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'Delete his number, texts , unfollow him on all social media. Find happier people like us. Watch a movie, go out and breathe, get silly. Just try to forget about him okay." said Tinah my best friend.

" you know you are better off without him. Know your worth and I know you deserve better than him" chimed in Diana my other best friend.

What on earth would I do without them. I felt slightly better amidst my puffy cheeks and red eyes. I'd cried all night cause I simply couldn't imagine it was over. The long talks, walks the sticky notes, dreams The dates were my favorite. I got to devour my food with the one I love...loved

Jack and I had been dating since my first year at university. Being from a Christian all girls school I literally feared all guys and had no male friends too. I had self esteem issues. I remember walking in class facing down with ear phones plugged in my ears as I headed for my seat ~first row next to the door ~ for easy movement outside. One day Jack walks to my desk and says hello. I was shocked a guy like him would look my way. Like hello he was cute and tall. Still is anyway doesn't mean after my heart break he'd change. I won't lie I imagined him being uglier yesterday. Anyway we started talking and he asked me out on women's day 8th March.

I know you are wondering why not Valentine's day. I got to know in his letter that he'd wanted to introduce a new woman into his life as his mother had passed on that day. I was so touched. I couldn't say no

He taught me to love myself. To make friends and he increased my love for the night. We used to stare at the stars. 

"It's over between us if you don't want to sleep with me" he said yesterday before walking away. I stood there transfixed as tears rolled down my eyes. I thought he understood my values. I am pretty conservative about my whole self especially my body. I want to have sex after marriage because it's what my faith allows. So I just cried. He just didn't want to be patient. 


Dear diary you won't believe what happened today. Well I dressed up in my red sheath dress, combed my afro and wore my black pumps. I obviously wore my favorite purple lipstick and lined it with black. It's Valentines day and I had to go support Clever's art exhibition at the national theater. I went because he'd promised me wine and a surprise gift. "Hey Annie you made it" "Yes. I couldn't miss out on art. You know how I love it" 

"Too bad you can't draw" We laughed as I rolled my eyes at him. "Where's my surprise?". He tied a cloth on my eyes and led me to where I was standing now. He lifted the cloth and I couldn't believe what I was looking at. It was me. Clever drew me. And he detailed my eyes, my nose, the beauty scar next to my nose, my smile. I was literally smiling. I hugged him which I rarely do because he'd managed to make me happy. I don't know how many times I had benched for him to make a portrait of me. I told him to leave me to feel my moment. "Hey" someone said. I turned to see him

"Reagan, what are you doing here?" 

" I saw your status update and here I am"

"Ain't you supposed to be on a date somewhere right now?"

"Well no. And my brother did a good job of you there." He said as he looked at me on the portrait " you look so beautiful there and more beautiful right now" I am pretty sure I was blushing. "Thank you"

"Why are you here anyway. Ain't you supposed to be on a date with Jack?" 

"We broke up a week back. Well he did" I shrugged

"Not sorry that he did" he said " can I take you on one then?" That's if you want. "Yeah sure" I said. My inner goddess was and is still jumping. 

I had the best night of my life. The movie Isn't it Romantic was the best. He dropped me at my hostel and here I am. He hugged me too. My crush hugged me.... Yaaayyyy. I am actually glad that Jack and I broke up. There's clearly plenty of fish in the sea. Oh shoot I forgot to text Clever I had left with his brother. Where's my phone I need to text him. He still owes me my bottle of wine. Bye...

14. 02. 2020.

Event. Reagan and Annie's one year anniversary

February 11, 2020 08:34

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10:13 Feb 11, 2020

To encourage other girls that they need to stand by their values


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