The unlucky match

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Life for a matchmaker isn’t easy. Your job is to make everybody else happy and not yourself. You find yourself with that internal loneliness at the end of the day when everybody goes home to a loved one. The satisfaction of making somebody else happy but the little bit of jealousy that comes from within. 

One day I was bored at the office reading a graphic novel when this gorgeous woman comes walking in. She walked down, and it was literally as if she was floating while she was walking. This beauty is Five-foot six and had a  body like an hourglass wearing a tight mini skirt with a black tank top Hailey had long beautiful blonde hair brighter than the sun that blissfully glazed her waist. I knew immediately when I saw her, and I would not want to give her up. When she arrives in my office, she greets me with a smile and introduces herself as Hailey. When Hailey speaks, she sounds like an angel. Well, at least what I think an angel looks like since I genuinely never met one. She sits and says I am tired of being alone and I heard great things about Indigo’s matchmaking services will you please help me. I’ll pay any amount I want to find my true love.

My heart is racing and praying she will walk away because I have never felt true love at first sight until I met her. I insist to Hailey to sit down, and I will do everything I can to help her find her true passion, which should be me, of course. It hurts me that one of Indigo’s matchmaking services most significant rules is no hitting on client’s. I  can’t afford to lose this job when I am all alone in this world. This is all I have to look forward to every day my stupid job. All my family had passed away in a fire back when I was in the Philippines. I was the only one to make it out alive I usually block out love and affection expect when I saw Hailey.

When Hailey sits her beautiful self down, I have her fill out the usual client questionnaire. As I hand over the clipboard and pen are hands blissfully touch, and I feel a spark. When I think the spark my heart sinks, and I look into her beautiful green eyes, and we make eye contact for a few moments and those few moments feel like a lifetime, and when she looks away, I crave more of that intense feeling I just had. 

As she is filling out the questionnaire, I admire her beauty. I notice she bites her lip when she's confused she shakes her leg rapidly when she is nervous, and she has a cute little lisp when she speaks. When she looks up hands over the pen and clipboard, I tell her I will be in contact shortly. When she gets up, she shakes my hand and thanked me, and I watch her beautiful hips sway when she strides out the door. I think to myself, how can I let the love of my life be with anybody else. 

I hesitated as I input her in the matching making system. I figure she desires for a healthy male somebody that can take care of her and give her babies not a scrawny woman like me. So with pain in my heart, I find Hailey a match and his name is Steve. Steve seems like a nice guy, but nobody could ever be good enough for this goddess who walked through my door this morning.

I wait on informing them about the match I just made because it will break my heart entirely knowing the woman of my dreams will be on a date with somebody else who isn’t me. As I go to my daily after work cycling class Hailey is all I can think about. As I am sweating, I am wishing the heat I am currently building out was from making out with Hailey my dream girl not riding a stationary bike. 

As I go home to empty New York apartment, I imagine Hailey in the kitchen with me making our Vegan dinner as we give our dog little bites of our food. This picture is so bright I have to make this happen. After I do my daily after-work routine alone, I attempt to fall asleep, but I can't stop thinking about Hailey. I usually don't do this with my client base, but this is a particular case, but I start to internet stalk her. I find out everything about her she political party status liberal Thank God, her job as a nurse at a retirement home, and the special prize her address. It's around three am, and I can't sleep so I decided to go on a walk to Hailey's house. I start to snoop around, and I stepped on a branch. It was so loud somebody yelled out the window you better get off my yard before I shoot you dead. I ran as fast as I could out of there. I feel the adrenaline through my veins, and my anxiety started to rise, so I smoke a quick joint to go into my dreamland, and hopefully, I will see Hailey there. I wake up the next day drowsy and rush into work. The first task of the day is to call Hailey and Scott and arrange their first date. This hurts me so unbelievably bad. I pick up the phone, and it's hard for me to speak, but I inform them of their match both parties sound excited and a pain shoots through my heart. 

A few months later I am sitting in my office not a day has gone by when I haven't thought about Hailey. As I am sitting in my office in my thoughts, the phone is ringing, I answer, and it's my beautiful Hailey. Hailey thanks me for my services and proceeds to tell me that she and Scott are moving in together my heart drops there goes my chance while holding my breath and I congratulate them on finding each other. As I hang up the phone, I am enraged I question myself why did I even set this up this should be me. 

Days go by, and I am angered with myself, and  I am still in love with Hailey. I Angrily open my computer and search until I find the correct address. WOOOO I scream at the top of my lungs, and I grab my grandfathers ax because it's the first weapon I see.  I storm to the house with anger. There is also an ex in my hand. With the pain in my heart and the throbbing in my heart, I slice Scott into pieces. Following his dismantling, I repeat the same thing with Hailey. Before I kill her, I make sure to kiss her on the forehead to show my dying love for her. I apologize due to the sheer fact that this whole thing was out of respect because if I can't love her, nobody can.

After I admire the dead bodies in front of me, I grab Scotts Glock sitting on the counter, and I blow my brains out to join my family and try to achieve my beautiful Hailey in the afterlife.

August 23, 2019 05:16

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