Coming of Age Sad Kids

'This cat is extremely annoying. It's really to on my nerves,' I said to myself as I approached where Mute normally has been waiting for me in front of my school for the seventh time. Guess my mom left the door open again. So much for my parents wanting an indoor cat. Mute always find a way out anyway knowing him even if we do happen to close the door or not.

My classmates and other kids surround him giving Mute all kinds of affection. There were at least eleven of them hovering over that spoiled cat that even I was feeling a little jealous. If only people would give me that kind of attention but yet again, I won't want to be bothered with people constantly getting into my personal bubble. Sometimes celebrities need space for heaven sakes.

Anyways as I got close to the circle, I could see Mute laying there with his paws up trying to act all cute as a few kids were giving the cat pets and rubs. How does anyone see this cat can be any adorable than a dog? What gives? I knew if I had a dog, it would be a different story because I personally love dogs more than cats. Dogs are loyal and reliable creatures as cats were just lazy jerks. Apparently this cat however is a recuse so it isn't at all lazy yet I believe Mute's a jerk though. I just won't leave me alone. He follows me anywhere I go and it's quite annoying.

Not a single person noticed I was near by, not even my so called cat. I scoffed and proceed to start walking away planning on going home without Mute. I betcha that no one will even notice that I'm gone let alone my cat. I was mistaken for one of my classmates, Scottie, came up to me after he was done giving Mute attention amongst the kids.

Once he was caught up, he walked the same pace as me and concernably asked: "Hey Trevor, aren't you going to wait for Mute?"

I responded with a shrug: "I don't have time to wait, Scottie. Mute already knows his way back after all this isn't his first redeo. Anywho I need to go home to take care of things such as homework and chores. The sooner I become more responsible, the faster I can get a dog."

As soon as I was finished with my sentence, Mute comes running up rubbing himself against Scottie's leg.

'Speaking of the devil,' I said to myself as I rolled my eyes. Such an attention seeker. It does really annoys me that people do that let alone a cat.

Scottie stops his momentum and bends down to pet Mute as he says: "Awww you're a cute one that's for sure. Who won't love such an adorable kitten?"

I scoffed again but out loud this time. Great, now I've done it. Now Scottie is going to ask even more questions.

Scottie gives me a confused look. He next asks politely: "What was that scoff for?"

Again I shrug while replying back: "Just annoyed it's all. Nothing of your concern, Scottie."

Mute proceeds to rub himself against my leg. Irritated, I lifted my leg and shouted: "Shoo!"

The cat backed off from me but came back near Scottie and his leg.

"It sure looks you don't like your cat very much," Scottie mentioned.

Sarcastically I go: "No, you think?"

"Just watch: you going to learn to like him a lot more than you do now," Scottie noted.

"Did I ask for your opinion Scottie?" I asked rather snappily.

"No," Scottie replied shyly. He continues on by saying: "But I know a story about a boy who wasn't really fond of this dog yet in the end he learns to love this dog even though he had to put it down."

"Is that the plot of Old yeller?" I asked rhetorically.

"Yes it is," he nodded with a smug on his face.

"That story is all fiction though," I mentioned.

Scottie then proceeded to go: "Yeah, but it has a message as all literatures do and that is you should never judge a book by it's cover. That and also the boy learns-"

I interpreted him by going on a rant: "Yeah, well I just don't care, Scottie. This cat isn't want I asked for and both my parents know that. This wasn't supposed to be this way. I was supposed to have a dog."

"I'm sure they both had done it for a reason," mentioned my annoying classmate.

Annoyed, I then shouted: "Again Scottie, no one asked for ya!"

"I'm only trying to help, Trevor," my classmate said sadly.

I snapped: "Go help someone else and let me be, Mister Know-It-All!"

I then proceeded to fast walk ahead as I left both him and Mute behind. Who needs a know-at-all to tell me how things are? Scottie always had a habit of sticking his nose into anyone's business so you can hardly blame me. Someone had to say something and it might as well be me.

For the next two blocks I continue on with my stride as both Scottie and Mute were a few yards behind me. Eventually we had came to the point where Scottie and I parted ways for his place was closer than mine from school. He gave Mute a final pet of the day and then turns the corner to head home.

'Good riddance,' I said to this to myself. 'But I still have a tumor by my side.' Mute of course caught up to me and proceeded to brush himself against my leg yet again.

Angry, I responded while also lifting my leg: "Dumb cat, are you deaf as well? I said 'shoo!'"

Mute did exactly what he did earlier with Scottie but instead he only came back near me and my leg this time around.

I shooked my head left to right and said to myself: 'This cat is something else. That I'm willing to admit. Yet I still wanted a dog by the end of the day. Dogs are way times better than cats.' I soon realize that I myself will regret thinking that.

Eventually Mute and I came home after the quiet walk from school that day.

November 04, 2022 20:36

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