“Haven’t you heard? She is coming back to town!”

“Not a chance in hell. She’s smarter than that, she never would. And you know that.”

“Well, she is.”

“I don’t believe you,”

“I don’t know what to tell you Marsden. Jimmy called me last night. Said she had a ticket, should be here within the week.”

“From where?”

“I dunno. Vegas. Somewhere kitschy.”

“I’m calling Jimmy. I don’t believe you.”

“Whatever. I’m telling you she’s coming.”


“Hi it’s Marsden Wright calling. Listen is uh, is Constable Pegg in?”

“Oh well hi there Ms Wright, I’m afraid he’s not. Can I take a message?”

“Well, uh, well sure. Just have him call me would ya?”

“I don’t suppose you were talking with my brother Cal now were you?”

“As a matter of fact I was. He told me a certain someone is on their way back from Vegas and I want to hear it from him. And he’ll call me if he knows what’s good for him so you have him call me would you Maggie?”

“Yes ma’am, I will do.”


“I told you it was true!”

“Well now what part. Because if you think she and her-”

“I’m telling you, she’s coming back and she’s gonna finish what she started! Marsden Wright called down the station today and she was in a dither, George, you shoulda heard her! I know she’s coming back, and she’s gonna finish it off!”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

“I am not and you know it because I know you was talking with Jimmy, and he knows she’s coming.”

“And how he knows it-”

“Well what did he tell you? Huh? What did a Jimmy tell you ‘cause I heard him in the office on the phone.”

“Well he said if she was smart which I dunno if she is or if she ain’t but that’s that, she’d only show her goddamn face in the streets by moonlight cuz not one of us is gonna be ecstatic havin’ her waltz back down these streets.”


“It is true! My husband said so.”

“And when has your husband ever been the one to be consulted on for this?”

“Hush. What did he say, Maggie?”

“Well now I’ll tell you. That Marsden Wright, you remember how she was caught up in that whole fuss back then of course, well she called down to the station barkin’ on about talking to Jimmy Pegg. But my husband said that Jimmy told him that she’s gonna come back in the dead of night and she’s gonna finish them off. She’s gonna finish the whole deal right off. And Marsden says she been in Vegas this whole time, biding her time, getting cash I’ve no doubt....ladies, God bless us and that family because that woman is no good, and she’s coming back to finish the whole thing off, mark my words.”


“Alls I’m saying is you better watch yourself Rhett! It can’t hurt to just watch your back these days. Listen I brought in the gun, just in case you want it.”

“How many times do I gotta tell you Sally, she’s gone and she ain’t after my money no more to boot so just, settle yourself.”

“Well Maggie said, after church you know we were just cleaning up-”

“Maggie? What are you doing hanging around with those women?”

“They’re good people and they’re informed!”

“Oh no by who, pray tell? Listen. She ain’t back, she ain’t coming back-”

“Maggie says Jimmy says that he heard from Marsden Wright and her husband that she’s-”

“We don’t talk about the Wrights, I thought you understood that-”

“Rhett this is bigger than that! She’s coming, this week at night with her new rich boyfriends and their gang to shoot all of you’s up!”

“What are you talking about?”

“They’ve been in Vegas collecting their guns and money and people. She didn’t leave easy and you know it. And now she’s got who knows what on her side-”

“You are talking nonsense! She isn’t going to shoot anyone, least of all the Wrights-”

“What makes you so sure? You know she was mixed up—”

“Now you listen here. You have no idea how it got mixed up, you understand? You have no idea.”

“Rhett all I knows is what you tells me so if you know something I don’t you'd better share it mister.”


“Well now Maggie you can’t share this with no one but Rhett is keeping secrets from me. I tried to warm him but lord, he will not listen. But I think, and I’m still thinking, it’s the Wrights that oughta be on the lookout. She’s got a vendetta for them and I think Rhett is trying to keep his head down.”

“Jimmy went our the office today with her. He came back...just looking a mess, I tell you. Pale as anything! There’s more there than meets the eye, as to what happened between those girls, and when she comes back, which I dare say will be very soon...we best all keep our heads down.”


“I think it’s best I go alone.”

“Are you sure? You parted in such a bad way...”

“Let me just see her, alone, tonight when she lands. You’ll drive me there won’t you Jimmy?”

“Of course Marsden. Anything you need.”


“It’s tonight! I heard Jimmy and Marsden talking in the office, George! And Marsden is going alone but you know what that means!”

“What? What on earth does that mean?”

“Marsden is gonna finish her before she gets the chance.”

“That’s ridiculous Maggie! Marsden Wright is not going to kill anyone!”

“Well you have no idea what that woman did to her, to her whole family...her whole reputation!”

“No I don’t know and no one does Maggie!”

“Jimmy does and he’s driving her and I’m going to find out why.”

“You’re getting yourself mixed up in things you ought not to!”

“Those women are killers and they got mixed up with Rhett Jones, and his wife knows it and so does he, they’re lying low. So don’t you go telling me I don’t know what I’m getting involved. People are going to get killed in this town and you know it!” 


“Rhett I’m telling you Maggie heard the Constable saying he’s bringing Marsden in to catch her as she lands, and they might go after her for you but she says there’s gonna be killin’s and you know she’s gonna come for you, I know what you meant to her-”

 “You...they’re doing what? She said what? That’s not...that’s not it at all...what did they tell Marsden?”

“Well Cal-“

“Your brother? Your brother got involved with Marsden? Christ. Sally what have you done? You have no idea what happened there, do you? You have no idea. At all.” 

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