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Creative Nonfiction Kids

One magical rainy season, there were two friends Jack and Anna, Jack and Anna were walking at night to their house when suddenly a heavy rain started, it wasn’t an ordinary rain drops. Jack and Anna were walking on the rain singing “ rain rain go away come again another day” soon they saw the drops turn into a beautiful sparkling crystals. Jack cried “oh my God , Anna can you see what I’m seeing ?” Anna replied “ this is amazing jack, look at all this rain drops turning into a beautiful crystal balls, look how nice and sparking they look!” She quickly get down to touch the crystal balls. Every time she tried to touch one it disappeared. Anna surprisingly asked Jack “do you think they are magical crystals?” jack replies “I wish if Bill here with us to see this beautiful crystal rain drops.” All of the sudden a big drop came down from the sky and then Bill appeared. Both kids cried of happiness shouted “MAGIC , magic it is areal magical crystal drops that makes all your dreams come true”. They started explained to Bill that they were thinking if he was here with them and the he came. Bill said “ this is amazing and tried to touch the crystal drop but as soon as he touched it, it disappeared. Jack , Bill and Anna said “let’s try and play this game called one drop at a time.” Anna said “what is this game ? And how are we going to play it?”

jack replied “let’s think of one thing every time a rain drop came down and see if it will become true.” Lots of fun things we can do on this game!

jack suddenly thought of pancakes, then pancakes came down on the big rain drops, jack cried “ oh this is amazing Anna! Bill look at this pancakes it is so yum!can you see all this chocolate and ice cream that came with the pancake, it tasted like nothing we’ve ever eat before “ let’s call it the magical pancake.”

All of them started to eat the pancake under a beautiful shelter that one rain drop made fir them . They were all sitting down watching the rain drops coming down. Anna and Jack and Bill now believe that all this drops are not just an ordinary rain drops , they are real magic drops.

All of them decide to play the game where they take turns wishing for the things they like.

The rules of the game is everyone of them can have one wish every time a rain drop came down but no one is allowed to touch the crystal balls. They all agreed to the rules and started to think about one thing at a time,Bill wish if his sister Sandy was with him to see this magic! Then another drop came down and Sandy appeared surprised “ what is happening here?” said Sandy, the kids started to tell her all about the magical rain drops and how it can make everything come true, Bill explained to her the game’s rules. Sandy doesn’t believe them at the beginning the kids told her the game is called “one drop at a Time”, they asked her to think of one thing every time a rain drop coming down Sandy said “ I don’t believe this is real but I will give it a try.

Sandy always wish if she can have a smart watch, she always ask her mum if she can have it! Sandy thought when she saw a big rain drop coming I want a smart watch with a big smile because she thought it will not happens.all of a sudden a big drop came down landed on Sandy’s hand and turned into a nice smart watch, Sandy said “ what! Smart watch no way this is exactly the one I liked also the same colour!” She jumped up and down from happiness, she cried “ this is magic lets play this game again !”

it is your turn Anna, Anna always wanted the gaming computer with lots of games she kept thinking about it, with every rain drop she wish if she can have the computer . Suddenly a big screen appeared with all her favourite games. Her friends were looking at the screen with all the new games on it, not believing how is all their dreams are coming true. Anna and her friends were playing the games and keep winning at all time.

Jack, Anna, Bill and Sandy were all jumping up and down of happiness that all their dreams are coming true they all shouted together “ we don’t want this beautiful rain to stop.”

They spent the whole night playing the game taking turn every time a rain drop come down one of them think of one thing they like and it became true. Lollies , cakes , toys and everything they think of came in front of them.

Their parents were wondering what is happening with the kids and they started to go and look for them.

Jack said “ I think my parents will be worried about me because I’m late” the rest of the kids said “ yes we think our parents will be worried as well!” Let’s think of one drop at a time, every time one of them think of his parents the drops came down and their parents appeared. When all the parents gathered together the kids started to tell them about the magic rain drops that turns into crystals that make all the dreams come true. All the mums and dads were shocked of what they heard from their kids, and started to wish for lots of thing with every rain drops. Every time some one wish for something it became real.

Everyone became very tired but they knew if they fall a sleep and the sun came out the rain will stop and the magic crystal will disappear. They all decided to think about one thing which is their favourite show, as soon as they start thinking a lots of magical rain drops came down and turned into a big stage with all their favourite characters. All of them sat back and enjoyed the show until the sun shine up in the sky and the rain stopped and everything disappeared, they were really sad that they lost the magic crystal drops. At that time mum was calling Jack to wake up because he will be late to school. Soon Jack realised it was all a dream and said to his mum “ that was a good dream I will share it with my friends at school today.”

September 22, 2021 13:37

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Karen Lethlean
06:03 Oct 01, 2021

I am afraid this story lost me a bit. You need to space dialogue out and pay attention to who is speak. There are quiet a few errors in this piece also...one rain drop made fir them ... The school teacher/editor in me was rather cross.


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