Adventure Crime Drama

I had no idea how they got back to the house so quickly. Hannah was the only person on the planet who could press the gas the way that she did.

Hannah had a beautiful house, and we knew she came from old money, but it's easy to forget how much money she comes from. We knew a few things about her here and there, but the truth is she's a mystery to be solved. It's ironic because when we first met, Laura took a liking to Hannah. Her aura and posture led her to believe she was well-dressed, responsible, and dependable. She was sorely mistaken, and in response, Hannah sought out Laura to be a free-willed spirit.

What she didn't realize was that we were in the midst of spirit week, and she happened to meet Laura the one day she was dressed as Aria from Pretty Little Liars. I don't blame her; she looked amazing in that hot pink streak and studded jacket.

I don't want to hear anything from any of you if this goes horribly wrong. Laura insisted.

We were standing in front of a 20-million-dollar mansion, admiring the Mahogany wood floors, soaring bay windows, and a plethora of antique vases that we couldn't begin to count.

We assumed at the time that she had left the door open for us so she wouldn't have to be bothered. She was the type of person who got caught up in the moment, so we weren't concerned. Typical Hannah, leave your bedroom door unlocked and your bedroom window open. 

Jean was the first person to enter.

Man, I'm HUNGRY... She was started as she walked in.

You thinking this pretty palace got anything decent t-.... Her voice trailed off in the distance. 

Laura was still looking around frantically, so I figured I'd come in with her. We were perplexed as to where the party was because if the door was open, it meant she and the goons driving behind her had arrived, but no one could be seen. There wasn't a drop of alcohol or a man in sight.


Holy Shit! 

Jean screamed, and I heard glass shattered on the shined wooden floors. I was absolutely petrified as Jean didn't scare easily. It was at that point that I remembered what Laura had said. I had no idea it was going to get worse. I walked through the open door, trying to get a better look at the scene that had captivated us. The antiques appeared to have been tampered with. In the center of the thickened curtains were blackened holes. A warm electric shock coursed through my body as if someone had lit a fire beneath me. My mouth became so dry that swallowing became difficult.

We were standing in the kitchen, staring at 100 lifeless bodies. They were the men we'd seen with Hannah. Some were beaten, some were bruised, and some appeared unharmed but were knocked out cold.

What in the hell happened here? Jean question. 

We couldn't think of anything to say. Hannah had outdone herself; if we hadn't been so utterly terrified, we would have laughed and bonded over the fact that this scenario would have been a dream come true for her. A bunch of guys laying on the floor, lifeless, she could use them to her advantage, find a way to blackmail them, or get something she needed from them. I'd honestly be deathly afraid of her if she wasn't one of my best friends.

Alright split up, we’ve gotta find Hannah. She must be in here somewhere. Jean exclaimed

Laura and I nodded our heads, it was the only part of our body that seemed to not be frozen in fear. 

Jean headed upstairs to look for her, Laura, went back to the living room, and I headed to the balcony. 

I can't believe it we me who found her, and to make it worse to find her like this…

I stood on the balcony, feeling the crisped cold air hit my face as I watched my friend lie in a pool of her own blood. It was harrowing and disheartening, and the feeling in my stomach returned. My anxiety had taken control, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The room began to spin around me; it didn't feel real, and my body didn't feel present in its surroundings. As a tear began to fall from my eye, I knelt on my knees and sobbed. I was attracting sorrow, panic, and fear. It hadn't occurred to me at the time that we should call the cops or even an ambulance. How could we? What would we even say? How would we explain any of this? Would we be held accountable for what happened here?

I drew closer to my friend's lifeless body, oblivious to the fact that her blood was seeping through my jeans. I lifted her head and placed my ear near her heart to listen for a heartbeat.

Nothing…. There wasn't a single beat. There was nothing but echoes from her neighbors and a police siren in the distance. I was lying on her chest, seeking comfort. Only she would know what to do in a situation like this.

I could hear their footsteps getting closer, they hadn't found her, of course, that hadn't because she was under me bleeding out. The clacking of Jean's platform shoes were getting louder, so I knew I needed to brace them for what they were about to see but I couldn't. I just couldn't move. I couldn't let go of her. I just couldn't leave her. My tears began to flow effortlessly, soaking my shirt.

I didn't know how we got here. It was too much, I can't, I can't deal with these types of things. My hands were covered in blood, I just couldn't, the floors were stained red, Laura and Jean were panicking. Everyone was freaking out, I needed to do something and I needed to do it fast.

And there it was.

*Knock* Knock*

Someone had started knocking on the front door, Jean looked at me, I looked at Laura, and Laura looked at Jean. We were so screwed.

January 31, 2022 22:19

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