How Can I Help You Mike

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   How Can I Help You Mike

“How can I help you Mike?'' said Kiwa. That was the beginning of a lasting friendship, It was the best thing anyone had said to Mike in a long time.  Kiwa thought back to a time she had revised some words from her social studies teacher. “ A Friend in Need, is a Friend indeed” She remembered they would have to repeat it 10 times out loud,  before going outside to play in the playground every Lunch break. And now she was going to help her new found friend Mike

“ Well first off, I’m having trouble with my parents, they don’t seem to be getting on that well and are always arguing”. said Mike “Do you have your own room or do you have to share”? Said Kiwa.” I have my own room, it's alright because I have space to do my own thing, but I’m limited to what I do”,Said Mike. “Why is that Mike”? Said Kiwa. “ Well I blew it for myself really”. Said Mike “I lost my parents' trust because of all the egotistic muncho stuff, I was showing towards them and my sister” said Mike. “Okay so you admit that you are responsible for what has happened to you then”.said Kiwa.”That’s really cool that you are able to take responsibility for what is happening with you”. “You know that you can change it around Mike” said Kiwa “Oh how’s that Kiwa”.said Mike. “You need to be really sincere and honest with your parents again to get their trust back”.said Kiwa  “I don’t think that will happen Kiwa” “What makes you think that Mike”?,have you tried to gain their Trust back” no not really”said Mike.  Mike lowered his head in despair. “You stop that Mike you are a real special person, to your parents they don’t like to see you unhappy”,and I’m sure they would accept some sort of arrangement that will make you and both of them happy, so you can build your trust between you and your parents again”.said Kiwa “Yeah that would be cool, so how can I make them happy”said Mike.”Well do you know what they like to do and how you can help to make things easier for both your parents and you”? Said Kiwa. “They haven’t been out on a date for a bit, I could offer to look after my sister for a few hours or so,” said Mike. “That sounds good Mike,we can catch up next week some time over a coffee and see how things are going,” said Kiwa. “Okay sounds good Kiwa said Mike. “ Got to go. I have an appointment to see somebody in half an hour. I will call you at the end of the week to confirm an appointment with you for next week. Kiwa and Mike wave goodbye to each other and Kiwa goes to see her Mentor. . It is that time of the month for her appointment with Greg, Kiwa gets into her car and drives to see her Mentor. Kiwa knocks on the door, Greg opens the door, with a smile on his face, “Hi Kiwa come in, take a seat,you’re right on time as usual”. Says Greg 

Kiwa returns the smile and takes a seat. “I see you have rearranged your office Greg, real nice”. Said Kiwa. “Yes I have thought of giving my office more of a welcome look, taken the desk out and put in a couch, plants and a coffee table instead, making it look more welcoming”. “I’m impressed!”. said Kiwa. “Now Kiwa how has your month been going”.said Greg. Kiwa said with a sigh, “nothing much really still the same old routine”. “Oh really you sound like you are bored with everything you do”.said Greg. Can you think of any times during the month what you have enjoyed doing, anything that has made you happy. “Yes I can, it’s just that I need some new inspiration to build me up and make me shine”. said Kiwa. “There’s nothing wrong with that, said Greg. Perhaps it would help you to do some visualisation exercises, and see where it takes you”. “Yes that sounds good Greg!”said Kiwa”. She felt herself getting excited, and quickly restrained herself from getting too overly excited.  How is your family and friendship relationships going, you said you were a bit shy with some of them and that you found it hard to express yourself” said Greg. “I’m taking it slowly and looking at other ways to help me overcome, in those areas'' said Kiwa. “There is a book out called How to build your confidence, that I have brought and I am now waiting for, the book to arrive in the mailbox so I can read it '' said Kiwa. Greg looked at Kiwa with a smirk on his face, he was impressed with her self growth. 

“Where can I get a copy of the book you are going to read sounds interesting”? said Greg. “From Amazon online or you can order it through a bookstore, you can choose for yourself Greg” said Kiwa. “That’s Great” said Greg,“what bookstores do you recommend Kiwa”. “Well there is Whitcoulls and then there is PaperPlus and also there are a few bookstores in the City as well”.said Kiwa.  “Thank you Kiwa, I will look them up said Greg while making a coffee for himself” “Would you like a coffee or tea Kiwa”?.said Greg. “No thank you I need to go and pick up some groceries, for my date night with hubby tonight, I’m making an Italian dish”.said Kiwa. “Good O then Kiwa, we will see you next month then, I will ring you up at the end of the week to make an appointment”.said Greg. “It’s okay Greg said Kiwa, just text me a reminder to book in with you next month when you are available”. “TarTar see you next month” said Kiwa. “Good O said Greg we will see you next month then”. Kiwa walked to the front door, Greg opened the door for her and closed the door behind her. Well I think I will go for a walk in the park first before going to get my groceries first;. 

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May 06, 2020 00:21

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Skylar Schylar
12:58 May 14, 2020

I really enjoyed your story! I love your character Kiwa. I think you did a great job with the prompt!


MaureenJ Poutoa
14:54 May 15, 2020

Thank you Skylar you have some good stories as well.


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