We’re just too different

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Creative Nonfiction Urban Fantasy Mystery

As the darkness falls, the clouds grow lower from the sound of thunder drumming in the night air and the swift falling rain. A quiet whisper in the far distance, I saw a shimmer, what I thought was a small light of glowing fairies. In the land of Spirit Falls where I was born and raised. 

On this night, all curled up sitting by the fireplace listening to the sound of thunder and falling rain, just then a gust of wind chilled me through the bone as if something or someone was there! 

I am going to stop there and give you a little history about who I am and why I am sharing this tale with you.  

Starting with my name, which is Raven-Wolf, and I am a freelance writer. I want to have your attention on what is fact and fiction, and you can choose to believe me or not! 

Have you ever had the Angel of Death knocking at your door? 

That has happened to me, and I was only 40 years of age.  

It was a double stroke, paralyzed on the right side, the only word I could say was {C} and if it were not for my daughter I would not be here! {so, these words I say; Thank You!}  

But an old bird told me “Not to live in the Past!” 

So, I will not.  

I want to tell you about paranormal experiences and the truth or false I will let you decide for yourself. 

You always hear about paranormal activates encounters. Every tv show or even celebrities have skeletons in their closets for example; {Zak Bagan's}. I include his experiences with my own. 


{What is that you ask of me!} I ask to “God,” I have always walked my own path even with my children’s hand with strong beliefs as a {Free Spirit} and personal guardian angles.  

Driving your attention to {A Practicing Witch or Shaman Priestess is accused of Murder!}  

I was invited to a murder mystery dinner but this protective night it started to rain and adding to the storm a flash of lightning crashed just as I was getting out of the car to enter the house. 

Greeted by an old friend that I had not seen since well in my teens and as we made our way into the dining room were in shock to find many of my old friends gathered around the table. 

As the dinner was wrapping up to start playing the game the wind blew the door open and standing there was the first murder! 

Looking closer, it was to be fake blood and his throat was to be slashed but this was a real murder. All standing there some one said, “Kat, your close see it he is Dead?”  

There was a click and the doors throughout the whole house locked. We are locked down. You know “Kat, which is the owner of the house, I am Raven-Wolf, the rest of the people are Jake, Raistlin, Gold-Wind and Tasslehoff. 

Now that you know everyone, the storm got loud, and the power went out. Staying put, Kat said: {Jo-Jo goes to the kitchen and get flashlights}. 

Who is Jo-Jo you might be asking, well that is the Butler.  

The Hope Diamond Jewelry Necklace was placed on the corps and just then Gold-Wind was accused of Murder. As the story goes the hope diamond is a cursed object. 

Just then the lights flickered and turned on. No words were said. Just glaring eyes of everyone looking at each other. 

I had to speak up and say what is going on here? 

Why is Gold-Wind being accused of murder? She is a Shamon Witch, the olden days witches were condemned and burnt at the stake. We can fix this right now, see if she is holding the Cursed Object? 

No, it was on the corpse. Putting the murder mystery diner on hold for now to clear Gold-Wind {why is she saying opposite of what she means?} 

The answer is because the “Cursed Object” is controlling the hole house and everyone that is in house. 

Kat says; “what should we do now that the house is being controlled by the Cursed Object?” 

First, we should inspect the body. See if there are any clues? Raistlin said. 

Well, the body has a bullet in his chest," said Taselhoff.  

Gold-Wind do you own a gun? Asked Raven-Wolf. Her reply was no! 

Next question; if you did this, why would you have the Hope Diamond Jewelry Necklace? 

Kat said, “she doesn’t have it I do!” so you are the one responsible for this lock down. 

First mystery solved. On to the next {why would you say the opposite of what they mean.} 

You see long time ago the 20th century Gold-Wind was in the jungle becoming a member of the Shamon-Witch and {Kat} was visiting her when it came to leave I “Raven-Wind, {Kat stole the Hope Diamond now the irony is since my stroke I have issues with defining what is opposite of what I mean.} 

Ending the mystery, the house released when the police were called Kat was arrested to the murder of “John-Do” and the theft of the Hope Diamond. 

I have to say this was the best Murder Mystery Diner. 

Back home in Spirit Falls, that was the best weekend I have ever had in my life. 

Waking to the sunshine, gentle breeze of the wind and putting the kettle on for my morning coffee just then a gust of wind chilled me to the bone. 

We all know what that means. I am about to have a paranormal experience. As that thought crossed my mind the fire went out and I was struck by temporary blindness. 

In this state flashes brief images of an old friend stumbling in what looks like a wild beast. 

The lights came back on now I could see and trying to make sense of what the images were, the phone rang. 

Startled, answering slowly saying hello a scratchy voice could only come out “HELP” then the phone went dead. 

Picking up the phone and asking the operator to put a trace on the last call. I picked up my coffee and waited for the call back from the operator. 

All the operators said was the call was blocked and a name which was Raistlin. 

Dropping the phone instantly and rushing out the door. 

I landed in the jungle moments later, joining the other geologists and asking where Raistlin was. 

A search party gathered equipment and went on a search for Raistlin. 

Clues landed to an opening to a cave and drops of blood trail to the lake, but the lake streamed off deeper in the jungle. 

There stomped of a boulder Raistlin leg mangled. The conclusion was that “Raistlin” was attacked. 

Let me explain, early in the beginning that I have similar experiences to {Zak Bagan}. I have never claimed that I have supernatural powers I am simply Different. 

It happened a long time ago when I was about 4 years old. I always known that I never belonged to this world. I was always interested in the “unknown and things that went bump in the night.” 

Raistlin was always interested in being A geomorphologist is a scientist who studies the effect of streams, landslides, glaciers, and wind on the earth's surface.  

So, people would say, just too {Different Peas in a Pod} and though we do not see eye on certain things we would Drop Everything to come to the Aid that is called Friendship. 

February 02, 2023 22:36

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