I was sitting in the bay window in the living room, trying to work on my story for the writing competition that I was entering at school the following week. But, it was crazy hard to focus because the rest of my family was in the kitchen, everyone going everywhere trying to get ready for Kit's big soccer game. I had already eaten breakfast and gotten all of my stuff ready because I knew that I would have to prepare or get stuck in the kitchen madhouse.

"KAYLAAAAAAAA!" It was my little sister, Klaire, yelling for me even though she didn't need me. That's my family, always asking for things that they don't really need. I rolled my eyes and attempted to focus back on my story. I heard my younger brother, Kit, yell that he couldn't find his shin guards, and then say that he found them five seconds later.

Alright, just five more pages to go. Then you'll qualify and you can enter and you can possibly win. Just five more pages. Come on, you can focus that long, I thought. But I knew it would be impossible.

So, I decided to just put my story back into the bag that I was taking to Kit's soccer game and just help out anyone that needed it.


I ran around Mom, and then ran right into Kilo. It didn't phase me, though, and I went around him. Then I had to dodge some oatmeal thrown by Baby Kyler, and finally I was in the mudroom/laundry room.

"Cleats, cleats, where are my cleats?"I asked myself. To my surprise, I got an answer.

"Third bin, at the bottom." It was my older sister, Kelsey. She was reading a book, sitting on top of the washer.

"Thanks!"I yelled. She nodded and I grabbed my cleats. Then I had to dash back out of the room and start looking for my shin guards. I ran around the whole kitchen and dining room, with no sign of them.

"MOM! WHERE ARE MY SHIN GUARDS?"I yelled. Then, after she didn't answer, I continued to look until I found them in a bin with some of Kyler's toys.

"NEVER MIND!"I yelled again. I grabbed them and then raced to the couch, sat down, and started putting all of my soccer gear on.


I could hear everyone else's voices, bustling about in the kitchen getting ready for Kit's soccer game, but I was too into my book to actually notice.

I was in one of my favorite spots, in the room that doubles as the mudroom and laundry room, on top of the washer. It's really only one of my favorite spots because unless we're leaving or someone's actually doing laundry, no one's in there.

A lot of people think that Kayla is the calm and collected one, but she still is a big part of the family. I just kind of fade into the background, but I like it that way. And I'm the second oldest, so I'm not young enough to need watching, but I'm not old enough to watch the younger ones. So, people that aren't in my family just don't notice me.

But I don't care about that, either, because my books are my friends. I know that sounds really childish, and that it sounds like I'm some geek or dork or loser or loner or anything like that, but that's not true. I'm just smart enough to not care about what other people say about me.

Back to what was happening, Kit came running in, and I don't think he noticed me. He was talking to himself, and I think I surprised him when I answered his question. He grabbed his cleats and then left again.


Mama put this gross, chunky stuff in front of me and then told me to eat it with a spoon. I wasn't eating that stinky stuff, though! Yuck! So, I started to throw it all around the kitchen. I almost got some of it on Kit, but it missed him and hit Klaire in the face. I laughed at that and she started to scream to Mama and Dada.

Then Dada came over to me and started to use one of the little spoons and put the chunky stuff in my mouth. It was disgusting, but I was hungry and didn't want a spanking for whining. Klaire stuck her tongue out at me, so I threw some more of the gunk on her. That got me in big trouble, though. And I got a good spanking. It hurt really bad and it hurt to sit on my bottom.

I was super excited to go to big brother Kit's soccer game, though. That's because I love seeing that big ball go from one kid's feet to the next. Sometimes when it goes across the line, Mama lets me give it to the kid who has to throw it.


I was just trying to make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Kit's game when I felt this gross, warm, gunk hit my face. It started dripping, and when I licked it off my arm, I realized it was oatmeal. Only Kyler has oatmeal! So I started tattling on him to Mommy and Daddy, and Daddy went over and started to put all of the oatmeal in his mouth.

I smiled at that, and when I stuck my tongue out at Kyler and got too close, Kyler threw more of his oatmeal at me. So then Daddy had to spank him. I got some joy out of that.

Then I had to go grab my "activity bag" so I wouldn't be bored during Kit's soccer game. Because I don't enjoy soccer very much, that's why. I don't like having to bring a bag with activities in it, though, because all of the other kids my age don't need one. But I guess that's just because they don't have to listen to soccer talk all day every day, so they're not sick of it yet.


I lean up against the counter, playing my favorite game, Forge of Empires, on my phone. I was about to make my next move taking over another province when Kit almost runs into me. He puts his hands up and then continues to run around the house.

I roll my eyes and go back to my game. 10%! Only 10% left on my phone? No way. I just charged it.

"Mom! Where's the battery pack?"I asked. She was right next to me, so I know she heard me, but she didn't answer.

"Dad! Where's the battery pack?"I asked again. He didn't answer, but Kayla did.

"In the junk drawer, towards the front. Finally! I'm useful for something. No one has needed help yet this morning,"Kayla said. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the battery pack. Yes! It was fully charged. I quickly plugged my phone and let out a sigh of relief.

Here's something to know about me : I cannot go an hour, let alone a day, without my phone. I quickly made sure that my battle was still in swing, and I won the next province.

Then Mom and Dad started pushing everyone towards the mudroom, where we could leave.

May 04, 2020 21:46

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17:35 May 12, 2020

I can't believe how realistic the family chaos is. Next time there is such a situation in my home, I'll think of this story Which is basically everyday. Do check mine too. Stay safe?


19:31 May 12, 2020

Thank you so much! I thought that people would like it since it was so simple and realistic, I'm glad I was right! I'll check yours out! Stay safe out there!


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Holly Pierce
22:41 May 04, 2020

This is very realistic! In Kit's perspective, Kit accidentally said cleats rather than shin guards. I really like this story! :)


22:45 May 04, 2020

Oh, my gosh! I didn't even catch that! Thank you so much!


22:48 May 04, 2020

Also, if you could read some of my other stories and give me feedback, that would be great!


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Holly Pierce
23:53 May 04, 2020

Of course!


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