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Hera bobbed her head slightly, as 'fuck the neighbors' by IRON REAGAN blasted in her large neon headphones. Her green-dyed hair french-braided at her back with a yellow ribbon. Her grey overly large sweater draping on her knees, accompanied by her brown scarf. Her black legging tucked in some brown uggs. Her clothes are greatly amplified with her whooping height of six foot three.

Her pink lips turned into a smile as the train slowly came into view from her hazel eyes. She pulled out her phone and pressed next. Smoothly walking towards the train, covering up her excitement inside.

She was gonna finally meet him!

Just as she was about to step in the train, She was slammed down hard on the dirty cold floor subway floor. Hot coffee spilling on her clothes, burning her skin.

Hera looked up, ready to glare and yell at this reckless person, but she got cut off by a shriek and ramblings of a brunette teenager.

"I-i'm so so sorry-! Eeek! My coffee spilled on you-! I h-have tissues! Hold o-on! I-it's in my bag! Ahhh! Let me h-help you up! Ah, the coffee is hot though-" He frantically rambled and fumbled through his brown shoulder bag.

Hera hissed as the scalding liquid began to hurt a lot more. Why of all places it could have landed on, it landed on her freshly bandaged scar in the middle of her chest.

"Shut up." Her growl quickly silenced the rambling teen. She was the adult in this situation with a clumsy teenager. She effortlessly got up and brushed her clothes, seething as the hot wet clothing stick on her tanned skin. Hera then stared down at the boy, a head shorter than her.

On top of his curly coffee-colored hair was a knitted bonnet. He is wearing a shirt with a design of lab equipment and written formulas. His shoulder bag was worn across from his right shoulder to his left hip. His ripped blue jeans that have paint smudges. His green eyes are frantic and familiar.

Too familiar.

"I-i-i could buy you a new shirt, ma'am-"

The boy started to speak but was cut off by the voice in the speakers.

The train is about to leave. Please stay behind the yellow line.

Hera cursed and gritted her teeth.

That was her train!

"You made me miss my train, boy." Hera doesn't need this. She needs to change her bandages and clothes if she doesn't want her injury to be infected.

The boy gulped and clutched his shoulder bag. He should've had his eyes in front of him then this disaster wouldn't happen!

Hera sighed and massaged her temple. Her neon headphones sitting around her neck is glowing and still playing some peaceful music.

"Don't bother, kid. Move along." She grumbled and walked towards the general store in the station. Not wanting to spend any more time with the boy.

His eyes are eerily intimate for her comfort.

"Ah! B-but-" The boy tried to call her but Hera was too fast with her long strides.

The boy clenched his fists and took a deep breath.


He jogged to towards Hera who hissed at him and fastens her pace. He sheepishly smiled and clumsily tried to match Hera's pace. He had to apologize somehow, right? His class can wait.

"Didn't I say not to bother?" With Hera's tone and face, one can say she's in the borderline of choking the boy to death or throwing him unto the railway.

"B-but I wanted to apologize, Miss!" He squeaked, maybe this was a bad idea after all.

"What do you want then?", Hera hissed both at the boy and the pain of stabbing needles in her chest. She seriously doesn't need this.

Not with those eyes.

The boy opened the door for Hera who glared at him and went straight for the clothing department.

"I-i'm Ollie by the way," The boy, now called Ollie, sputtered as he held a basket and followed Hera as she grumpily looked at the shirt section, "I'm so sor-rry about what h-happened earlier-ack!," Hera threw a fitted yellow muscle shirt at his direction, "I was in a hurry f-for my c-class-Eh?!" A box of red panties sailed over his head, "I-i also-o think I should P-pay for these-Ah!" A green wool jacket fell on his face, "M-may I know your n-name, M-miss?"

Hera looked back to see Ollie awkwardly holding a basket in his arms. While the shirt is in the basket, the box of red lacy panties was opened and the said undergarments hanged on his shoulders and fingers and a large green jacket on his face, preventing his vision. She pursed her lips.

He looks like someone she knew.

"Call me Hera."


"The shirt costs three dollars, the panties cost four and the jacket costs nine dollars," Hera calmly talked as she took the jacket from Ollie's head and began taking the crimson undergarments around his shoulders, leaving him sputtering in embarrassment.

Her hazel eyes locked with his green orbs.

"I'm so sorry"

Ollie stood frozen. This woman, Hera, is very beautiful.

Hera averted her eyes and turned for the counter, Ollie shuffling behind her, she pulled her phone and shot a message at her appointment.

Miss Catherine, this is Hera Walsh. I believe I might be late for our appointment. Is my son alright with this arrangement?

"You're a mom?"

Hera snapped her neck at Ollie and glared.

"Mind your own business, Boy." She coldly stated and went outside the shop.

Ollie hurriedly paid for the items with red cheeks and turned to see Hera pacing in front of the shop, talking to the phone angrily.

He waited until he saw Hera sat down and buried her angry face in her tanned hands, looking very lost, and very familiar to Ollie. He shook his head and stiffly walked towards Hera.

As he approached Hera, she looked up at him and made a face, a face that shows regret and anguish. She leaned back on the bench and stared at the ceiling, not caring if her now cold wet sweater stuck on her injury.

Ollie placed the paper bag beside Hera and awkwardly stood. Hera sighed and ran a hand through her hair, messing up her braid.

"Just leave it there and go." Hera's voice came strong at first but slowly softened at the end.

Ollie is probably gonna regret this later but he just had to say it.

"I-is everything okay?"

If Hera heard him, she didn't make any indications of moving or replying. Ollie figured it would be like this. He slowly turned around and started to walk away slowly. Hera's voice halted him at his second step.

"I was sixteen when I had him,"

Ollie turned, staring agape at Hera, who is still looking at the ceiling.

"I didn't know what to do. I had no parents and no siblings."

Hera turned her head to meet Ollie's gaze. She sadly smiled and patted the spot beside her and the paper bag.

"Y-you're a teen m-mom?"

Ollie was genuinely worried now. Had he stopped Hera from something important?

"I am," Hera shifted her eyes to the crowd walking by them, "He was made under," She inhaled and closed her eyes, " Unpleasant circumstances."

Ollie's eyes widened. Hera was raped?

"I-i didn't k-know what to do," Tears are starting to form in her eyes, "But I-i couldn't just abort him."

Somehow this story is very familiar to Ollie. Where had he heard it?

"And so I, well, gave birth to him," Hera sadly smiled as a tear strayed from her left eye, "I named him Jerry, after my father."

She turned to look directly at Ollie who looked very serious.

Those eyes are like Jerry's.

"After that, I left him at an orphanage."

Hera continued not breaking eye contact.

"And joined the army."

Ollie didn't back away at her stare.

"And never came back for eighteen years."

A few stares were thrown at the pair. Ollie averted his gaze and stared at his clenching fists.

The next train will arrive in the next ten minutes. Passengers, please mind your belongings and look after them. I repeat, the next train-

Hera turned her head and listened to the gentle beating of music from her headphones, still around her neck. Ollie must have been surprised to hear that from her, but she needed to vent. And he was just there, to listen to her.

"I was told that my mom had me when she was sixteen."

Ollie's steady voice made Hera snap her attention at him.

"She had no family,"

Hera looked at him with a neutral face, betraying no emotion.

"She left me in an orphanage of Miss Catherine,"

Ollie finally looked up to see Hera, looking down on him.

He slowly smiled,

"And she never came back,"

Tears started to form in his green eyes, lips trembling, and hands shaking.

"M-my name -is Jerry Olliver Walsh."

Oh, God.

Hera sucked in a breath.

Ollie is trembling and he slowly smiled,

"Hey, Mom."

Hera broke into a cry, her right hand covering her mouth.

Ollie laughed, still trembling and crying.

"I was sure you'd come b-back"

Hera shook her head, placed her hands on his shoulders, and sobbed.

"I-I w-would NEVER ever leave y-you like that."

Ollie smiled, his teeth showing. His hands urging him to hold his mother.

"I k-know."

Hera wrapped her long arms around Ollie, her son. He instinctively returned it. She longed and waited for this.

Ollie is her son.

"I'm s-so s-sorry."

They sobbed and cried on each other, spewing apologies and promises, with no care to their surroundings.

Hera only thought she was gonna go to the orphanage, talk to the supervisor, meet her son, talk to him, and find out if he wants to live with her or not.

Not bumping into Ollie in the subway, getting splashed by scalding coffee, shopping in a general store, arguing with Miss Catherine, sharing her life with Ollie, and finding out that Ollie is her son.

This is her son.

And she's hugging him.

The train will be coming shortly. Passengers, please look after your belongings-

Ollie whispered at Hera,

"Weren't you gonna ride the train?"

Hera chuckled as they broke the hug. She looked at his green eyes, much the same as her hair, and smiled.

"I think I'll accompany you," She suddenly looked concerned, "If that's alright w-with y-you! You know I-i just w-wanted to-"

Ollie tried to stop his laugh as he covered his mouth.

He was just like her!

Hera smiled and ruffled his hair, taking his cap and placing it on her head. She stood up, grabbed the paper bag, and held a hand out at Ollie.

"Come on, You'll be late. I can reason with your teacher if you want."

Ollie smiled and held her hand.

And they both walked, hand in hand, mother and son.

The coffee stain still visible on her grey sweater.

Just as Hera and Ollie's smiles were.

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