Cat Shelter

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Cat Shelter

Hank: Bubbles, hey, can you hear me?

Bubbles: Yeah, what do ya want?

Hank: Well, did you hear da lady say that we are gettin some new inmates?

Bubbles: Why you gotta say we’re inmates, like we live in a cage or somethin?

Hank: Well, we do! What do ya got in that head a yours besides bubbles?

Georgi: Hank, leave the poor kid alone! He aint done nothing to you so you should be compashnit for the poor kid. 

Hank: Comp-what? Georgi you got about as many bubbles in your head as the little one does. 

Darlene: Will the three of you keep quiet? My beauty sleep includes quiet time and with you three yappin all the time I ain’t gettin no rest! Look at these whiskers. You think they just grew like that? Well, they didn’t! So the three of you, keep it down!

Bubbles: Darlene you are beautiful even without any more beauty sleep.

Darlene: You know what cutie? When we finally get outta here I’m gonna have you come to my mom’s house so you can see what it means to live. 

Hank: Aw, come on Darlene, don’t tease the kid. You aint got nothin outside a here sept the alley behind China Garden. 

Georgi: Yeah, and remember what ma always said! Don’t go too close to China Garden if you’re a cat!

Darlene: You two are ridiculous! There is nothing to be afraid of and I have never been eaten by anyone, ever! 

Georgi: Yeah, Darlene, a bad judgment call. Just cause you aint ever been eaten you can’t say its no risk. It’s always a risk.

Darlene: Well, if I can have peace and quiet and you two can stop yappin maybe the day will finally end and I can get some sleep. 

Thom: Uh, what do ya mean ending the day? Didn’t it just start?

Darlene: Oh, nevermind you, Thom

Bubbles: Uh, Hank, you still awake?

Hank: Yeah, kid, whatcha want?

Bubbles: Is it true what Darlene says? You know what she says about someone eating us? Do you think thats gonna really happen?

Hank: Don't you go worryin about someone eatin ya.

Thom: Yo, you know what I know? I know dat people gives me foods.

Bubbles: Um, what’s your name?

Thom: Yo, I’m called Thom. I’m telling ya boy, don’t believe everything you hear. The days don’t end, they just keep goin. 

Darlene: Hello, Thom you said? When’d you get here? You don’t know much more’n a lost puppy. When da lights go, the day ends. Don’t start telling the kid dat you know what you’re talkin about cause you’re wrong.

Hank: Darlene, take it easy. Thom is new here and doesn’t know what hes even talkin bout. Let him think what he wants ta.

Georgi: Hank, you think Darlene’s gonna listen to you? She aint listened to no one ever. I used to know her on the street. She won’t listen to you.

Darlene: Georgi, you are a pushover. I will listen but I just won’t change cuz of what that one there says. And, Hank, don’t you go worryin about me talkin to no one. I’m going to sleep. I need at least 12 hours. Now you all keep it down. My whiskers are starting to sag already!

Bubbles: Hey, Hank.

Hank: yeah, kid

Bubbles: Is that Thom there one of the inmates you was tellin me bout? Are there more?

Hank: It’s gettin late now. That’s probly it for today. Just go ta sleep an stop all your worryin. 

Bubbles: Hey Georgi? 

Georgi: Yeah

Bubbles: Georgi are you a prisoner here?

Georgi: No way man! I can get outta here like nothin if I wanted. The problem is there ain’t much to eat anymore outside.. Its easier in here. You don’t go to bed hungry where we are. You understand?

Bubbles: Yeah, Georgi, yeah, thanks.

Thom: Yo, you up there. You call yourself Hank? 

Hank: Yeah, why do ya wanna know?

Thom: No, nothing But I thought you said theres more of us comin. Do I gotta share my room? I hate sharin with others. I don’t want any hair in my mouth that doesn’t belong to me. 

Hank: I heard that they gotta whole buncha kids comin in. They said they got da room for most of um. I aint ever had ta share my room but listen, if it happens just stay on your own side. I don’t wanna hear noise from you if we all gotta share. 

Thom: Fine, fine, I hear ya. 

Buster: Hey, you, up above me. Whats your name?

Bubbles: I think its me, Bubbles. 

Buster: Yeah, Bubbles, is that your water drippin down my wall? I hope it ain’t something else.

Bubbles: Um, no, I mean I don’t know, um its not what you’re trying to say. I go in the box like I’ve done my whole life. Why would I stop now? 

Buster: Listen, no worries, I just wanted to check.

Darlene: Hello, you, under Bubbles. Are you new or you just been living here quietly? 

Buster: I just got here. Its so small here. I’m not stayin for long

Darlene: Yeah okay, keep your dreams alive, 

Buster: What do ya mean by that? Why you gotta be so bitchy?

Darlene: What did you call me?

Georgi: Darlene, just ignore him. Don’t let him be gettin to ya. 

Darlene: Thanks Georgi, yeah, I know better. 

Bubbles: Hey Darlene? You ever get an itch in your pit?

Darlene: Which pit buddy?

Bubbles: Its gettin real itchy under my front leg. It just started. What do you think it is?

Darlene: Don’t worry too much. I’m sure it aint nothin. Tomorrow the boss’ll pick you up and look you over. If you got anythin there the boss’ll see it. Just try not to scratch it. Now, ya all gotta let me get my beauty sleep. You got anymore problems you can ask tomorra. No one wake me up. 

Hank: Night Darlene

Georgi: Good night Darlene, night Hank, good nite little guy. 

Bubbles: Night Georgi

March 04, 2023 00:25

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