The magical blue flower

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In the middle of a far away town Amy lived with her family away from the big noisy city.

One day Amy’s mum was very very sick, she was sleeping in her room for the whole day, her dad went to work and he left his phone at home. Amy was sitting next to her sick mum crying and didn’t know what to do. While she was crying, looking outside the window, watching the rain, she saw something very special in the middle of the garden, it was a beautiful blue rose sparkling in the middle of the front garden.

Amy thought “ this flower wasn’t here few days ago when mum and I were watering the garden.” She was looking to the flower and every rain drops touched it turn into a beautiful crystal ball. Amy was amazed of what she saw and she ran down in the rain to have a look at the blue flower and have a feel of it, as soon as she reached the garden she heard the most calming music she have ever hear in her life coming from this unique flower. She quickly got down and touched it, she felt so powerful straight away. The magical flower said “Amy I know you are feeling sad today because your mum is not feeling well!” Amy was shocked and replied “how did you know that?” The magical flower said with a smile “ I was once a little girl just like you, a bad frog touched me and turned me into an ugly frog like her and I needed a butterfly to turn me back into a flower, the kind butterfly touched me yesterday and turned me into a magical blue flower in your garden. Then she told me I need to help someone on a Rainy day and make them feel happy in order for me to be beautiful little girl again. She also promised me that she can take me back to my family.” Amy smiled and said “ may be you can help me to make my mum feels better?” The magical blue flowers said “ ok listen to me here is what you are going to do, you need to collect all this crystal balls and put them in a cup of water and let your mum drink from it. After she finish the cup she will feel better.” Amy shouted “ oh really my mum will feel better when she drink from the crystal water?” and quickly start collecting them, she ran up to put them in a cup of water and give it to her mum. The magical blue flower cried “ please don’t forget to come and touch me when your mum gets better!” Amy replied “ I will be back very very soon.”

Amy ran to the kitchen and put all the crystal balls inside a cup of water and gave it to her mum. Her mum started to drink the water slowly as she noticed the water tasted differently, she asked Amy “ why this water tasted so different and better than the water we drink everyday?” Amy replied “ it is a magical crystal water that the magical blue flower gave me to make you better.” Amy’s mum closed her eyes for a few minutes and when she wakes up she jumped of the bed saying “ oh my God I feel so much better now! I’m not sick anymore.” She asked Amy to tell her about the magical blue flower, Amy told her mum the whole story about the magical blue flower and how she needs to help someone and make them happy in order for her to become a little girl again. Amy and her mum quickly ran down to the garden to look for the magical blue flower and they both heard the beautiful music that the blue flower makes. Amy’s mum said “ little blue flower I came to thank you for making me feel better. Now my daughter and I want to help you to became the beautiful little girl again.”

the magical blue flower replied with happiness “ “yes please! Can Amy touch me with her right hand ?” Amy said “ yes sure I can” and quickly touched the magical blue flower with her right hand, the blue flower started to turn into a beautiful little girl! Amy and her mum cried “ oh my God you look so beautiful!” The little girl start to tell them her story, “ my name is Rose I used to live with my family in a beautiful house in the big city, one day I lost my way and a bad frog touched me and turned me into an ugly frog like her, I needed a butterfly to touch me to turn me into a flower and then I needed to help someone to become a little girl again.” Amy and her mum were very happy that they both helped Rose to became a little girl again. When Amy’s dad came home they told him the whole story about rose. Amy’s dad promised Rose that he will help her to find her family. Then a beautiful Colourful butterfly appeared, “ I can help you Amy to find your family.” The butterfly said, you just need to follow me. Amy and her mum and dad together with Rose followed the butterfly with Their car till they reached the big city. The butterfly stopped in-front of a big house and then flow away. Rose shouted “this is my house! and quickly ran inside when her mum and dad saw her they were crying “ Rose we missed you so much where have you been ? We’ve been looking for you everywhere.” They hugged each other for so long.

Rose told them the whole story and she showed them her new best friend Amy and her family. Both family were very happy that Rose came back safe to her family. Amy and Rose became best friend forever and always visited each other on the holiday and always remember the olden days specially on the rainy days when Rose was once a magical blue flower.

September 22, 2021 10:25

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