Romance Sad Fiction

They were different in ways I cannot describe. 

The girl had eyebrows that were constantly fretted, as if she were always frustrated and overthinking. Every so often she would realize she was fretting and notice the wrinkles all along her face, she’d relax and let her face go free. Although it would only last at most a minute, for her thoughts never let her mind be careless. She had eye bags as dark as her nails. She found herself thinking and plotting all night, or going on drives to keep herself sane. She went on nightly drives, blasting music through the otherwise quiet and gloomy darkness. 

She danced in the rain with an umbrella, without a care in the world. Without a care that she was getting her hair wet. Of course, that is until she would regret it when her hair fluffed up and she found herself staring moodily at the mirror. But she knew that the rain was her getaway. Her eyes shone and sparkled, despite the tiredness of her face. 

She did this to keep herself happy, for her happiness was depleting, and rapidly for that matter. All those late nights on the phone were driving her up the wall and causing her to close off from the rest of the world. For her patience was running thin, and her sanity was slowly decaying away.

He, however, was not a single bit like the girl. He would strum his guitar and play the piano during the day, and tease every person he came across relentlessly. He was sensitive, nonetheless, when the girl yelled at him, he couldn’t help but break the act. He would go to sleep with tears in his eyes, as he couldn’t take her frustration. 

He put a smile on her face only for it to turn into a frustrated sigh. He made dumb jokes that he would later regret saying in front of people he knew just to see a giggle erupt onto her usual solemn face. He was this girl's sunshine in her rain. Her light at the end of the tunnel.  

He would twirl the umbrella in his hand to shield her hair in the rain as she walked home in her dirty black boots with the shoelaces untied and flopping along the wet sidewalk. They were the sun and moon. 

Yet, you must keep in mind, this is the girl who wears Doc Martens, baggy jeans, and oversized hoodies who doesn’t have a single care about anyone else. While he’s the boy who wears button-up shirts, khakis, and Vans and cares about everyone else’s feelings a little too much. They didn’t seem ideal at first glance, heck who am I kidding, they weren’t. They weren’t ideal whatsoever. 

For he so loved this girl, that he sacrificed his happiness, time, and energy to and for her, and yet, he received nothing in return. Not even a good morning or a good night text message. He did not let that bother him, for all of the countless scenarios he pitched in his mind just to justify her behavior and attitude. At times, it seemed that they were the sun and the moon, just one sky apart.

The sun would say hello in the morning and light up everyone's day, bringing happiness to every corner. While the moon would come back during every night to tell you to stop pitying yourself and to kick mud into your hair and she chewed her gum so noisily in your face, just to make you angry. 

When the sun was there, she would be less moody and irrational. But when the sun was absent, she was a tornado in heels. Screaming at kids and crushing every toy in her path with boots as she stomped away, cursing herself. Meanwhile, the sun was too reliant on her. Too insistent that she would come around, although he knew she never did. He would plead with her, “Just once? For me?” Yet she would laugh without an ounce of happiness in her tone and shake her head so her blue hair would float around. For the innocence between them was gone, the words said over the phone and through messages were forever etched in their minds and hearts. The happiness faded away at some point. Perhaps it was when their happy high was phasing out and reality was beginning to set in.

Still, he’d never take her no for an answer. But that, right there was his mistake. That was the imbalance in their reign. For he needed her, but she couldn’t care any less about him. She saw him as a chess piece and only used him to gain leverage and an advantage in life. For at the end of the day, she skipped out on his life, with his heart in her hand, and for him, a void desperately needed to be filled. For the umbrella couldn’t protect him from the rain, and he was left alone to ponder what went wrong.

Though as the time passed and her memory of him wiped clean, he still hadn’t forgotten her. Yet, through those restless nights, nonstop tears, and heartbreaking moments of the memories flooding his mind, he was able to forget those feelings and get over her. He had moved on, found someone like him. Someone as devoted and lovely as he is. The sun spun around, full circle, and had found a new moon. And even though the moon never found a new sun, she quickly came to the realization that she didn’t need one. The moon was content with herself. 

He began to make those moments that were etched in his mind of him and the other girl, become a reality, but with this girl. He began to see how silly it was to think about this girl, the girl from the past, a girl who didn’t care about him. He began to see that the girl he has right now, right in front of him is his soulmate. His forever moon. While the other girl, his old moon, was out doing things she knew he would never approve of. Living her life to the fullest. Going to those parties, getting that tattoo, becoming her true authentic self. She’s happy, much happier without him. They’re both much happier and content with their lives apart.

May 07, 2021 20:10

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