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Content warning: adult content

         It was usually a social norm in the years of nineteen sixties when a girl with B.A. and B.Ed. was very much Preferred than other ordinary girls less educated.  Even if a boy was just Higher Secondary the parents preferred a girl who was working as a school teacher.. The boys had an upper hand in the society simply because the boys are males. Males were more important and would also get gold worth good value in terms of money. Ms Sarla Bajaj’s son was exactly twenty-five, a Higher Secondary passed and dealing in Motor parts at Kashmire Gate.

                                   Surendra was fully handsome boy and any

Girl could fall in love with him. But her mother had a dynamic force in the house and Mr. Rajesh Bajaj too could not reject any

Of the girls that she selected for her son. Komal the daughter of

Her friend Shiela who was a B.ed. and teacher in Multan Higher

Secondary happened to be her choice. She asked her friend and

Her husband as well and he agreed. None ever raised any objection.

“Do you have any special demand, dear husband?”

“No special demand dear Sarla. Whatever Sheila has to do, it can be only in the interest of the young married boy and the girl! “

“Of course I will see to it. But Komal must come into my house and help Surbhi to prepare for her B.A. final examination till April. “

“ How can she help her? She would go away with Surendra for a

Honey-moon. Have you thought of this issue?”

“ Yes of course both of them would not go till Komal has faced and finished with the examination work.”

“ This seems to be an unfair treatment to my son Surendra and also Komal our would –be daughter-in-law.” He went on shaking and fuming his nose in utter disgust.  He murmured

to himself. “Always been dominating, me too!”

“ Did you say something Raje ?”

“ No nothing the matter. I am tired . Should I go to sleep Sarla?”

Soon the next day everything important was intimated to Sheila. She informed her that she would not be quite liberal in

All dealings. Sarla you are my friend and the question arises how I can do anything against the interests of my own children.

Sarla seemed to be pacified but as soon as Sheila was on the point of leaving, she called Sheila and said: Look here Sheila

There are all the possibilities of moments of hard days. Hope

You shall agree. You would give the couple one kilogram of fourteen carats of gold.”

‘” I will try my best , Sarla as much as possible.

          Sarla welcomed the new bride along with her son at the

Entrance door but they weren’t allowed several days to stay alone by themselves. Komal had to do the domestic duties and

Also help Kanta, Surinder’s sister for her B.A. studies. The master lady of the house clearly told her: “ Look here daughter

In-law you and Surinder are not to go for any honey-moon till

Kanta’s examinations are not over. Is it clear to you?” “Yes mummy it’s just fine for us. To obey your commandments is our solemn duty and pleasure too. I will help Kanta in her studies.”

“ But mummyjee let brother Surinder and Komal Bhabi go. I can

Manage my studies on my own”

“Would you stop yourself from poking your nose? Get lost in your study-room. “

………..  ……….. .      ………………                 …………………..  ………

                    Komal’s marriage had been done keeping into view

Her vacation at the school and Surinder could shut down the shutters of his motor parts shop at any time. He began to call on land- line several hotels of Simla and Manali to book a nice

Suite for both of them. He had to go for honey-moon in

Mid April but it was a better part of wisdom to always book certain requirements in anticipation.

                                               Most of the hotels were already booked by foreign tourists from U.K., U.S.A. and other Western

Countries. He was not accepted and the proprietors of several

Posh five stars hotels refused a suite fearing their foreign clients would not like the Indians staying along there. After tremendous efforts of phone clicking for several days he received one suite in Hotel Sunrise, which was a three star hotel. At last he could heave a sigh of relief.

                                                                   Rajesh Bajaj felt quite concerned for his daughter-in-law as she brought his morning tea in the court yard garden. “ Komal bête are you comfortable

Here with us “ “ Yes of course Babu jee. I am quite fine by your grace.”

……………….. ……………………… ………………..  ………….        ……………

 Komal began teaching Surbhi every afternoon from fifteen- thirty p.m. to seventeen-thirty p.m. She had to wake her up if she had gone to afternoon nap. At times half an hour would be

Lost. Surbhi was one day not in a mood of being taught. She began to speak to Komal : “ Bhabhi ( Indian way of addressing

The wife of a brother) this is not fair on the part of mummy jee

Not to allow you and elder brother to go for your honey-moon!

How do you feel about it?”

                                           “ Not at all. Mummy is right from her point of view. She wants me to understand the sacrosanct duties of a daughter-in-law and also get my feelings in tune with all the members of the family.”

……………………                   ………………..    …………………… ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But whenever she went into her bedroom and lay on the bed she felt something hitting her heart. They were all so good and

Surely considered herself quite lucky. It gave her an itch. She became so nicely adjusted with all but her husband remained an enigma. He was there on the bed yet he was not there. He would speak in dreams:” Oh my darling Komal and he would fold his arms in herself in a way that caused an illusion of kissing her red ripe lips. She would then herself go near him and caught his hands with the softest touch. His eyes would open and the moment he saw Komal he touched her cheeks and shortly after kissed her lips and every part of their bodies became hot with passion rushing like ripe mangoes. His pistol

Became red hot eager to shot in the dark hole.

……………………………… ……………………….. …………………………… ……….

                    The months of February, March and mid-April just

Fled like a running deer in a jungle. Atlast the time of their having a lovely honey-moon came like air passengers waiting for the plan to arrive. Komal had patiently been doing her duties to her mummy to the best of her capacities. Sheila the friend of Sarla Bajaj had almost withdrawn herself  from her life as her nice friend and had began wearing the apron of relationship that forbids girls’ parents to drink not even a glass of water.

                                   Kanta and Davinder were very happy to know that their brother and Bhabhi were shortly going to fly by

Air for their joyful honey-moon. They were not like siblings

Who cannot understand the feelings of their bhabhi!. Would anyone not feel unhappy if they get no time to be together? Both the brother and sister could measure the pulses of their sister- in- law.

…………………                    …………………. ……………           ……………

                                 Finally that day of their great honey-moon at last arrived. The Bajaj family couple arrived at their booked suite in Hotel Sunrise. Ola alighted at the hotel and in shortest time the room attendant came to carry their two suitcases. But ,the moment they met the Receptionist, Mrs.Kamleshwer Mirchandani they had a news that seemed to shock their core of existence. She welcomed the couple with a broad smile but also expressed her regrets to the inability of the hotel to give them an independent hotel suite.

“ We are very sorry Mr. and Mrs. Bajaj ,we could not manage to reserve an independent suite for you both. We had to lodge

Commander Kishensingh in the suit that was booked for you. We had been simply cornered in a hole. How could we disobey?

An order from the Indian Military Force. ? “

“ But we have come for our honeymoon and under the circumstances…….

“ No Mr. Bajaj I will find out some way. I will give a ring to the Commander to come in the Bar and offer him free dish of mutton and chicken chops along with Black Cobra and Blue Mermaid at our cost. He will just love drinks and chops free. Besides he is very interested to have drinks with girls to go along. This too can be done. We will send the bill to the accounts department of Military forces. We will keep him indulged in the Bar as long as possible. “

       The couple heaved a long sigh of relief. The attendants came to serve them with their dinner and drinks. Komal wanted

Only Thrums-Up and refused to have any drinks. She was deeply imbedded with our cultural ideology.

                           Shortly after the Commander received a call from Mrs Mirchandani.who asked him to come in the Bar room.

He came happily and had his booze only to receive a telegram

From Major  to rush at the Head quarters at the shortest possible time. He immediately rushed to the office of the Major

General on the border of Pakistan. He had to fly to an unknown

Destination to face the enemy on the Pakistan side. The military clashes between the Indian Army and Pakistan forces only resulted in the death of Commander Kishen Singh ji.

                                              Surinder and Kamal Bajaj had a lovely

And wonderful honey-moon and none was there to disturb them. They had starved full two months before getting a favourable situation.

                                    How many hurdles had crept in their lives. But Sarla Bajaj was also quite wise and judicious and her daughter Kanta had been a mere excuse. Her real mission was to discourage selfish attitude of newly married people. There is also a need of collective family responsibility. In the future years she could visualize it’s extinction.  

                   Next morning the couple came to know that the unknown stranger who was their fellow companion in Hotel Sunrise had to fly in the direction of Pakistan Border had become a martyr for the protection of our country.

                               They felt it as a personal loss and thought that he had to vacate the suite only to lose his life. A shaft of sadness cloud enter red their otherwise merry mood.






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Victor Flute
19:30 Mar 16, 2021

Interresting but not my kind of story - not into relationship stories (or love stories)


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