Deep in the infinite

Was a matter so shiny

It wanted to rise and


It felt power

It felt fearless

It felt love

It felt joyous

It felt form

It felt senses

It felt the mind

And then was born

The star from the skky!!

AbasMarg a.k.a. AMarg as it was known was crossing the great “ocean of stars”. The stars were in conference of some sort. Their facets were serious and drawn in high intensity focus and concentration. AMarg carried its responsibility with great commitment and dedication. It never took things lightly ever. This was its innate nature. Sometimes too serious to even have a little bit of fun.

AMarg was responsible for housekeeping but was actually the little assistant for the head of Declutter and Responsibility. The head went by the name of Cronus. A very odd name for an odd looking persona indeed. Cronus was always dressed in blue and black robes riding in a chariot but his frequently preferred mode of transport was a Vulture, yes the screaming bird indicated Cronus’s arrival. Even the members and particles would remain silent when Cronus spoke and delegate different tasks. He was not well-built like some of the other key members. But there was something formidable about Cronus such that no one dare challenge him. For he knew exactly what kind of task and when they would receive it. Cronus was honest and also extremely just. There was no partiality. He was inclusive and had transformations for all. In his eyes everyone was alike, no different judgements.

Some members just disappeared after struggling to do their task, some kept receiving tasks when they thought they completed one finding many more waiting for them. Many times these tasks would involve travelling long distance, a change of form and shape even. It was as if Cronus was also secretly holding the master distribution list.

 AMarg thought that it had an edge over the other particles here, rather anonymous and going about in an insipid manner. But it thought it had an edge over the other particles in sheer ignorance.

What AMarg did not know was it was given this role so that the Head could keep his searing eyes on it all the time. Because what AMarg also was not aware of was its immense energy that would expand if it had gathered the knowledge from the other key members of the “Ocean of Stars”. Not that  AMarg must not but Cronus had various time slots for each and every member to take up tasks and sometimes transform.

These included the innumerable particles colliding with one another all the time. They caused mini explosions out of sheer ignorance. What had transpired into AMarg becoming the assistant was because it had caused many explosions and the aides of Cronus intervened to resolve these.

However, there was one time when one mini explosion cascaded into a terrible and mighty bang and Cronus was called in to rebalance the situation. But for Cronus himself this had been no mean feat.  The time for AMarg’s transformation was nearing and Cronus was thinking hard of the plan of action. He had to confer with his peer who was called Brihas before making his move. He was also genial and jovial .Brihas was extremely busy with his multi-threaded appointments. If Cronus had assistants then Brihas had them galore.  He had enlisted the help of the particles in various different ways. Many of them just gathered whenever they could to get that opportunity to somehow transform.  But the journey was arduous and the path fraught with challenges.

Here again, Brihas had different options for the diverse population and the instructions varied as per the ability of each. Some were extremely cryptic and intelligent that only a few could excel. Brihas planned the course of instructions and action with his primary, futuristic revolutionary advisor Caelus.

Caelus was always in fluidic motion. There was this sharp, focused and far-away look which indicated that her vision was somewhere in the future yet to be born. A grace that was unparalleled by none. Her domain was the intellect and she seemed cold and remote but she was only being thoughtful for she was always creating a vision for the future. She drove a strangely different vehicle. It was a kind of enclosed vessel which had wheels that were made of a another material out of this world. She was always travelling to realms beyond in this contraption. She would suddenly be up in the air or beyond the line of vision. Just as she had disappeared, she would reappear seconds later. Also she carried a pitcher of water with her at all times. The pitcher and Caelus were one entity.

Brihas quickly briefed Caelus of the requirement for AMarg and if it could be considered. Caelus thought long and hard with those far-gazing eyes. She finally said that she wanted to meet with Cronus. This was getting more tricky than ever. Brihas thought to himself – was it really necessary for AMarg to transform?

Caelus was quick to pick up on this thought and retorted with that usual sharp and quick response that this domain was getting smaller and particles were in desperation to transform into those basic stars. She said that they were short-staffed and things were not moving as fast as she had initially envisioned. Caelus also mentioned that Cronus never ever released any of the particles so if he was asking then there had to be a compelling reason for it.

So the little ignorant AbasMarg alias AMarg needed to be trained by Brihas quickly. There was a small catch however that could be overcome. The container for transformation was hard to come by so initially they had to send AMarg into a temporary one. AMarg would be given one memory thread of arrogance. Cronus would keep an eye on it continually until such time AMarg owned the transformation and started its ascent out of the 2D realm into higher realms. But was AMarg ready?

Caelus called in AMarg in the presence of Cronus and Brihas. Caelus briefed the opportunity to AMarg. It was overjoyed and immediately collided with the other particles. But Caelus quickly subdued the enthusiasm in saying that AMarg first had to go through the training directly under Brihas.

There was another condition that Cronus would hold it back till such time AMarg showed signs of transforming to establish a future vision. AMarg knew that the change was inherent and was just about to begin. It suddenly started to think. And then realised for the first time that it was in thought. Brihas, Cronus and Caelus had disappeared as seconds before it had seen them together in that important meeting. So the Ocean of Stars had deliberated and suggested that AbsMarg needed to go out of the domain.

 AMarg was standing by the side of what looked like a great body of water. It looked at the reflection. To the astonishment, AMarg now looked like those other stars for it no more was a particle. The little particle of ignorance had transformed into a star with intuition, a star with a future vision.

The “it” ness had transformed into a star from the skky. 

December 31, 2022 23:40

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