Romance Contemporary East Asian

This story contains themes or mentions of sexual violence.

Minh was a reporter of a big newspaper. One day, he joined a party at a beer restaurant with his colleagues. In the party, his boss who was drunk told him.

“A virgin twenty-five-year-old man like you is such a rare case. I will help you know the taste of life” 

Minh was embarrassed while his boss and colleagues laughed out loud. He had some love affairs and untitled relationships but they were all pure. He had just held hands, embraced and kissed. All his relationships ended before things could move further. 

After the party, he followed his boss and colleagues to a building called Blue Ocean. They led him to a dark room. He lay on a bed anxiously, knowing nothing about what would happen to him. After a while, he heard someone knocking the door. A girl stepped in. He was bewildered. His heart seemed to skip a beat. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. She had a smooth white skin, long hair, oval shaped face, naughty dark brown eyes, curvy lashes and slender figure. He startled and wondered if in front of him was Ngoc Trinh, the famous supermodel.  

“Hi guy”, she said with a sweet voice of a Southwestern girl.

“Hi”, he said.

“Oh, why haven’t you taken off your clothes?”

“Ah… I don’t know. It’s my first time here”

“Is it your first time you go to VIP massage?”


“Wait a few minutes”, she said. “I’m turning on the water to fill the tub then I will give you a bath” 

She walked to the bathtub and turned on the water. Her gesture was so gentle.

“Water is okay”, she said. “Let’s go to bath”

He walked into the tub. Dropping himself into the tub of warm water, he felt relaxed and excited. Then the young girl washed his entire body with her small soft hands. He experienced a fresh and amazing feeling. Perhaps only ancient kings had experienced that feeling.

He looked at her beautiful face while she was washing his body.

“Why are you staring at me?”, she asked him.

“Because you are so beautiful”, he answered.

“Have you never seen pretty girls before?”

“Yes, but I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you”

“You’re such a sweet liar”

“No, I told you the truth”

After giving him a bath, the young girl wiped his body with a towel. Then she told him to go lying on the bed. Afterwards, she started to give him a massage. Her soft hands made him feel comfortable.

“Do you want me to help you relax?”, she whispered to him.

“Yes”, he said.

“What does it mean?”, he asked himself.

She turned the light down. Then she took off her crop top to reveal her bare breasts. 

It was the first time he saw woman’s breasts in real life instead of porn videos. Her breasts were round and full like big pears.

She came to him, kissed his chest, licked his nipples and gently stroked his dick at the same time. He groaned in joy. His stick erected. He touched her breasts. Her tits were hardened. She moaned with a sweet and sexy voice. Then she sucked his nipples and cuddled his dick harder. He excitedly pushed her away. Then he kissed her breast and sucked her tit. He slipped his hands into her underwear. It was so wet inside. He sucked her breast and poked her private part with his right hand at the same time. She closed her eyes moaning, swinged on his fingers and stroked his stick harder. He could not take it anymore. His sperms shot up high, a few drops of them landed on her hair. But she still not stopped sucking his tit, cuddling his stick and swinging on his fingers. Her fluid came out more and more. His hand was wet. After a while, she stopped and gasped for breath with numerous tiny sweat-drops appeared in her face. Although her face now was not perfectly beautiful like before, he found her even lovelier. It was the first time he saw such a wonderful face. It was the day he saw a lot of things for the first time.    

He lay watching her taking shower. The curve of her figure was as magnificent as Thuy Kieu in the epic poem by Nguyen Du. Then he took shower. She helped him wipe his body and put on clothes. He felt like an emperor in movies who have handmaidens do everything for him.

Afterwards, he drew a 500,000 VND bill from his wallet and gave it to her.   

“Thank you”, she gently said.

“Ah, what’s your name?”

“I’m Trang. If you want to see me next time, just ask for number 2”    

“Are all staff here as beautiful as you?”

“No, I’m the most beautiful one”, she giggled. “I’m number 2 so nobody is number 1 here”.

“You’re such a bragger”, he smiled.

When Minh got out of the room, his colleagues were waiting for him. His mind was still wandering.

“How do you feel?”, his boss asked him.

“Awesome!”, he answered.

His boss smiled mischievously.

Since then, Minh became the frequent customer of Blue Ocean. He came there twice or three times a month. Every time, he called number 2. When she was off, he called another one. But no one could bring joy to him like her. When other girls served him, although they were pretty girls but he only felt emptiness after getting out of the building.

Once, when the number 2 was absent, he tried asking for number 1.

“There is no number 1 here, sir. Please call another number”, the receptionist replied.

It turned out that she told him the truth. She was number 2 so that no one was number 1.

One day, he went to Blue Ocean to see her after a month.

“Why have you not come to see me for a whole month?”, she asked him.

“I’m sorry”, he said. “I’ve gone abroad on a business trip”

“I thought that you had another girl and forgot me”

“How is it possible? Sometimes I wanted to forget you but I couldn’t. So, did you miss me?”

“Yes, I missed you so much. You often came to see me every one or two weeks. So, I was really worry as you did not come for a long time”

“Don’t be sad anymore. I have a gift for you”

He gave her a 2 US dollar bill.

“This two dollar bill is so special”, he said. “They’re not printing it anymore. Number two is always special, just like you”

“Oh, how can you speak eloquently like that? You made my heart melt”

She rested her head on his chest. He gently stroked her smooth back and her soft hair.

Then he kissed her passionately.

At that moment, he supposed that she was his lover.

He had given his first kiss to a girl who did not love him. This kiss might be the same. A massage girl must not have fallen in love with anyone. Deep inside, he told himself that all sweet words they told each other were fake. It was just something look like love. But whenever he was with her, he forgot everything and supposed that it was real. 

She held his hand and put it on her breast. He felt her nipple harden.

Once, when she massaged him, she turned on the phone speaker to listen to music. Her playlist was full of sorrowful love ballad V-pop songs like “I’m just a girl crying when I’m sad, smiling when I’m happy…”. He got used to US/UK songs and thought that those Vietnamese songs were so cheesy.

“Why do you listen to such sad songs?”, he asked her.

“Because their melodies are catchy”, she said. “Ah I like a song but can’t remember its name. Do you know the song which they usually played in weddings?”

“Do you remember some words of the lyric?”

“It’s a foreign song, which has something with white color”

He pondered for a minute.

“Ah, I got it! Beautiful in white”

He searched for the song on internet and played it for her.

“So as long as I live, I'll love you,

Will have and hold you

You look so beautiful in white

And from now till my very last breath

This day I'll cherish

You look so beautiful in white tonight…”

“Exactly!”, she said. “It’s a great song, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is”

She lay in his arms, listening to “Beautiful in white” which was repeating again and again.

“I wish one day I would wear a wedding dress”, she suddenly said.

At that moment, he wished he could say that he would make her wish come true, that he would be her groom and she would be his bride. But he could not say that. It was impossible. His parents would not accept that marriage and the whole society would despise him. He was not brave enough to stand against the whole world for a woman who did probably not love him.

“I’ll help you relax”, she told him with a sleepy voice.

“It’s unnecessary. I just need to lie embracing you and listen to music like this”

“But I like to do it for you”

Then she started to kiss his nipple and stroked his dick fiercely as if she wanted to rape him. She climbed on top of him, brought her breasts to his mouth and rubbed her vagina on his hard cock. He found him inside her. She was so wet inside.

After finishing her work, she lay embracing him.

“So as long as I live, I’ll love you…”

Still sounding in the room was the gentle melody of “Beautiful in white”.

When he put on his clothes and gave her tips, she thanked him and said:

“Maybe today is the last time I see you”


“Next week I will move to Singapore to work. My friend told me that I would earn much more money in that country”

He wanted to asked her “How about me?” but he told himself that between him and money, a girl like her would definitely choose money. He was nobody in her heart if she had a heart. The relationship between them was just like a business. He gave her money and she gave him sexual satisfaction in return. It was simple like that.

“Be careful”, he said. “When you go to the immigration area, just wear casual clothes, don’t wear short dress or sexy clothes, or they will refuse your entry”

“Thank you. I will remember that”

She went with him to the door of the building. A teardrop fell on her cheek. But he did not see it. He sadly came back home.

Two weeks later, he returned to Blue Ocean.

“Do you request anyone?”, asked the receptionist.

“Number 2”, he said the same like every time before.

“She’s not working here anymore”

“So, she really went to Singapore”, he told himself.

“Please choose any number for me”, he said.

The receptionist chose a beautiful girl to serve him, but when coming home, he just felt an empty feeling. Since then, he did not return to Blue Ocean. He also quit his job and moved to another newspaper where he was paid higher salary and had a better boss. A year later, he was having a smooth life, but sometimes he still missed her and felt empty.

One day, he suddenly returned to Blue Ocean for no reason.

“Do you request any number?”, asked the receptionist.

“Any number is okay”, he replied. 

He heard her speaking into the remote speaker microphone.

“Number 28 go to Room 301 to serve the guest”

He entered the room and lay on the bed waiting for number 28.

There was a knock on the door. Then a girl stepped in.

“What? Why are you here? I thought you quit”

“Yes, I’ve just come back last week”, she smiled.

“I miss you”, he said emotionally.

“I miss you, too”, she said gently. “Now I’m not number 2 but number 28, not a good number”

“I thought I would never see you again”

“Me too. Last year, I worked at a karaoke bar in Singapore. I earned much money but I had to work hard, and I often had to hide from the police”

“You can stay here. Why do you have to earn much money?”, he asked.

“My father has cancer”, she replied. “My mother can not earn much. So, I have to earn much money to buy medicine for my father and pay the tuition fee for my younger sister, and also save a little for my future”

Another time, when he came, he saw her drinking beer with other girls.

“Handsome man, come here drinking with us”, a girl told him.

He cheerfully drank a glass of beer with them.

Then she held his hand and led him to the massage room. Her cheeks were flushed, which made her so adorable.

Suddenly she was unsteady and had to lean against the wall.

“Can you do it? You are drunk”, he said.

“Of course, I can do it. I’m not drunk yet”, she said.

Still, she just lay on the bed embracing him.

He suddenly felt her cheeks wet. She was crying.

“What happened to you? Why do you cry?”

“I’ve just break up with my boyfriend”

He was somewhat sad. Sometimes, he really believed that she loved him.

“Why?”, he asked.

“Because I cheated on him. A man offered 10 million VND to sleep with me for a night. It’s a big amount of money and the medical fee for my father is getting higher so I accepted. My boyfriend knew that and scolded me. He said that I’m a whore. He’s right. A massage girl is not so different from a prostitute. He’s also my guest before. He is a police officer whose father is a congressman. He won’t dare to introduce me to his parents. Even his friends despise me. I’m not deserve to be his girlfriend. I’m just a whore. Sooner or later, he will leave me.”

She embraced him and sobbed. 

“No, you are the most beautiful girl in the world.”, he said emotionally. “And you are kind-hearted. You deserved to be happy. Let’s go to Saigon and I will marry you. You will wear the wedding dress. You will be beautiful in white” 

She gently looked into his eyes.

“Thank you for your kind words. You are such a sweet liar. You're always kind to me. You always respect me and don’t consider me a whore like other men. But I have to refuse your proposal. I can’t ruin your life. I can’t let you give up your career and family to live with a woman like me. You should marry a good woman. Just play with girls like me but don’t love or marry anyone of them or your life will be miserable”

She continued embracing him and sobbing for an hour. When he left, he gave her tips but she refused.

He came home with a heavy heart. He was so regretful. He wished he had not met her. He wished he had not ever come here. He recalled the famous quotes of the epic poem “The tale of Kieu”.

“Why did we meet after all

Will it end up in a lifetime union?”

It was the last time he saw her. It was also the last time he went to Blue Ocean.

Five years later, the reporter had a family with a good wife and a well-behaved son. Still, whenever he went to a wedding and heard “Beautiful in white”, he thought about the massage girl.

“Where is she now? Is she happy?”, he wondered.

Meanwhile, she had married a rich middle-aged man who loved her. She was not a massage girl anymore. Now she was the owner of a beauty spa chain. Sometimes, she thought about him.

“Sometimes I wondered if I was wrong when I refused the proposal of the man I love, the man who took my first kiss. I had to go to Singapore to not see you anymore, but I returned as I missed you. You made my teardrops fall in many nights. Thank you for making me know what love is although you did not love me. I wish you always happy”

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