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Funny Historical Fiction Fiction


Charlie Warner Kenney “Charlie” O’Brien, the world-famous PI (Private Eye), was hot on a mission. It was a life and death mission, as far as he was concerned, anyway. He was in search of the where abouts of the ‘Hershey Chocolates.’

It is one of the most delicious and taste tantalizing sweets, that can be found anywhere on this crazy old planet, with the exception of ‘Swiss Chocolates,’ made at various Candy Factories located in Switzerland.

 Most Chocolate lovers, would agree that you cannot beat Swiss candies, and Charlie would agree, albeit, just in part. He got his sweet tooth from his beloved Mama, Vivian, she loved chocolates even more than he did, if that were possible, of course.

Our favorite Private Investigator, Charlie traverses the Globe looking for the Bad guys, and while his is traveling ‘to and fro,’ on his cases, he always takes some time ‘off the clock,’ to sample those local countries, ‘sweets for sweets.’

For you see, Charlie, is what is called: a Chocolate Connoisseur, a chocolate expert, a chocolate taster, a chocolate addict, in a good sense, and of course, an adamant chocolate lover, indeed. When he sampled the chocolates from other foreign countries, he also bought some extra ones to bring home to his mama.

           Well, Charlie, heard a rumor, ‘Through the Grapevine,’ (do you recall the late, great, Mr. Marvin Gay?), that there was a whole city made of chocolate, as well as all kinds of other quite tasty little treats.

           This, perhaps fantasy chocolate city, was said to be located somewhere in the great state of Pennsylvania, in our own Ole US of A. Charlie lives in Hollywood, in the land of glitz and glamour.

           Also called, “The city of Angels,” and/or, the so called ‘La, La Land.’

           Charlie mounted his trusty white mare, or some might say, his brand spanking new BMW i860, and she was fast, she was hot, she was very pretty, and she also had lots, and lots of good ‘mojo’ working for her.

She set Charlie back $110,000.00, but he said that she was worth every penny. She could beat a new Italian Stallion Ferrari (Red, of course) in a foot race without ever breaking a sweat, and also, she could run circles around most race Porsche’s and Audi’s. He loved he really did.

           Her name was ‘Black Beauty’ and Charlie just loved his Ultimate Driving Machine to death. She had a V-12 engine, which was Twin-Turbo charged, with fuel injection, and all the ‘bells and whistles’ that any man and/or woman, could ever wish for.

           Charlie got into Black beauty, jumped on the San Bernardino, (10) Freeway and headed west out of L.A. (Los Angeles, California). He was going slow, real slow, and Beauty hated it, she hated it with a passion. She was ‘Born to be Wild,’ not be a slow poke, like some old worn-out mare.

           He then, finally, seemed like it took forever, headed north on the 15 Freeway and then onto the very famous ‘Route 66’ headed for Francis ‘Frank’ Sinatra’s, “Chicago, Chicago you’re my kind of town.”

           Beauty kicked up ‘her heals,’ and let ‘her horses run wild,’ when she finally got some open-road to play on. Charlie looked down at his speedometer and he was going 120 miles per hour, and she was not even staring to breath heavy.

Tach was 8,000 R.P. M.’s., and she had already long surpassed 7,000 Red Line, a long time ago. Lord have mercy, then Charlie started to sing one of his favorite new songs, “Babies got her blue-jeans on.”

Hold on to your Hats folks, ‘she is deep down and trucking,’ just like Jerry Reed and Burt Reynolds in the great and very funny ‘Convoy’ movies, back in the day.  

Then all of a sudden, the twin-turbos kicked in, black beauty screamed, and lurched full force ahead, and put Charlie way, way back into his racing style driver seat, and beauty was doing 150 miles per hour, O.M.G.!

           Charlie then heard a car horn beep, and when he looked to his right, he saw a brand-new Corvette (with plates that read, CMIYC meaning, “Catch Me If You Can”) Z-08 Gold in color, and it looked like it was real gold paint. The driver, a lovely very lovely, young show girl, judging by her outfit.

           She motioned for Charlie to roll down his window, and he head her say, “Go Chevy V-8, or go Home.” And then she hastily added, “Want to race big guy?” Charlie not being easily intimidated, by anyone, or anything, or any make of auto, replied, “Yes, young lady, I do, and would you like to race for pink slips?”

           She blinked her real long fake eye lashes, she had real long and pretty locks, blonde, of course, with big oval stary blue eyes, and stared at Charlie for a few seconds, she was thinking his offer over.

Then she responded to him saying, “I would love to handsome, however, this ride belongs to the casino owner, and he is connected if you know what I mean? So, I do not have a pink slip, well I do, actually, however, it is in my suitcase.”

           She smiled, sweety, and very seductively, and said, “Maybe, I will see you in Vegas at the Golden Horse Shoe Casino?” And with that, she smiled again, blinked her big black lashes, just in case I missed them the first time, and then she punched her Vette, and went sailing off ‘into the Sunset,’ doing about 180 m.p.g.’s.

Charlie thought that he heard a noise, Beauty seemed to be saying, “Charlie old man, she is half you age, and also she has a boyfriend who is a made member of the Mafia. Do you want to arrive in the ‘Land’ of Hershey Chocolate Company all in one piece, or in several little neatly diced up pieces?”

           Charlie shook his head, and said to himself, “Cars can’t talk, you dummy, or can they?” Maybe when he got back to La, La Land, he should have his hearing checked, and maybe, his brain as well, while he is at it.

Within about 10 hours, more or less, Charlie, and his faithful and very trusted mayor, were close to the Pennsylvania state border. He told Beauty so slow her horses down, just a little.

           It was a good thing that she did, because just after he pulled up on her reigns, five (5) PHP (Pennsylvania Highway Patrol black and white cruisers, jumped on the highway right on beauties lovely tail.

           They all went around him, real fast, and gave him a four-finger salute, and yelled, “Get you next time, buddy, we love to write tickets on California plated vehicles.”

Charlie smelled something ‘in the air tonight,’ what was it he pondered, and then he kept sniffing, and also, he pondered some more. Oh, he finally said to himself, it is the ‘sweet smell of success,’ that is to say, Chocolate, hooray!

           At that same point in time, he spotted a Big, sign off to the side of the very busy highway, by the way he was only going 80 m.p.h. by now, and it said, “Hershey, Pennsylvania.”

           Wow, Charlie said, out loud this time, but only Beauty could hear him, and she whinnied in agreement, there is a whole City made out of Chocolates (and sweets).

Charlie tuned-off his turbos, and coasted down to about 65 m.p.h. and that was the speed limit on that little road, apply named, “Hershey Chocolate Highway.” How cool was that, he said to Beauty.

           ‘Every breath he took,’ just got sweeter and sweeter the closer he got to the center of town. By the way this was not just a little factory enclave. It was a gigantic, and very lovely landscaped, city.

           It had a Hershey Chocolate ‘Medical Center,’ a Hershey Chocolate ‘Public Library and computer center,’ it had a quite lovely ‘Community Center,’ and a ‘Motion Picture Theater,’ and it also had all of the stores and shops, you could even imagine. Plus, it had a very large ‘Wal-Mart,’ naturally!

Charlie stopped at the park in the center of town, and took a little breather after the long but speedy ‘road trip’ for Los Angeles, California. There was some history on plaques around the park.

One said, that Mr. Milton S. Hershey, founded his ‘Hershey Chocolate Company’ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1873. Then in 1903, he purchased the lovely little town of, ‘Derry Church,’ where he had grown up, and changed its name to ‘Hershey, Pennsylvania.’

Hershey also founded one of the first public schools in the country, as well as a very large Orphanage, for poor and parentless, and all alone, young boys. Also, he was one of first very Philanthropy minded rich people in America.

Yes, my dear readers, good ole Charlie, the Private Eye, found exactly what he was Searching for, and that was; A Specific Brand of Chocolate, and that being, the marvelous “Hershey Chocolate Company.”

The end.

February 13, 2022 18:15

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