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'I don't know what to do. Both of you are equally important to me. I don't wanna leave a hand to live with another. I need both of you in my life.' ,said Roma weeping behind the locked door.

'Roma, open the door. We will talk about this and sort it out.', said Syed knocking on the door.

'It's all because of you. You are the reason behind all these drama. Leave my house right now.', yelled Ruhaan at Syed.

Syed frowned at Ruhaan and left the house.

As soon as Syed left the house, Ruhaan walked towards Roma's room and knocked the door.

'Roma, I know you are angry at me. Please don't shed your tears for a person who isn't worth it. Let go Syed, Roma. Please open the door.' , said Ruhaan in a caring voice.

He didn't get any response from Roma for 10 minutes.

Again, he walked towards the room and started knocking the door calling Roma's name.

He heard a voice.

'I want to spend some time alone. Please leave me alone.', said Roma.

'Fine.' ,said Ruhaan.

Two hours later,

Ruhaan was reading a book sitting in the living room. He noticed that Roma opened the door.

He ran towards her and enquired, 'Are you okay, Roma?'

'Sit here. I will get you some food from the kitchen.', said Ruhaan and headed towards the kitchen.

After having some food, Roma started to speak.

'Iam confused. I feel helpless. I...',said Roma when Ruhaan interrupted her and said, 'Don't stress yourself. I want you to have your food and sleep now. We shall discuss about this tomorrow.', instructed Ruhaan.

After sometime,

'Forget everything and sleep well. Love you. Good night.', said Ruhaan as he kissed Roma on her forehead.

Roma nodded and both Roma and Ruhaan went to their respective rooms.

The Next day,

Roma stepped out of her room and sat on the couch in the living room.

'Good Morning, Roma.', greeted Ruhaan with a smile.

'Good Morning', said Roma.

Ruhaan handed over a cup of coffee to Roma. Roma sipped the coffee and apologized to Ruhaan.

'Why are you apologizing? You didn't commit any mistake.', told Ruhaan.

'No, I want to confess something to you.', said Roma in a nervous voice.

'I know what you want to confess. About that Syed, right?' ,asked Ruhaan.

'Yes. Listen carefully. I can neither leave him nor you to live happily. I want both you and Syed in my life. Please try to understand.' ,said Roma in a sad voice.

'What is this, Roma? I have told you he is not a good guy. He was my classmate in college.', yelled Ruhaan.

'It's an misunderstanding. Syed is good guy, Ruhaan.', said Roma.

'Whatever. I....', Door bell rang as Ruhaan was talking to Roma.

Ruhaan opened the door and saw Syed standing there with a bouquet of flowers.

Ruhaan furiously entered the living room and sat next to Roma.

Roma was happy to see Syed.

'How are you now, Roma?', enquired Syed handing over the bouquet of flowers to her.

'Iam good. Sit na', said Roma.

Syed sat infront of Roma gazing at her.

'So, What have you decided?' ,asked Syed in a doubtful voice.

'I want you as well as Ruhaan in my life.', said Roma confidently.

'That's Impossible, Roma.', said Syed.

'Yes, That's Impossible.', said Ruhaan.

'You have to choose either me or him. I don't know what made you like this person, Roma?' ,asked Ruhaan.

'How did you live under the same roof with his guy for these many years, Roma?' , asked Syed.

'Stop it, guys.' ,screamed Roma.

After few minutes of silence,

'Let's break this silence, Roma.', said Syed.

'No matter, How many times you ask. My answer would be you both. That's it.', said Roma.

'But, Why ?', asked Syed.

'After my parents passed away, Ruhaan being my brother was the one who took care of me. He is my Mom, Dad and everything in my life. You came into my life two years ago. You are my first love, Syed.', said Roma as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Ruhaan was crying silently sitting next too Roma.

'First, Let's sort out the misunderstanding between you and Ruhaan.' , said Roma.

'I didn't misunderstood anyone. I am your brother. I want you to be happy. With this Syed, you won't be able to live happily.', said Ruhaan frowning at Syed.

'Brother, please. Let me speak.' ,said Roma in a pleasing voice.

'I want you both to know a truth. Syed you didn't want Ruhaan to marry a girl,Riddhi. You knew she wasn't the right girl for my brother. When Ruhaan didn't listen to your words, you started ignoring him. You know what, Ruhaan broke up with Riddhi when things weren't right between them.', explained Roma.

'And, Ruhaan. Do you remember when you had an bike accident and you called Syed for help. But, he didn't turn up. It's because Syed's sister was admitted in a hospital for a surgery. He was tensed about the surgery and was taking care of his sister. That was the reason why Syed didn't came to visit you on that day. And, you thought only because you never listened to his words about Riddhi, he wantedly didn't visit you on that day.' ,said Roma.

Syed and Ruhaan gazed at each other. They were shocked to know the truth.

'How did you know about these problems?' ,asked Ruhaan.

'I met your friend Pavan, yesterday. He told me about the misunderstanding between you and Syed. I also asked him why he didn't reveal this truth to you. He said that whenever he used to talk about Syed, you used to get offended. That was the reason why he didn't revealed the truth to you, Ruhaan.', explained Roma.

Ruhaan and Syed hugged and apologized to each other.

'Now, Will I be able to live my life happily with you both?', asked Roma hopingly.

'Of course.', said Ruhaan and Syed.

Roma hugged both Ruhaan and Syed. The story ends with Ruhaan and Syed kissing Roma on her head.

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