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Christian Contemporary Creative Nonfiction

John Chapter 1:Verse 5

21st Century King James Version


Ecclesiastes Chapter 1:Verse 9

21st Century King James Version


Eons come and go. Cycles rotate. There is nothing new under the sun. The planetary combinations can only line up in a finite number of ways. Though that number may be exponential on a calculator, it is nothing out of hand when it comes to the great eye of God.

A Buddha sits alone on the mountaintop, contemplating Maya and the realness of what most term reality. Realizations appear before his face with the substance of a mirage. These images, these knowings, these intuitions are more in tune with real reality than that which we can touch or see. Yet only a few are interested. Less wish to follow the path. A minute portion of the less of the few is able to grasp the concept.

A Jesus appears. The young adult years are missing from his life. What we are left with are scriptures used for the purpose of mind control. This stops the seeker from delving too deep. For when faced with the inner light of wisdom, truth, and purity of spirit, sunglasses are not available to dim the shine from the glow.

Mathew Chapter 22:Verse 14

21st Century King James Version


Though he had disciples, those whom he called, who was it that he chose to impart wisdom to. Whom is able, through natural abilities to ponder the more intense wisdom of the most simple of scripture.

Many Catholic saints have appeared with regularity for different purposes. Some appear in our world to live exemplary lives, like Mother Teresa, serving communities that need it the most. Others arrive to change the historical course of great nations like Joan de Arc of France.

Does one have to be religious, or follow a particular path? Many Holy scriptures from many walks share the same wisdom. Again, there is nothing new under the sun.

Are these gurus, these spiritual masters, these Christs, these saint's the same person? Are they from the same soul tribe and share the roots of the same monad?

Every time these bright, spiritual lights from a place we can not possibly comprehend, they are surrounded with darkness. What is darkness? It is the fertile soil where ignorance makes itself felt in the form of pride (humility can be considered pride if one overdoes it), greed, lust (physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, for power in any way, shape, or form), envy (or trying to induce envy in another), gluttony (addictions), wrath (anger), sloth (including spiritual laziness). That is darkness.

Whenever a light descends to this planet, to demonstrate the way to salvation and eternal life (which is peace), it descends into darkness when the cycle of darkness is at its midnight. Darkness never responds well to the light. The inkier black the midnight, the more powerful the light needs to be.

Darkness will always fight light. Ever noticed the wavering shadows on the edge of a campfire? Have you observed how even with a powerful battery, a flashlight can only dispel so much of the dark? Spiritual physics is much like physical physics.

Metaphors abound, cavorting and leaping through my vocabulary as I try to create something worth reading on this week's prompt.

From dark to light. It is a phrase we hear often. What does it mean?

On the mind control, programming level, for those innocent victims of the US mind control program, MK Ultra they appropriated from the Nazis, it is a code for people whom they have decided to use for sex, against the victims will, to allow themselves to be used by all and sundry for sex. The dark has to do with the word Monarch. The program is called the Monarch Butterfly. Light, of course, has to do with the Red Light district.

To me, however, it means something else. It means the light of consciousness. The dark is unconsciousness. It is the programming, the sleep, of the masses. Yes. Everybody is programmed in more ways than one, but most are unaware. The few who are aware, the majority of them would rather play along with the Elite and not rock the boat, for they fear the spiritual ocean. I need not worry. I was tossed out of the boat and have adapted well to my environment. Swimming beneath the boat and shifting it to and fro is not a worry. I have faced the great unknown and survived. I know that it is possible.

What happens when one who was brainwashed in the project Monarch program as a child, becomes conscious, becomes aware of the programming? What happens when the programming, the brainwashing they did to that person as a child, fails to stop them from becoming conscious?

Most are programmed to commit crimes, go crazy, or off themselves. It works with most of them.

It does not work with all of them. Is that a product of the birth chart, or is something more divine at play? What if the next true light of the world was spotted at birth by the global elite and they did their utmost to destroy it? Could they destroy the light of consciousness? Would there be cosmic, karmic, energetic consequences upon the heads of the cluprits?

We must not forget what we are. We are not simply creatures to be brainwashed and programmed, whether mass or individually. We are creatures of the cosmos, with a living energy field that is influenced by the movement of the planets through interplanetary and interstellar magnetism working on our own, personal magnetic imprint, which is the signature the cosmos laid on us the first moment we were free of the larger magnetic field that was protecting us at the time of our birth: Our mother's.

The brainwashed person wakes up. In the darkness of their psyche, they seek the light, knowing, that much like the seed, they need consciousness to be able to evolve past their current paradigm so that they can reap the full benefits of being a true individual.

The darkness in their environment, that manifests itself through other people becomes a threat to the innocent, beautiful light of the true conscious person. There are a lot of fakes on the payroll of the darkness who claim to be this or that.

Watch what they say. Is it a catchphrase? Are all of a sudden people saying it everywhere? That is the fake, propped by the global elite, with other people on the payroll pushing the agenda to make it seem legit.

The person embodying the true light of consciousness is, more often than not, the shunned, isolated, and persecuted hermit. Darkness hates light because it has nowhere to remain when the light is at its strongest.

The conscious person knows, through intuition or personal experience, that this life is not all there is. Yes, we have a consciousness, or at least the potential of (when it comes to darkness), that adheres itself to our particular magnetic field. This is where re-incarnation comes from. I have spent much thought in it, but not yet worked out whether it is DNA-related, or something else. In my past lives, I have been an Egyptian and an Australian Aboriginal though my heritage is most certainly not Native Australian.

Do these bright, conscious souls reincarnate in the place where the population is darkest and in most obvious need of a strong light? We only place light globes where we need to see what we are doing. Lights are in houses, and for traveling we have flashlights, headlights, spotlights, and other portable kinds of illumination. Is this the same premise with these super amazing souls that show up on our planet when the time is at its darkest?

I will say that I have come across many false lights. They are these 'spiritual' types who use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to keep the darkness from illumination. There is much scripture and wisdom that they can assimilate. It is easy for actors to act with a set script.

James Chapter 2:Verse 19

21st Century King James Version


To become conscious, it is necessary to observe and remain detached. In a world where NLP is rife, it is a challenge to remain detached from the multitude of thoughts, people, places, and things that beg for our attachment. This is not chance. This is the well-orchestrated web of the matrix set up and kept functioning by the global elite with the assistance of all their chattel. The darkness fears the light.

The Illuminati are not illuminated. They have picked this name because they are a false light, but because they wish to remain in power, they need to project themselves to have authority to the rest of the world, ensuring their chattel never questions.

2 Corinthian Chapter 7:Verse 14


The fruits of the spiritual leadership of the global elite are evident in the state of the world. There is hunger, poverty, oppression, war, violence, theft, promiscuity. Is this the hallmark of true consciousness? Would not a truly illuminated person, or group leading the world be stamping this out?

They have the power, the money to make it happen. They are in a position to bring about global unity, mercy, and equality. Instead, they orchestrate global division, oppression, and inequality.

I am not their chattel. Therefore, I have the mental freedom to question. No one has me on any payroll, so I have the freedom to speak what I will. I fear not the consequences because the light destroys darkness. It matters not how much the darkness tries to choke the light. What matters is the source of a person's light and their connection to it. The stronger the spirit, the more powerful the connection.

My personal choice of scripture I follow is the Bible, as I was raised in a contemporary Western environment mixing up Catholicism, Baptist, Mormonism, and Christianity. This does not mean that I discount or look down upon other religions, scriptures, and prophets. To act with such ignorance and prejudice would place me in the spiritual dark ages which seems to have the majority of this planet in its grip.

I do not use scripture because I am Bible-bashing or trying to manipulate one's emotions. I use these scriptures because they hold very relevant truths to our current day and age.

I invite the reader to weigh what I have said and measure my words not only against the scripture I have provided, but scripture of your own from whatever Holy source it may be from. Where I fall short and darkness may seep in, tell me, so I can bring it into the light of my consciousness. I am here to evolve, spiritually. After all, is that not the true purpose of life? Is not the reason we are born, and our souls harnessed to flesh, to evolve the soul, to have spiritual lessons? We can not learn in the realm of eternity, as time does not pass. Growth does not happen in the stasis of death.

That being said, we do not sleep during death either. There are states of consciousness once the body has passed that equate with the realm of heaven and hell. I would rather burn in this lifetime earning eternal peace for the conscious aspect of my soul than have an easy life and have a tortured consciousness for an eternity.

Ever wondered why people are so evil? Programming is part of it. What has been done to their consciousness in the afterlife as the reaping of the karmic rewards they have sown in the current life is what corrupts them. It is why we come back, those who are not enlightened, that is. It is to learn, to make the conscious decision to act in a different way and thus earn your right to peace.

Mass programming, however, keeps people stuck, repeating the same patterns. They make the same mistakes lifetime after lifetime because it is encoded in their energy field. The elite knows what they are doing to harness and harvest the spiritual energy of a population to get maximum benefits from the majority, keeping themselves propped up.

Not all souls are forced to come back. The true lights like Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, the Catholic saints, the Buddhist bodhisattvas, and other sundry lights, are in a state of such grace that it is their choice to appear at certain times on this planet as lights when we are in need of it most. They have the hardest lessons to learn, for it is only through learning life's lessons, amassing personal experience amongst trials and tribulations, that they can impart the authentic wisdom and light that this dark world of ours needs.

When will the next light show up? When will someone real appear to lead us from this miasma? What will happen to the elite?

As they have sowed, they shall reap. The light will appear and herald the downfall of their infrastructure. Will it be temporary this time, like in times past? Or will their destruction take on a more permanent aspect and those perpetrating the evil be locked into death for eternity, no longer able to be reborn to work off their karmic debt? The elite never seems to take the opportunity to balance their cosmic scales, instead they grasp for more power and commit more evil, using others to pay their debt, rather than facing up to those deeds that they have perpetrated.

I am at a loss on how to finish this treatise of the elite lies. I could write a book, using scripture, along with personal experience and observation, on this subject. This was merely a response to this week's prompt and has instead uncovered a passion within myself that I have allowed myself to expose to the masses.

I don't fear reprisals from the elite. I fear for the quality of my soul if I do not share my personal discoveries. Who knows who may stumble across this in a time of their need, and give a stranger the 'Aha!' moment they need to find the light switch of consciousness in the darkness of their mind.

Thank you for reading this. More importantly, thank you for taking the time to consider my words after you have read this, whether you agree with me or not.

March 19, 2022 06:43

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Brian Merrill
19:04 Mar 31, 2022

Jeremiah 33:3-4. Searching comes before knowing. Keep searching and find. The world needs searchers more than sellers.


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