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I am a house flipper. My partner in crime is my poodle who would follow me to the end of the world. Well, my real partner in crime is my husband. He is the best. I tell him how to build a house and it's built within the year. Usually, we flip two houses a year. Sometimes less, depending on how big the house is. But usually, we do two a year. And we make more than enough to keep our house and buy things. As there are so very few house flippers in our home state of Oklahoma. Most of the time, we just do some painting and a bit of roofing. Sometimes we build side rooms. But for this particular house, we found it needed to be ripped to the ground and build back up. Tough, really it would be.

During demolition, we found an old roll of film that needed to be developed. We Googled the nearest film developer and drove for around thirty minutes. It felt like a while as we were in a really hot car. But we got there. They got the film developed within two weeks, and even though it was quite a bit of money, it was worth it. Curiosity was burning through us. We had all the equipment ready to see it and then we took a look at it. The first picture was in full color. It was a husband and wife, who looked very upset at each other. The house looked to be in its state before demolition. They looked sad.

We flip to the very beginning of it. It's a picture of a woman and a man kissing each other. The picture is in black and white, and they looked so very happy. The house was obviously just sold, as there were still boxes on the front porch. It looks like a brand new house. The next picture is one of the man and woman with a few of their friends on the back patio. They were having a bar-b-que. In the next picture, the man and woman are in the living room with older, happy-looking people. In the next picture, there is the man and woman standing side by side, him cradling her in front of the house. Around five more show the two just as a happy couple.

And then there gets to be one where they cradle her stomach. The baby was born three pictures after that. And then it's the three of them hanging out. The baby standing up, with his mom, with his dad. And then ten pictures later there is another one with the three huggings on her stomach. Ten pictures after that there is another one with a new baby. And soon after another. And then it becomes clear that they are drifting apart. It is sad, and then there is a new couple. And they develop their family and drift apart too. And then the recent couple, who didn't even begin their family. And the house changed too. At first, as happy and nice as it was in the beginning, and then with the relationships, it broke down.

The new couple came in, fixed it up, and then the house would be good until the relationship deteriorated and before you knew it, the house was once more in shambles. The last couple had really let the house go when they started to drift. We felt miserable. The house had been so happy. There had been so many happy memories. And then a terrible and sad ending. My husband and I went to bed after that. We were looking to expand our house recently. Roughly the size of that one. As much as we loved to be the two of us, we did hope to have at least one child. Months later, we finished the house. We decided to keep the house. We sold our old apartment and moved in. The best part was that there were land developers in the area that we were going to be working with.

We made a deal to develop the land, and we were going to make more houses. It was a challenge with this house, as there were just bare bones of the house left at one point. Then we brought it into the modern era and now it is a fantastic house. We plan to make all houses look as good as this one. This was quite a promotion, and we would be well paid. This would be perfect for the next leg of our journey. Before moving in, we took a picture in front of the house together, as the last three couples had. But we had a good feeling. We were going to make new memories in this house. Bring it more joy than ever. Our dog had a huge lawn. He helped out a ton in building this house.

After we moved into the house, we started on the surrounding houses. but shortly after we began, I got sick. Every morning I would vomit and crave some sort of food. I took a pregnancy test, and it came back positive. My family had begun. I was so happy, as we brought into the world our baby boy. He was full of life and such a happy little guy. My husband and I loved him, and even though our dog took a few extra seconds to warm up to him, our dog did too. We have never been so happy. There were lots of other kids in our neighborhood, and he was so happy. We were such a happy family and we're so thrilled to live here. To be blessed with all of our gifts.

Our son was a very happy boy. He loved to help us with our job and learned how to build a house. He had plenty of taste and loved us both so much. Our buyers loved to see him and dote upon him. He was so cute. My husband and I were so happy we were blessed with him and our house.

May 03, 2022 15:53

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