George, Zak and the Stars

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  George, Zak and the Stars.

George left the house with his friend Zak. They were going to do some exploring around the bush not far away from where George lived, it was just turning dark. George and Zak looked up into the sky. George started to talk to Zak about the stars and while he looked up he pointed to the Milky Way. “See that Zak that’s the Milky Way, it has so many stars that are so close together, said George and that is why it is called the Milky Way”. They both went up the stairs which led to the footpath and started walking toward the bush. “ See you later, be safe,'' said Candida. “We will said George bye, '' Zak waved out to Candida and said “See you later”. They took out their torch to see where they were going. The bush wasn’t that far away, so there wasn’t that much of a walk to get there. On the way they spoke about the idea they both had of going up the summit sometime during the day when it was a hot sunny day. They found their way to the beginning of the track, it was dark by the time they got there. It was okay though they were well prepared for everything. George and Zak decided to go right up the top of the track and back, it would take them a good hour there and a good hour back. “ What do you think about that chick at number 58 she’s really pretty aye?” said Zak,  “ Yeah she’s really nice, I wouldn’t mind some of her pussy!” Said George. “ I like her dogs, she’s got three all up”. “ Yeah they’re from the Dog Pound, she really looks after them,'' said Zak. “I want a dog one day, a pitbull”. “ Would you get a half breed or a pedigree”? Said George. “ I'm not sure what breed I would get,” Said Zak. “ As long as you look after it properly,” said George, “You can look online at what sort of breeds there are and how to look after them”. “ I’ll do that one day when I have done research on what I want and need to do,” said Zak. They both trodden along the track and had the torch to guide them. “ Hey there are a lot of possum traps around here, said George. I think we better make our way back home”. Okay said Zak. They both turned around and went back the way they came. “Hey what’s that!” said Zak it looks like a wild creature, oh its a toy crocodile lol, what a crack up”. We would both look like fools if we thought it was real” said George. “Hey I know what we can do” said George, “We can play a prank on Candida” She’ll  believe anything we say”.  Zak and George both started to laugh at their plot to trick Candida. 

Candida was a real Fun person to be around, even though she was getting older she didn’t really look at her age that much. She only knew to live life and when the going gets tough the tough get going. Zak and George were getting near home and started to look at the stars again. 

Wow there’s Jupiter and the star sign Libra and look over there the star sign Scorpio. Both gazed at the stars as they neared the home turf, they were both looking at the stars and talking about them as they reached the door. Candida opened the door and with a smile said hi. She was happy to see them both. She noticed them both looking at the sky, she guessed they were looking at the stars. “What are you looking at,George said the Milky Way”. Oh said Candida. “Come inside, it's cold. They went inside, they all went to the Lounge and started to talk about their walk and then George turned around and said they had seen an animal in the bush. “What sort of animal? said Candida. Zak said “it was a crocodile” Don’t lie Zak there’s no crocodiles in New Zealand only in the zoo ``''Yes it was, George took a photo. George show Candida the photo you took?”,  George showed the photo that he had taken of the crocodile on his phone. It looked like a real crocodile. After that it got Candida thinking, I smelt a rat and she was determined to find out the truth. She decided to play along with everything. Oh okay I wonder how it got there, her imagination opening up to the options of how it got there, all the while thinking she had been tricked. Don’t know, said Zak. “Why were you guys looking at the stars”?

She wanted to know, they were so interested in the Milky Way. They looked at each other, seeing the look on their faces made her more suspicious. They saw she was starting to stare accusingly at them. “Are you guys for real or what”,  she said with a stern voice “ could you please stop kidding around with me, I don’t think it’s funny”. Candida went into the kitchen to have a drink of water and then returned back to the Lounge. “ Well I hope you two had a good time looking at the stars. “Oh yeah we did” said Zac. I have ordered some pizza from a new place down the centre. It's called PizzaExpress and there are only 2 in the whole of Wellington. Candida had ordered the triple cheese pizza and the meatn meat pizza plus a chocolate mousse. They all got into the car and went to pick up the order. Candida got out of the car and said she wouldn’t be long. She went to the shop called PizzaExpress. And went to some tables,There was a message on the side of the table which read going into covid 19 Level 3. A voice came from the back and said are you here to pick up your order. Is your name Candida 

Yes my name is Candida, I’m here for my order. It won’t be long, it will be ready in 6 minutes. Okay said Candida and started to look around the shop. She spotted a couple of paintings on the wall, one was a bike with a basket of flowers, and another was a picture of the Eiffel Tower, very nice. Candida liked the place instantly and would recommend the place if she thought the pizza was to her liking, which it was. She took the pizza to the car and she went home with George driving the car all the way. They got home and Candida looked up to the stars, she loved looking at the stars herself when she got the chance. One day she would look through a telescope with a good view of the galaxy. She loved the thought of finding new planets and looking into the unknown. It excited her, as she went into the house, she took one more glance up to the sky and smiled thinking there would be other opportunities to see the Stars. 


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April 28, 2020 08:40

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Miles Gatling
10:03 Apr 29, 2020

Love the name you chose, Candida. It kinda grows on you... Who wouldn't want a puppy or cheese pizza. Great story!


MaureenJ Poutoa
21:50 May 01, 2020

Thanks Miles, I'm glad you liked the story


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