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Once there was this small company with a very limited amount of employees working there. It had a boss, as it is with most companies, and it had a small number of staff who assisted him and were accountable only to him.

It was always a cheerful little place; the pristine office had two floors and was located in the plush part of the city. The company normally always reached its targets and always exhibited a high degree of professionalism. The work environment was great too.

If there was anything about this particular company that was commendable, it was it's excellence! The standards of professionalism of the company were indeed up to the mark as well, and that this particular company was doing well was just another of the great things about it.

However people in this company, mostly being women loved to gossip! This time, the gossip was about one of the security guards. Apparently the office rumour mill had it, that security guard was being replaced by someone who used to be a model.

The news spread like wild fire- All the women in the office were going crazy! They couldn't stop talking about it. They were genuinely excited! They started to gossip very fervently and the truth started to get a little contorted. By then the rumours also had it, that the young man had also auditioned for a role in a movie in Hollywood.

There were a few more rumours as time passed by. One of the rumours was that to-be-security-guard was once drafted in the army, and yet another was that he was a bit of a flirt. The young women in the office continued to discuss this topic for a really long time.

They were all excited and even the boss got wind of some of the stories the women were telling each other. When he heard the news, he laughed to himself, but he really wondered if the security guard would do his job?

He decided to scare everyone in the office by telling them that this guy wasn't going to be hired, not because he was good looking, but because it was obvious he was going to be a bit of a distraction. There was a huge project coming up and the gossip needed to be squelched at least for a little while.

The women were a little sad about it, but it wore off and didnt last too long. Soon every thing returned to normal and the company managed to reach its deadlines as well.

The boss decided to tell the women in the office that the security guard would be duly appointed as scheduled and that he only fabricated a white lie so that they wouldn't be distracted and everything would go according to plan.

He could see that the gossip was distracting them and he thought that squashing the rumours for a little while atl east was a really good idea! Now that the project was successfully completed, he decided to tell the truth, that he really was only fibbing.

The day, the security guard got appointed, the news of the event spread like wildfire. Apparently the security guard would start his shift at 5 p.m. that day, the exact time when most of the women at the office would end their shift and start going home. The women waited with baited breath, they couldn't wait to see the cute guy who was going going to greet them every morning.

Soon it was 5 p.m ! A few of the women from the office namely Kylie, Eileen and Norah waited in a line behind the main door waiting for the new security guard to arrive. Weren't they in for a surprise?

Suddenly a tall, statuesque, young man in black leather arrived in front of the main entrance. He got off his huge bike and took off his helmet. Wasn't he quite the looker! 'This couldn't be the security guard', the girls assumed. When he came to the door where the girls were hiding, his cream complexion and blue eyes looked even better up close.

'Hi, I'm Dave, the guy whose supposed to work as a security guard here?' he told the receptionist as he walked in. The girls were so impressed! Not only did he look like a model, he spoke like a model too! They fretted and fawned over him! They truly thought there was never EVER a better looking security guard!

They all rushed over to talk to him. He was clearly enjoying the attention! 'Its what I do' he said, when they asked him, how come such a cute guy worked as a security guard in the first place, he was full of things to say. He clearly wasn't the quiet sort. He also apparently did audition for movie in Hollywood.

The boss was happy about everything he observed about the company. Dave, the security guard was really good at his job and was a great security guard! The only thing that Dave did badly was - well, he did nothing badly! He did get along really well with the female employees in the company.

The boss never lied to his employees about anything before, This was the first time, that he ever told them what seemed to be a bit of a white lie. It seemed to be in keeping with every thing the company stood for - like achieving the company's goals for example. If he didn't do this one thing, probably the project would have gotten delayed. It seemed harmless to do it, but it was indeed a good manouevre considering everything.

That was indeed a happy ending to the story. It was a lie that saved the day. The boss, the employees and the security guard did their best towards promoting the company's best interests, and had a lot of good moments as well. They all worked, they all gossipped, just like before, and the security guard loved to also join them in the fun.

August 15, 2021 00:57

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Akshara .
18:59 Aug 18, 2021

This was an interesting story, indeed. I also find your writing style unique! 🙂


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