AnnaBella, a fifteen year old girl who has lived in Moon Falls Bay her entire life. She loves everything about Moon Falls Bay, but there is one thing that terrifies AnnaBella and the community of Moon Falls Bay and that is the legend that always comes true.

Fall has begun which means the first full moon is about to come out. When this happens something terrifying lurks in the mountains of Moon Falls Bay, but the problem is nobody knows what it is and they want to keep it that way,. The people are afraid of what is out there.

AnnaBella is a curious teenager who wants to know more about the legend and why people are afraid. Her parents will tell her nothing about the legend.

AnnaBella's best friend Scarlett tells her to leave it alone, but AnnaBella won't. She always asks about the legend, no one tells anything, they give her the silent treatment.

AnnaBella doesn't know what to do. she tried everything to find out about the legend. Tomorrow is the night of the full moon and all she sees is her neighbors buying food and supplies to last them a year. Her parents are no different.

She got to her mother and asks her why she is getting so much food. Her mother's answer is "we need to prepare."

AnnaBella shrugs her shoulders and goes to her father and asks him why he's getting so much wood, gas cans, and many other things. His answer is the same as her mother's "we need to prepare."

AnnaBella is even more curious about the legend. Her mother warns her not to go out tomorrow.

"AnnaBella, I'm warning you not to leave this house tomorrow."

AnnaBella nods

"Can I go to the library know?"

Her mother nods

AnnaBella gathers her belongings and heads to the library. On her way to the library AnnaBella sees her neighbors boarding up their houses and gathering their weapons, she goes to one of her neighbors to ask him what he's doing.

"Mr. James, why do you have your weapons out?"

"For protection."

"From who?"

"Not from who, but from what."

AnnaBella leaves without a clear explanation.

As AnnaBella is walking to the library, she sees more of her neighbors doing the same including her best friend, Scarlett.

They both wave at each other. Scarlett comes running to AnnaBella. She asks her what she is going?

AnnaBella tells Scarlett she is going to the library to look up the legend. Scarlett shakes her head and begs AnnaBella not to do this, AnnaBella refuses to listen.

They say goodbye to each other. Scarlett walks back to her parents. AnnaBella sees them talking and pointing at her. She wonders what's that all about.

AnnaBella final arrives at the library, she goes go to the computer, turns it on and types in The Legend of Moon Falls Bay.

What pops on the screen shocks AnnaBella to the core, she reads "Many centuries ago Moon Falls Bay was the home to the Eldridge family, a prominent and wealthy family who held a terrible secret that no one knows, but one day on the first full moon of the season, the secret of the Eldridge family came out.

On the first full moon of the season members of the Eldridge family transformed into hideous beasts and began stalking Moon Falls Bay.

The Moon Falls Bay community became so enraged they began killing off members of the Eldridge family until only four members remained.

The last remaining members of the Eldridge family fled into the forest never to be seen, occasional howls are heard on the first full moon of the season.

Since the time of the first transformation the Moon Falls Bay community have kept all records of the Eldridge family a forbidden secret.

There has not been any mention of any descendants of the Eldridge family for generations."

AnnaBella finishes reading the article, she is now looking at pictures of the Eldridge family, one picture of a teenage Eldridge girl looks similar to Scarlett.

AnnaBella leans in closely, the resembles is shocking.

"Her name is Sadie. She's the oldest Eldridge girl. Rumor has it she escaped the slaughter of her family."

AnnaBella turns around and sees Mrs. Samuels, the librarian.

"Is this really true?"

"All of it is true."

"This is the first time I hear about this. I mean I know about the legend, but not the story."

"Keep reading."

Mrs. Samuels leaves.

AnnaBella keeps reading.

"Without a trial, without even speaking a word about who or what they are the Eldridge family is killed one by one. The four who fled the killings went into the forest and build a home far away from Moon Falls Bay. No one knows where their home is and no one dares to go look, but remember the first full moon of the season is when it happens."

AnnaBella knows tomorrow is the first full moon of the season, so the transformation is going to happen.

AnnaBella shuts the computer off and heads home. She walks out of the library. She turns around and sees Mrs. Samuels looking at her. AnnaBella waves goodbye.

On her way home AnnaBella sees Scarlett and her mother at the store, she crosses the street and enters the store. AnnaBella spots Scarlett and her mother talking, she moves in closer.

"Scarlett, do you have everything for tomorrow night?"

"I do."

"Good let's go. No one in town can know what we are doing."

"I think AnnaBella knows."

AnnaBella sees Mrs. Samuels walking to Scarlett and her mother.

"AnnaBella knows."

Scarlett's mother nods.

AnnaBella follows them back to their home. She watches for a moment, then hears Scarlett's parents talking and the time 7 am.

AnnaBella rushes home, she doesn't tell her parents what she found or heard.

The next morning AnnaBella wakes up early, she gets dressed and goes to Scarlett's home, she spots their RV and goes inside and hides.

Scarlett and her parents get in, they begin to drive. For the next couple of hours AnnaBella hides, a little after 6 in the evening the RV stops.

She hears Scarlett and her parents getting out, a few minutes later AnnaBella gets out of the RV and heads for the woods.

AnnaBella finds the perfect hiding space between two larger trees. She looks at the people who are already there, she doesn't know any of them, Scarlett seems to know them.

Scarlett and the people she is with are setting up a bonfire and other things she doesn't know.

The sun is setting, Scarlett, her parents and the others are forming a circle.

AnnaBella looks up and sees the full moon, then she looks back and sees her best friend transforming into the hideous beast of legend.

"Oh my god! what is my best friend?"

AnnaBella sees her best friend transforming into a werewolf and realizes, they are all descendants of the Eldridge family.

AnnaBella stares in amazement until the sun starts to rise

November 03, 2021 22:40

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