Fundamental Forms that Define Money, Currency, and Ultimately Value. The Logic of Cashless, Broke, and Impossible to Purchase. May I Define the Dollar?

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American Coming of Age Creative Nonfiction

The meeting was called in secret. Forever known to history as 'The secret meeting on money'. The events went like this: The morning overcast is breaking up as rays of sunlight beamed through the vapor making up the layer of moisture that veiled any sight of the sun. Coffee and danishes accompanied the empty stomachs assembled at the closed door meeting of the individuals who sat in refutation of the proposal. Viral walks in, dressed for comfort rather than business. Loafers, jeans, and a 'Handball' sweatshirt referencing the American prisoners helping hand in the debt crisis. The world series of handball and it's ESPN debut was still not being mentioned in the media and the inmates liked it this way. Slowly snowballing the event into reality was their game plan. Profits dropped on the national debt was their due process of law. Similar in nature to a frog in the boiling pot of water logic if one needs a metaphor to exemplify the concept. As the President sets down the one page proposal through a thumb and index finger rub to the eyes expressing his headache. He finds no need for Advil as his pounding head is cut short by inquiry. "So what are your thoughts on refluxing the Yellowstone supervolcano with the Fort Knox gold Mr. President?"

"We don't have any f****** gold Viral". Followed by hesitation due to a need in disclosing confidential information which sat in silence before reluctantly turning into the truth; thereby enlightening the youngster sitting across from him. He states:

"The real story is rather genius. Franklin D. Roosevelt used an executive order to purchase as much gold from Americans with his intent set on keeping it for himself. So the American dollar is fundamentally backed on a scam." The pair cannot hold back there respectful grins in appreciation of the play." "Hmmm, this happens to fit rather well with how we are going to 'dispose' of the real gold at Fort Knox. My plan will work Mr. President and explains away the truth rather effectively. All that is needed is a press release to go out saying we need to reflux the Yellowstone supervolcano due to it becoming increasingly active. The resulting eruption would be devastating. The press release will show what it means to reflux a system. How energy will be pulled from the chamber and dispersed through the liquid in the condensing column. Far-fetched for sure, using chilled mercury as the heat capturing liquid in the condenser to pull the heat out of the vapor phase that gets distilled into the vertical column. Running it all of the volcanic systems thermal energy itself. However, instead of dumping the gold we don't have we fake this with a block of pyrite. We may possibly be able to incorporate the atmospheric carbon dioxide into the condenser as well. Pulling it into the top of the open system and cooling it down through the reflux condensers." The President perks up as my proposal takes shape in his mind. "If we could get the CO2 from burning fossil fuels into the solid state such that the gas becomes solid...the amount of heat we would pull from the volcanic system!" He takes a heavy couple gulps of ice water from his glass. Imagining the cooler matter hitting his stomach and heating back up. "An ice pack around my throat would represent the chilled fluid flowing through the outside of the condensor. Throw a crack to the face of global warming. Besides the right angle cleavage of pyrite, it actually does sound like we know what we're doing." He sits back as Viral prepares his closing statement on the first part of his interpretation of what supports a modern form of money. "This would then allow America to claim that we are saving the planet from annihilation such that we have paid off our debt and have a legitimate right to print currency. That is what I believe money should be based on. What is the act of doing something productive. Obviously I want a Visa everywhere credit card with unlimited funds on it." This forces his head to hang in disbelief as his staff find laughter at the proposal.

If the president goes with this morally correct avenue in handling the proposition then he keeps his job. If denied the video recording that is captured through special contact lenses and a sound recording instrument that is set into Viral's ear canal are released to the public. This would count as a form of an American vote. The President and staff either make the right decision in terms of what the people want or the administration ends up in scandal.


The meeting continues as Viral pulls another sheet of handwriting from his sweatshirts front pocket. Proposal number two, titled 'The School' it reads heavily on common sense and basic logic: instead of contributing the majority of classroom hours to Science, History, Language, etcetera. A new curriculum is established. At five years old children start drawing shapes and stick figures such that drafting and design shall be the main focus with the goal of Middle School graduation being a submission of a set of blueprints to City Hall for construction of the child's home. High School is focused on the realization of the blueprints. We use the bread and butter of American that is the journeymen carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and laborers who are currently being underutilized. They would oversee the construction of these homes. This provides the next generation with a mortgage free style of life and then if desired one may embark on History, Math, Science, Law, Literature, or academia to keep it simple. If this was done for myself I would not be in the position of homelessness that I am currently working my way out of. I find it unnecessary with a plan like this to continue trapping ourselves in a noose rather than a hammock. With mortgage, or more definitively stated the number one financially demanding aspect of life. This should be the number one concern of Americans and a solid foundation for future generations to go about living free. I find that if given enough rope to elucidate on my preceding statement the conclusion of 'one will hang themselves' is best looked at as 'in a hammock' and that is how I would use the rope in that line from our ancient philosophers. I believe they would respect that."

"And you say you are broke, Viral?" Asks a staff member of the White House. "Yes I am, due to compounds being illegal I have been forced out of the American population. With strict regulations and monitoring of my personal private life. I honestly have no respect for those in charge of American freedom. From my choice to use synthetic neurotransmitters I find that my personal decisions are governed forcing me to argue in terms of my civil rights and corresponding freedom. Since I do not rape for murder anyone I should be free to live as I please. Why does the Country restrict my lifestyle habits?" I question. The room is silent, a collective that is left unable to answer as I take the President and his staff all the way back to preschool. "Winnie the Pooh logic fellas, and you all failed the course in freedom and consciousness for physical existence. The bear steals honey so he put in a bee box after planting a garden. Now he does not steal honey anymore. The drug enforcement agency does not allow one to manufacture compounds for personal consumption." I state assuredly.

The President rolls his eyes and fires back. "Well, I see a different line of interpretation. The problem is Winnie the Pooh does nothing in his addiction. He simply sits around and eats honey all day long without realizing his honey habit is the cause for his expulsion from others." "Yes Mr. President you hit the nail on the head with that one. And you know honestly, retirement is nice. One just sits around eating honey all day long. I'm sorry you don't get the chance to know me but look at how concrete idiotic fundamentals have become integrated into mainstay solutions protected through so called law". "Ok, so your retired with no money strung out on drugs. way to retire Viral. And proposition four is?" "Cocktails and lunch" I state. The meeting ends as the President's staff look to each other through a what the hell just happened state of a newfound headache readily relieved.

"Mr. President this is how I am retiring. I pull my story from my sweatshirt pocket. "I am renouncing my citizenship and filing motions in the Supreme Court such that a writ ordering America to fly me to my new country of residence using the tax dollar is achieved. This is realized based off of my Bill of Rights. Here is the discovery packet, you've been served and your staff is witness." Thank God I am recording all this I think to myself.

A lost thought that is an inability to refute the claim is featured on the President's face.

"Look if this plan of yours works then you will be able to fly wherever you want and it will still technically be financed 100% through the taxes. So why don't you take the easier route? You know, not stir the pot? Because it just makes you an asshole." "Well I didn't write this play and corresponding book for no reason Mr. President. It is really important for me to pull this off." The unbounded sheets totaling two hundred and eighteen pages of narrative and prose are picked up by the President. 'Joe Viel Pro-Per Inmate to Amsterdam' he reads aloud and sets it back on his desk.

"This is my discovery packet, a book?" asks the President.

"And service of my strategy for the civil suit that is Viel Vs. Supreme Court. Let's get to lunch" I state to the tune of my stomach rumbling in hunger. "Sounds great Viral, congratulations on your new job by the way." And he walks right out of the white houses oval office.

//I expect my five dollar bill in my picture to get my essay into the contest, I am that unreasonable folks. Seriously, I do expect to fly to Amsterdam, The Netherlands from the San Joaquin County Jail.//

August 17, 2022 20:55

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