Drive them away

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This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Drive them away!, that sentence flashed through my mind the day the owner opened up the mansion as a homestay. The mansion with it's beautiful gothic interiors was a popular sight for most visitors, they couldn't help but be charmed by it's beauty but their mesmerization disturbed someone.

I hated that my peace and comfort were stolen away in such a horrid way, the day the first person came to stay in this mansion, was the day my days filled with quiet and pleasure were ruined.

The constant clicking of the cameras irked my soul, this mansion was my domain and how dare they come here and disturb it's peace! I couldn't allow such a thing! And that's when l decided to drive them away for good!

But it proved harder than I had initially thought, they were too bold and too mesmerized by the mansion's beauty to be spooked out, and I kept failing again and again but I still kept trying.

Whispers, things moving on their own and things disappearing only added to the mansion's charms rather than discouraging any potential visitors, it led the mansion to become more popular than ever, people had to be kept on a waitlist and the owner was thrilled at the profit she was making.

But I wasn't happy, day by day it was getting louder and louder and my home was being torn apart by strangers, strangers who I could see just saw the mansion as a thrilling experience or a photo opportunity, they held no respect for it, nor did they bother to clear out the trash they left behind. I was left with two options, either to tolerate it or do something about it.

Tolerance was out of question, the moment I even tried getting used to it was the moment I would slowly start loosing everything, it would reach a point where getting the mansion back to it's pristine beauty would seem like a lost task and I was in no mood for the state of things to reach that point!

So I made up my mind, no matter what I had to resort to, there was nothing stopping me from winning back my home from these disrespectful idiots who threatened to destroy it bit by bit. I tracked their movements and analyzed them, l didn't want to dive in like before without a plan.

I sent the beautiful model tumbling down the staircase, I didn't care if she lived or died, it was none of my concern, all that mattered to me was how I could shake their souls to the core and I felt I had succeeded in doing just that.

I enjoyed the confusion on her face as she failed to understand what was happening, how she had lost her balance was a mystery to her and as she slipped, her head hit the steps and blood rushed from her forehead, she was badly injured and I felt she had a very low chance of surviving.

But she survived and the owner got a chance to hush up the incident, she blamed it on the old staircase and that it needed maintenance. Over the course of just a few weeks the incident died down in everyone's memory and people again flocked to the mansion, my hopes were dashed but I wasn't the one to give into despair, I hadn't done that while I lived and there was no way I would do that now.

I let the chandelier fall on the young man who was clicking pictures of the staircase, his camera was crushed but he escaped with minor injuries, adding to my frustration and dashed hopes. The owner again blamed it on the aging mansion and the same story repeated again.

My hopes kept on being dashed, as if my hopes were the waves of a mighty ocean that were being dashed against the rocky shorelines. My patience was running out, frustration swelled inside me and I for the first time felt truly helpless.

Then it struck me like lighting that it was my timing that was amiss, that was what I hadn't factored in my plans, no matter how grand or elaborate my plans were, they failed because they lacked timing, a very crucial factor!

As the visitors had gathered in the hall and were filming with their phones the intricate carvings on the pillars of the hall, l saw my opportunity. I lifted the piano, making the visitors awestruck, they seemed to be frozen, part in fear and part in wonder but their wonder wasn't going to last long.

They couldn't believe the piano was levitating, they tried their best to capture it on their phones, an exotic sight to behold. I hurled the piano at one of them, it crushed her, blood spilled on the floor making the others scream in horror, panic engulfed the room and chaos soon erupted, much to my delight.

The sight that lay before me was horrific, another girl had gotten her hand crushed as she had rushed in to help, she screamed in pain but all the others gazed in horror, they scrambled backwards and ran out of the room, their lives more precious than anyone else or any exciting footage meant to be captured.

I felt I had partially succeeded in my goals but I wasn't done yet, I hadn't tasted victory, it's sweet taste still eluded me but it won't be that way for long. The video of the piano levitating and being hurled towards the girl went viral and soon many people cancelled their bookings out of fear.

There was peace in the mansion finally, some peace, it wasn't quiet like before but not as noisy too, I felt a bit of relief but the calm I had experienced earlier was something I missed immensely and I couldn't rest until I had achieved it fully, that was my goal and there was nothing and no one stopping me from achieving it.

Call me malicious, call me sadistic but I wasn't the one to let ethical considerations pin me down, they had deprived me of the joy of succeeding in my life and I had learnt a lesson then, that I wasn't going to let ethics hinder my goals.

Visitors still kept coming, they were much less than before but they were still there, still bothered me, still trampled over the quiteness of the mansion and I still hadn't gotten my peace back!

I kept my antics, I knew if I stopped, things would return to normal in a few months and that's the last thing I ever wanted. I hurled a painting at one visitor, the man ended up breaking his nose and I scratched the arms of another visitor as she slept, she woke up with horrific and deep scratches on both of her arms the next day and she packed up her bags in fear, terror coursing through her veins as she hurried off, leaving behind her expensive perfume.

The owner hated to admit it but she had lost her business, the homestay got no business at all as the incidents went viral and no clarification or explanation worked, she eventually gave up on the business and I got my peace, there were occasional visitors to the mansion once in a while but no one dared to stay in the mansion, that was not quiet the reward I had expected but it was reward enough.

October 25, 2023 15:52

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Laura Eliz
18:17 Oct 25, 2023

I like that I have to read a little to figure out whose point of view the story is from!


Sarah Saleem
16:45 Oct 26, 2023

Thanks!✨️ This is my first time writing a story from first person perspective.


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Tom Skye
16:58 Oct 25, 2023

Nice job. Not only was this from the point of view of the ghost , but it was actually a horrific haunting from the ghost's point of view. It was clever the way she never seemed angry, more disappointed. It made the scenes more chilling. A bit like the end of Carrie, but calm. Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing


Sarah Saleem
16:51 Oct 26, 2023

Thanks!✨️ I wanted to explore how a ghost would feel if people disturbed their place.


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