Being a newbie in the workforce is not all sunshine and rainbows, it's blood, sweat, and tears, literally.


"Lukas!" Someone yelled, but Lukas knew who it was 

Detective Ulysses, his mentor and trainer. Ulysses took him under his wing when Lukas got hired. It's been hard for Lukas as he has to learn so much more that he didn't learn in school.

"Yes, Detective Ulysses," Lukas stood in front of Ulysses desk

"Lukas, how many times do I have to tell you that it's just Ulysses, don't add detective in the front," Ulysses sighed, a small smile resting on his face

"Sorry De- Ulysses. It's a habit,"

"Well, don't make it a habit to often because once your on the field, its teamwork and a good friendship is the key, so no more Detective, understood?" 

"I understood, Ulysses," Lukas nodded his head, "But, why did you ask for me, Ulysses?"

"Well, I have this new case and I need to go down to the scene to investigate it. Do you want to come?" Ulysses asked, already knowing the answer

"Yes! I mean yes," Lukas calmed himself down, but he was practically jumping inside 

"Good. Were leaving in 10, so be in the front by then or I'm leaving without you," 


"Lukas, don't be nervous. I'll tell you the main points of what happened and why we have to see the scene ourselves," 

"It was a double homicide, the victims stabbed repeatedly, but were marked with a symbol. Supposedly no one knows what the symbol means and that the murderer hasn't been found yet," Lukas said

He remembered the whole case as it interested him and he was glad that Ulysses was bringing him.

"Well, you read the case, but this case isn't something that I've seen before. Something feels off about it, but I won't know until we get there,"


"What the hell just happened here?" Ulysses said as he saw the scene 

The scene was in a hidden alley beside an apartment complex. Nobody knew of this alley expect a few of the residents. There was blood on the ground and brick walls, but what got their attention was a hole in the wall. 

"Who could've caused this hole?" Lukas mumble, going closer to examine it 

"Lukas, be careful. Don't touch anything without your gloves,"

Lukas grabbed the packet of gloves from his pocket and ripped it open, putting the gloves on. He was close to the hole and got a strange feeling from it. A puff of air hit him in the face, he let out a scream and backed up. 

"Lukas! What happened?" Ulysses came over to him

"U-Ulysses…," Lukas fell to the ground, a fruity taste in his mouth 

"Lukas! Pal, get up. What happened-" Lukas couldn't hear anything. He was in his world of blackness

Ulysses picked up Lukas and ran to his car, placing Lukas in there. He drove off to the hospital to get Lukas help.


"Ugh! My head hurts," Lukas groan, sitting up carefully as he held his head in his hands 

He heard a scream and his head jolt up, "Where am I?" 

He knew he wasn't in the alleyway. His hand hit something and he looked down. Sand, but it's a sand rock. He got up and looked around him. He was at a beach. He saw buildings and walked over to there. He needed to find out where he was. Sure, Lukas was scared as hell, but he didn't feel the need to. This place felt familiar to him. He stepped on the sidewalk and looked around. He saw people walking, ordering food at the stands or playing on the beach, but he didn't miss that they weren't human. He got a closer look and felt his heart drop. They had horns on their heads, fangs protruding out of their mouth, and had claws as fingernails. Lukas turned around and walked away, pushing past people as he felt a panic attack happening. 'Where am I? Who are those people? How did I end up here? I wanna go home.' Lukas was in his thoughts when he accidentally bumped into someone. He grabbed the person's arm to stop them from falling.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry for not paying attention," Lukas apologize, but his eyes rested on the horns 

"I'm fine. Thank you for catching me," The person said, looking up at him

Her eyes widened when she saw him. He didn't have horns, fangs, or claws. 

"Excuse me. Can I ask what this place is?" Lukas asked 

She grabbed his arm and pulled him with her. She remembered what her grandfather told her, that a outsider may come into this world for a quest.

"Hey, w-wait! Where are you taking me?" Lukas asked, scared to death

"Somewhere that you'll feel safe and where you won't face death," She said, Lukas felt himself pale 

He's going to die today. She continue to pull him and stopped in front of a tiny house. She unlocked it and pushed him inside. Lukas turned around to face her. She was already staring at him.

"You're not from here, are you?" She asked, stepping closer to him

"W-well, if I said no, what will happen to me?" Lukas gulped 

"Nothing since I'm here to protect you," She said, grabbing his hand again and pulling him into the study room

"What do you mean by that?" 

"My grandfather knew an outsider was bound to come into our world and I had to protect them," She explained 

"What? I really don't understand. I'm not meant to be here, but I fainted when a puff of air hit my face, but it was fruity," Lukas babbled 

"Wait? What did you just say?" She placed the journal down and stared at him

"That I'm not su-" 

"No, about the smell. Was it really fruity?" She asked

"Y-yes. Is it suppose to mean something?" 

"What's your name? I'm Talia,"

"Lukas. So, can you explain more of why I'm here, Talia?"

"My grandfather was a foreseer. He could see what was going to happen in the future. He saw a man coming into this world from another one due to a quest. But, I can see what the quest is,"

"Okay, that is just crazy. How can I solve a quest here when I don't know anything about it and for all I know this could be a dream," Lukas stated, running his hand through his hair

"The quest is something that you're dealing with. When you ate or sniff the fruity smell that gained you permission to come here, so I could help you," Talia explained 

"Something that I'm dealing with? Could it be from my world?" 

"Yes. What were you doing before the fruity smell?" 

"I was investigating a scene where a double homicide happened," 

"Wow, okay. This is going to be hard, but I'll help, so do you have any information that could help me," Talia asked 

Lukas was about to speak, but his eyes landed on a painting that had a symbol on it. 

"Why do you have that symbol hanging?" Lukas asked, walking over to the painting

"That's not a symbol, but a letter. My grandfather painted that before he passed," Talia explained

"A letter? What is it?" Lukas asked, staring over at her

"It stands for E, but my grandfather was clever enough to make it into a word. Look here," She pointed in a spot, "He also wrote an N, Y, and V,"

"Envy? What does envy have.. to do with the homicides. Holy shit!" Lukas went to the desk to find paper and pen

Once he found them, he wrote down the symbol and pointed out each letter and wrote Envy down. What else could this mean? 

"What else did you grandfather say or wrote down?" Lukas asked her

"He wrote everything down in a journal, here," She placed a journal on the table

Lukas looked through it, trying to find something helpful.

"Is everything okay?" She asked 

"I think I got a clue, but I need to examine and think about it," 

"Okay, I'll make you coffee and bring snacks since I know you'll be here for a while," She walked off and Lukas went to work


"What else could there be?" Lukas groan, looking through his notes

He found out key points like the murderer is a male in his late 20s and that the reason he kills is because of envy. Even with the symbol or letter being E, it could also mean that it's the first letter in their name or where the murders took place. The homicides happen to take place in the east. 

"Hey, do you want more coffee?" Talia asked

"Yeah, thank you," she grabbed the cup and left

Lukas kept thinking and waited for his coffee. Just what was he missing. Talia came into the office and handed Lukas the coffee. He took a sip and placed it down, but his vision started to become blurry.

"I hope this shows you the truth you've been looking for," And with that, he was out


"She finally used the medicine on you," Lukas turned around and found a man, sitting down with chains around him

"W-who are you?" 

"You wouldn't know who I am, but have you forgotten the dreams," He asked, a smirk resting on his face

"H-huh? What dr-," All of a sudden, vivid images came into his mind 

It was like he was standing over dead bodies and a knife in his hand. 

"N-no! Stop this! I didn't kill anyone!" Lukas screamed out, hitting his head

"Yes, you did, Lukas, but if you want to know the truth. I killed them with your own hands," His smirk becoming sinister 

"Why? Why kill innocent people? Why use me?" Lukas yelled at him

The man stood and walked to Lukas, but was pulled back by the chains, "You are me as I am you. Do you not remember the suffering you've been through?" 


It's like when that man spoke, certain memories came into mind. He stared down at his hands to see them marked with cuts then he looked down at his legs to see marks and bruises. He looked up and saw himself in a mirror. He was a young boy filled with bruises, cuts, scars, and burns. 

"You see, I hid all these memories as I didn't want you to remember, but I couldn't take it anymore so I killed your or should I say our parents. I made our father kill our mother then killed himself when the police were involved and you were innocent," The man stated, standing behind Lukas

"B-but why did you kill other innocent people?" 

"Innocent? Ha! Don't be foolish, Lukas. The people I, we killed were mistreating kids like how we were treated. So, they needed to be taught a lesson,"

"That doesn't mean you can do that! Imagine their kids. They're probably lonely as their parents are gone!" Lukas yelled at him, turning around to the man

He kept Lucas still, facing the mirror, "Those kids are more than happy. I made sure to find them a happy and loving family that we couldn't have," Images and videos popped on the mirror, showing kids in foster care and with families

"Stop lying!"

"Lukas! Listen to me. This is the only way to get rid of horrible people. Do you think I would still be here if the Gods didn't like what I was doing?" He asked 

"I don't know what to think anymore," Lukas cried, falling to his knees, he could feel the pain coursing through him

"I'll tell you more of why I did this, but you always seem to surprise me since you've found out my identity. I'm Envy, I was born into your mind by you and by the gods. You don't remember, but you've always hated other kids with loving families and you wanted that, but instead got abusive, non-caring parents," He explained 

"Why can't I remember that? I can't remember anything from my childhood expect when I got into the foster care," 

"Remember I'm the one who hid all those memories while you tried to live a good and happy life, but it seemed when you saw kids with their parents, you would start wishing death upon them. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I would take all those negative energy and thoughts and put it to use, causing unloving parents pain and destruction of events that would destroy them," Envy looked at Lukas and let out a sigh, "I tell you this as it's your decision to turn yourself in or let it go, but once you turned yourself in, its over. The gods will accept the decision you pick, but you have to think carefully,"

"I don't know what to do. I don't want the killings to happen as guilt will eat me away, but I don't want to spend time in jail for something I didn't do. I just wanted to become a detective, not a murderer," Lukas cried, covering his face

"Think carefully on this, Lukas. I'll understand your choice, but as of now, you'll be staying here until you make a choice. On Earth, you're in a coma, so there's nothing to worry about," Envy placed his hand on top of Lukas head, "It was nice seeing you again, Lukas. I'm sorry for what I caused, but I was only protecting you," 

Envy leaned Lukas head back and kissed his forehead, "Because that's what brothers do for each other,"


"Hey, Lukas! Wake up!" Talia shook Lukas 

Lukas jolt up, breathing heavily and uneven. He touched his face and it was wet. 'It wasn't a dream. It was real.'

"Lukas, what happened?" Talia asked 

"I-I'm the killer," Lukas mumble, his hands shaking

"What did you say?"

Lukas looked up at her. Talia could see sorrow, sadness, and anger swirling in his eyes.

"I'm the killer," Lukas said louder, a sob escaping his mouth

"Wait? What?" She was shocked, "Lukas, what do you mean by that?"

"What else could that mean, Talia! I killed people!" He yelled

"There must be a reason, Lukas. You know this too,"

"I have to make a decision whether to go to jail and serve the years of the murders, I didn't know I committed or stay silent and let the killings continue," Lukas stated 

"Okay, how about you explain everything from the beginning when you went under," Talia moved a chair to the desk and sat down

Lukas told her everything. Talia taking everything into account, making a pros and cons list in her mind.

"From what you told me, Lukas. It seems to me that Envy is caring for the abused and hurt children even if that means killing or harming their parents, but that doesn't seem right," Talia said, sighing

"I'm just going to think hard about this," Lukas said

"Yeah, but think carefully since its your only life to live,"

Lukas stayed in the other world, continuously thinking of what he should do. Talia has been helpful to Lukas as she took care of him and let him explore the city. It was hard to decide, but it seemed he came up with a decision that can affect his life and mental state. 


"Thank God, you're awake, Lukas. I was so worried," Ulysses said, hugging Lukas

"Did anything happen when I was in the coma?" Lukas asked

"We found the killer of the double homicide," Ulysses said, proud 

"That's great. Now, we have one less person to worry about," Lukas smiled

I promise to avenge abused children the easy and difficult way with the help of Envy. 

January 17, 2020 19:41

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