story that takes place in a winter cabin

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The greyed eyes wide opened like a fish jaw when it is without water. I hands up to him Under my gun. he looked up. He was sweating badly.

‘’What do you want’’ I asked him setting gun in my hand. He shook his head. ‘’Nothing… just-food’’ he blurted.

I frowned. I could not believe what he just said. He dangered his life just the seek of food in this snowstorm in a winter cabin.

I removed my gun. And leaned toward an American style kitchen. Which was entirely made of wood. and came with some sausages and mushrooms curry with bread. He hurriedly snatches food from me and started eating.

I step back in amusement. I sat there and gazed him gulping the food. ‘’ what do you do? I mean other than entering the houses and stealing the food. I laughed. 

He looked up keeping plates aside and leaned towards me. ‘’What?’’ I asked stepping back. ‘’There is a serial-killer after you who just jumped out from the window’’ he said keeping his arm on the wall to stop me to move. I raised an eyebrow and kicked him exact in the private area. ‘’ ouutchhhh’’ he screamed. I sat on the sofa placing in the TV lounge. He breathed in … out… in…. Out… in pain. I smirked.

‘’So… will you continue your story? Or will I have to do some other stunts?’’ I laughed.

He came in front of me. ‘’ I am here to save you… there is a serial killer who had been wandering like a stray dog,’’ he said taking a seat on the sofa placed before me.

‘’ and…  do you think you can make me trust your stories’’ I asked.

‘’it’s better for you to believe me… or you will be died by next two-three hours…‘’ he told me. Actually, there had been rumours about the girls murdered in the town. But how could I trust a stranger? I was in my thought when I listen to some noises. ‘’What kind of noises these are ‘’ I asked him. He looked back. ‘’ I think there is someone in your home…’’ he blurted out.  

He ran after him. I stood there to watch what was going on? Seriously in this deadly snowstorm who would imagine to set out to kill someone? That was more than a mystery to me. 

I could not see anyone … hello stranger… I took steps in the direction from where voices were coming. Up the stairs… I headed… Hello… I looked here and there but I could not find anyone. Then suddenly the stranger came out. ‘’what?’’ I asked him. He shook his head. ‘’ you are not save here’’ he said dragging me down the stairs.

‘’And I am safe with you… right?? With stranger??’’ I said sarcastically. Freeing my arm from his grip.

‘’ all right… then... wish you last night of your life’’ he said chuckled.

‘’ Oh… please… you can leave... ‘’ I said rudely. ‘’And please don’t forget to shut the door behind you’’ I added.  He left. I lay down on the sofa in the TV lounge. 

I turned on the TV and played the movie. I fell asleep like I had given some drugs or something. When I opened my eyes I was tightly fastened with a rope. I was lying on the floor... Helpless.  My mouth was covered with tape. What the hell who had done all this to me. The serial killer… he might enter into my cabin when I fell asleep or was faint. I was in my thoughts when I listened to a voice. I tried to recognise it. Yes, I have done it… it’s the same voice… of that beggar who entered into my cabin for the seek of food.

Is he that serial killer? He marched into the kitchen. I looked at him. Everything was blurred. Finally, I manage my gaze to recognise the face. I was right he was that stranger. ‘’Hmmmmm’’ I tried hard to scream but failed. At last, he decided to stop marching and take a rest.

he sat down on his leg and removed the tape from my mouth. ‘’Huh… how dare you… how did you enter my house… My cabin’’ I shouted at his face. He laughed loudly standing up. His voice was loud enough to blast my ears.

I was furious. ‘’Leave me… what do you want?’’ I asked him.

‘’First of all .. this is not your cabin... I had been living here since I was 12’’.

‘’What? has he gone mad’’ I thought. ‘’You must be insane of thinking that this is your cabin… its mine Since the last two years, how could you claim that it’s yours’’ I added.

‘’What so ever...You will have to leave… or you will be dead by now’’ he said threatened me.

 No no this is not going to happen how could be this possible. How could anyone come to anyone house and claimed that it’s his house? No way I am not going to leave my cabin at all. I thought.

‘’So have you decided to take your necessary belonging with you… or you are confused about what to take and what to leave’’ he asked taking a sip from his mug he was holding. 

‘’Let me help you… ’’ he came towards me and unfastened my rope. I got up from the floor and pushed him back and managed to run to my bedroom. And shut the door behind me. 

anyhow, I manage to call the cops. And waited for them to come and arrest him.

In an hour police were there. My doorbell rang. I unlock my bedroom door and peeped out to see him. When a couple of minutes passed and he did not appear. I ran towards the door and opened it.

‘’Please saved me… please, there is a serial killer in my cabin’’ I said frightened. I was shooked. The police officer in front of me was the serial killer. Who had fastened me. and asked me to leave my cabin for him. 

‘’ you…’’ I asked amused.

‘’Yes, mam… there was a serial killer in your cabin and we have arrested him… so you can relax… don’t worry’’ he said smirking. He was looking so dashing in the cop uniform. Was I dreaming all this story … is he really a cop or a serial killer.

‘’ god morning’’ Lilly said removing the curtain. I looked at her. ‘’What are you doing here? Where is that serial killer? is he outside?’’ I asked removing the blanket from my face.  ‘’What… who serial killer... you must have a dream’’. She said laughing.

‘’You were reading the novel ’’ the serail killer at you doorstep… remember?’’ she said smiling.

yeah... I thought and checked under my pillow… the novel was lying there. I shook my head and think about the Dream.  not again... I murmured. I laughed at my self and think about the dream that handsome serial killer. How he entered into my cabin and fastened me and asked me to leave the cabin for him or I will be dead.

January 10, 2020 09:33

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This was terrific, Sadia! (You’re name is super great!) Oh, and would you mind checking out my story ‘Rebel Prince’? Thanks! -Aerin


Sadia Imtiaz
11:17 Aug 06, 2020

Thanks, Aerin...for reading my story.... surely I would read your story. will you check out my gig and recommend it to your friends? thanks!


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Emily Felty
00:26 Jan 16, 2020

That was a wild ride! This could use some editing but overall I followed it rather well and you left me surprised! Thanks for an entertaining story :)


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