainab from Egypt. That would be very challenging as the event betting group has said they were sure of Zainab winning the gold medal. Of course I’ll give them a fight.”

Jain merely nodded. She continued “I’ve a suggestion. You could come with me to see the games. Don’t worry about the expenditure. I’ve plenty of money now.”

He was thoughtful. The maitre d’ now came and he chose some simple inexpensive dishes. As they had soup he said “Judy I’ve no desire to visit Europe.” He paused and said “My priorities have always been peculiar. I want to stay here and treat the poor.” He again paused and then said “I lost my parents early but luckily they had provided me enough property with which I could complete medical studies. I want to work for upliftment of the poor like giving them free medical advice, and to some extent free medicines and so on. I wish to continue with my simple lifestyle. I had a lady who did the medical study with me and we shared ideals. She died as another suitor killed her when she had turned him down in my favour. I have no luck.”

She felt very sorry for him but couldn’t say much as he was a recluse. They spent nearly two hours together and at the end of dinner he wished her a very successful participation in the games.

Judy left for Europe angering her mother and worrying her father. The result of the competition overwhelmed her. She had defeated both Denise and Zainab to win a gold medal. She came back amidst national fame. Wherever she went and whatever happened she couldn’t forget thinking of Jain. Her mother was rooting for her immediate marriage with the poultry farmer. The father had no opinion and left it to his daughter. Judy went and met her old PT instructor Silva who after retirement was living in poverty. She donated a big amount to him and said “Sir, I now want your help.” She told him about her love for Jain and he promised to speak to the doctor.

Silva had three rounds of talks with Jain at his place. Finally he said “Doctor she is noble minded. She gave me a lump sum to overcome my poverty as I was her PT instructor. She has decided that if you don’t accept her as your wife she will remain a spinster. I’ve spoken enough to you about Judy whom I know from childhood. You promised me you’ll give me an answer this day positively.”

“I accept her.”

When Silva gave her the news she jumped for joy.


August 08, 2021 09:50

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Keya Jadav
14:50 Aug 08, 2021

It is a nice story. But the descriptions are quite brief and short. For example, You promised me you’ll give me an answer this day positively.” “I accept her.” How can a person who had been disapproving for long, agree so suddenly, when Silva tried to convince him? The grammar is perfect. Rest is great, just need a little bit of improvement in details and character descriptions. P.S: I can't find the title relatable to the context.


16:17 Aug 08, 2021

Your comments are fair and positive. I have said in the story that Judy has a place in the sun to mean she is getting popular. I shall try to improve. Many thanks. Regards.


Keya Jadav
02:07 Aug 09, 2021

Oh, now I get it. Thank You


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