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(Please ignore the prompt that is at the top. Thank you. This will just be an informative letter.)

Hello, again guys!

I have some great news and some bad news. Starting with the good news. I had a great summer break and enjoyed myself very much. There was a point in my summer where it would have been impossible to still do Reedsy and be on vacation. I have my Reedsy account on my school account as it is not blocked by our school district. With that being said, I hope you all had a great summer as well and had just as many adventures as I did. Sorry I didn't post even when I could have. It would have been a much more stressful summer though, and I am glad that I did take the break. Thank you for being understanding.

Today was my first day back to school and I had a lot of fun there as well. The date is Tuesday, September 6th, and I started my first day of 8th grade. Now it is time for the sadder news. At the end of last year, I was told we might not have our laptops to bring back and forth anymore. But I thought that was a rumor and kept going my own way. I made that post in June and I had a merry summer. There was nothing that I regret. But the summer started to wrap up and I was still in the belief that it was still a rumor. I'm also on Student Council for my school, just by the way. We had an orientation for the sixth graders. I found out in that orientation that the rumors were actually true.

Now, if you are a writer in Reedsy, you would know that once you simply reload the page, your work is deleted. If you exit out, deleted. Once you log out of your device, hit the back button, then bam, deleted. And I have to log out and delete all tabs after using the laptop every time I use them. So I can't write Reedsy from this account anymore. And if you might have been thinking, "Well, use a personal computer," I can't do that either as I found out today that you must use a school device to use the school network. Which simply means I can't do that either. If you started thinking that I could write it in a doc, I can't do that either. Why? Because I mainly wrote during homeroom, lunch, and after school. Guess which two classes are guaranteed to not let us use them.

If you guessed homeroom and lunch, you would be correct. And because the classes are each going to have individual laptop carts that I cannot borrow from, I can't write at home either. So no more Reedsy. None. Nada. Zilch. I've thought of every solution, and the only thing that ever worked was me toting this one from class to class to home and to lunch and everywhere in between. That has become an impossibility at this point, and tonight is the last time my laptop will sit in my room on my desk. I didn't want to leave you all suspicious about why I'm quitting, so I had to tell you the last chance I had. I actually thought I didn't have to give it back tomorrow, I thought I would still have it at least until Friday. But that just isn't the case.

In my last period of the day they came out with this announcement and that was that. I thought I would make a series or something big over the next few days, but the only way that would be possible at this point would be if I stayed up all night writing. That would be really unhealthy and bad, considering I would still have school in the morning. I guess maybe someday in the future, maybe next year if I'm still going to school in this school district I might still be able to, but only if their rules are different. I might be attending a different school next year, a private school for girls only. So that may be the case. I mean, it may not be but if I'm going to have a good shot of getting into that school.

The rules might also change if it becomes way too much of a hassle. If it truly isn't working then they will definitely change it and make it so that we have our own individual laptops again. But I think the school is really set on us having charging carts in classrooms with a computer for everybody. Not even the teachers are very happy about it. But they have to do what the administration makes them or else they have to switch jobs or quit. I don't expect a bunch of teachers to quit over something as silly as our computers and the fact they must be in a charging cart and there will be one of these for all of the classrooms. It will be a hassle every time we use them, but I feel like we will get it down enough for it to not be too much of a problem or take up too much time.

So sorry everyone. I'm sure this probably is a disappointment. I loved blogging and writing here. I wrote so many great stories. 118! That's a lot I must say. And it has been a very sudden change. I feel like this was such a good escape and I loved making new worlds and writing new stories. It's not even my choice to quit. I feel like I could stall and do it on a different platform and transfer it to here, but that's honestly just stalling. This was inevitable, I just hoped it wouldn't be so soon. Hope you all liked what I did publish. I hope someday in the future I can write again. Thank you all for reading my stories and following me. I hope you were entertained, I know I was.

Emelia G. Bergstralh.

September 06, 2022 20:30

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