Magnolia grew up with her three sisters, the triplets, Cornelia Elodie and Faith.

They were always very close and kept in touch even when miles apart. And today is the triplets birthday! Magnolia had been waiting for this day, it had been sitting on her calendar unmarked for months. I guess since it took so long to get there she forgot, because when she woke up the next morning she felt something was out of place. She checked her calendar and instantly remembered the triplets birthday. She couldn’t believe she forgot, for she was usually early for these types of things. So she went downstairs where she saw her sisters eating breakfast at the counter talking about their new goals as 20 year olds. “G-good morning, why don’t you guys head to the supermarket? Looks like there isn’t enough food for me.” She said as she pushed them out the door. “Bye cya be safe!!” Magnolia slammed the door behind her with a sigh of relief, she needed theme out of the house. She needed to decorate, bake, oh there was so much to do!! Elodie gently tapped on the window “Uhh, Mag? You alright in there, you haven't even given us the keys to go shopping.” Elodie said with a worried expression on her face. Magnolia grabbed the keys off the counter opened the door and flung them forward without looking. “Ouch!” Magnolia heard Cornelia yelp in pain. “Mag, you hit her in the face!!” Elodie said with a concerned and angry face. Magnolia stammered “S-sorry..”  “Y-you should go to the doctors..” Magnolia said as she watched her sisters walk away to the car clutching Cornelia’s face. Magnolia closed the door behind her slowly, then began to vision the celebration. It should be nothing big, considering the fact that the triplets had never bothered to keep in touch with anybody besides Magnolia since their parents passed.It would just be Magnolia Cornelia Elodie and Faith as always.Magnolia rushed upstairs and back so quick she had her hairbrush in her mouth and her toothbrush in her hair. Skipping the last two steps, she slid into her slippers, not noticing they were mitch-matched, and rushed down to the basement. She swung open the attic door with all her might, and fell back into a pile of clothes. She scrambled up the ladder and started shoving boxes left and right. Her parents were quite the partiers, they had everything you need for a successful party. Balloons, cake recipes, banners, the perfect ingredients for a perfect birthday. She grabbed the box and headed down the ladder, set the box on the counter and searched through its contents for some cake recipes. She came across one she really thought would “wow” the triplets, hazelnut and almond flavored cake. Magnolia herself had never heard of this kind of cake, and she worked part-time at a bakery! She got all of the ingredients out, pre-heated the oven and began to prepare the batter. Once she finished she placed it carefully into the oven and set a timer for 35 minutes. Magnolia headed back to the box and pulled out a long, heart covered banner that read “ELODIE FAITH AND CORNELIA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” in large print. She carried it over to the steps and taped it above the arch that led into the kitchen. “Oof!” Magnolia screeched as she fell down the steps, trying to stand on her tippy toes. The tape flew out of her hands and into the dark, black abyss that is the bottom of the couch. “Ow… urgh, well at least I still got the banner up.”  She held onto the railing to regain her balance and steadied herself again. “Ouch!, ah, my ankle..” She looked at her right legs ankle and saw a bruise that would definitely leave a mark. “Urgh! I don’t have time for this!” She said as she limped back towards the box, out of it she lifted out 10 pink balloons and walked towards the couch to inflate them. She blew and blew with all her might, but couldn’t take it anymore. She eventually passed out on the couch, letting reality slip away into the misty world that is the mind. She woke up when the balloon that was in her mouth before she passed out fell into her lap, and looked around confused. She saw the birthday banner, and remembered instantly what she was doing. As reality came back into focus she heard a timer going off in the kitchen, “Oh no...oh no no no no, please don’t let it be burnt…” Magnolia said as she limped towards the oven. “Come on!! This will be just about the worst birthday in history if I don’t get the cake right!”. Magnolia swished her head around and looked at the clock on the wall. “I don’t have time, they’ll be back any minute! Eh.. I’m sure they won’t mind the cake having a bit of a burnt tire taste to it.” She laughed nervously. She looked around and saw the balloons on the couch. “Right, not doing that again. This party will just have to make do without balloons”. She looked at her work around the house and decided she was ready. She was about to call the triplets when she realized, “Oh my goodness I forgot the present!!!” 

She ran back up to the attic,”There has to be something in here!”. Suddenly Magnolia stopped looking through a box, she had spotted something peculiar in the corner of her eye. A black box,covered top to bottom in dust was just behind a broken TV. She opened it with curiosity and peered inside. A single piece of paper was in it. She began to read with the intent to read it to the very end, but stopped when she saw the names of her sisters. “I-Its mothers will! What in the world is it doing here?? Why am I just seeing this?” But she had no time to think, she placed the will back in the box and was about to go downstairs when she heard knocking on the door. “They’re back!!” she rushed to the front door and swung it open, “Happy Birthday you guys!”. Magnolia wrapped her arms around the triplets. She didn’t even notice she was still wearing pajamas, she just didn’t care. As the triplets walked in the kitchen and placed the food on the counter, their faces scrunched up in disgust. “What's that smell Mag? Did you burn something?” But Faith didn’t need to ask, she saw the cake in front of her, the burnt, bare cake in all its glory. “Aww, you didn’t have to. Not at the expense of our living area that is.” They all burst out laughing, except Magnolia. She shoved a box into their hands with a serious look on her face. “Go on, open it”.  They slowly opened the box and found three necklaces, one was a heart, the other a pair of wings, and the last a halo. “Oh, these are so cute! Where’d you get em’?” said the triplets in unison. “Mum left them for you, and a note with them.” Said Magnolia timidly. Faith read the note aloud with tears in her eyes, “To my angels, to my pride, to my world. I’m never truly gone.”

August 06, 2019 19:45

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