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It has been a long day. I have been thinking all day. Thinking about my life and all the things I've done. All the events of my life.--All the people in my life. My parents -my sisters. It's been many years. The memories come back and dwell in my mind.--My sisters and I have gotten older.--Our lives have moved in different directions. Today I think about all the fun we had. I was the youngest -the only boy --My sisters were older and I was the baby of the family. That was good---Where's Terry -He's been gone a long time--My Mother tells my sisters -You better go look for him--And so they do--I had went down the road from our house --it was winter --the snow was deep. A pond was close-the bank was high-it was by the road -down below laid a snow bank and it was very deep. I decided I would stand on the pond and jump into the snow. That would be fun--And so I did----I hit the snow and went in deep--above my shoulders -only my head showing--I was stuck and I was scared . I worked and I squirmed but I could not get out.--I was only 6 years old. But I knew my sisters would come to help me.-I cried out -Help me -I'm stuck in the snow and I can't get out.--Then I see them -it's getting dark and I am so afraid.-My sisters--Deanne-Bonnie and Cheryl --their coming to save me. They dig me out -They put me on a sled they have brought . They take me home and warm me up. I thought then--it is so good to have someone who will come looking for you -if you've been gone too long . Today I think about that day-when I was only 6 --I walk by a mirror and what do I see--I see myself -when I was 6 -I look -wet-I look cold . And then I know -the reflection I see is from the day I was stuck in the snow. It is good -I don't want to move -I want to remember that day and who I was--I wish it was then -but it is now -so many years gone by --I stand there and I look -a reflection of years ago. I cannot let go.--My parents- my sisters and myself in a house. A family that stays the same -no one grows older--Life goes on and we cannot stop it --I hear my sister say --Terry -It's time for Church--You better get ready-I'll help. you. We all get in the car--3 in the front 3 in the back. We get close to Church--The bell is ringing -We are going to be late. We run up to the Church-we go up the stairs and we open the door.-we go in -the Church is full . But our pew is empty -the Church is full. But our pew is empty --it is our seat -everyone has a special place. Do not sit in someone else's pew.-And so we sit down. A song is being sung. I sit between between Deanne and Bonnie -I liked sitting between them. I feel safe. I know they will tell me what to do. They will open the hymnal and point out the words. They will find the number of the hymn and point it out to me. Then we will sing . My Mother has told me we must go to Church every Sunday---Jesus is here and He wants to talk to us.-He want's to tell us what He has done for us. We cannot miss-We never do. --I stand up--I put my arms on the pew in front-and I look all around-I see all the people . I know their names -Families sitting together --The Women in their hats and their dresses and their high heeled shoes. Some of them wear scarfs and they have them tied below their chins. The men are in their suits and ties. And their long sleeved shirts--Their skin is tanned from the sun and the wind. Their hands are rough from the shovels they have held. They are all farmers --My Dad is a farmer from Nebraska -who moved to Idaho with his wife Marie. He is a Sharecropper -We never had much money --but we were okay-we never went hungry. We were always happy and content with what we had.-I was happy--How could I not be?-My sisters loved me and I had toys and a dog named Spotty. Our Church was out in the Country--A tall -very tall tree stood close. It did not move -it did not fall. Rooted deep in God's great earth. The steeple stood high-on top was a cross-that was lit.--Surrounded by fields of Clover.-So it was called The Clover Lutheran Church. A School across the road and that is where my sisters and I went to School. We rode a bus -it picked us up at our house every morning--I was 6 -it was my first day of school. I was scared-I did not want to go-My sisters were older-they had already been going. They said it would be fun-I might learn something--there would be other kids to play with--We had recess. -My sisters got me ready--Bonnie said I had to look good for my first day of school. It was a Christian School--Clover Lutheran school. My teacher was nice. Her name was Miss Leader-I liked her--I was not afraid. My sisters were in another class . I wish I could see them. Deanne had told me -do not be afraid -I'll be close by. And she was.-We learned about Jesus -We sang songs and we prayed. At Christmas we would have a Christmas program in the Church. We practiced a lot.--It was on Christmas Eve-And it was a night.-Only lit by the Christmas trees and lights on the altar. The Church would be full of people-all the parents, We had lines to remember. Each class would take their turn. We would stand on the altar and look out to the congregation.. We would tell the story of Christmas and we would sing songs about Jesus.. The people listened--I hope I did okay?--When we were done another class would come up. We sat on the sides -all in in classes -there were Christmas Trees on both sides of the altar.--They were tall -very tall-lights from top to bottom -Ornaments covered the trees -Tinsel on the branches. A Manger with the Baby Jesus sat below one tree --His Mother Mary-His Father Joseph -Jesus was in the crib. Sheep and cows looked in. When the program was over we walked out. We were given a sack of candy and peanuts. And a orange. We drove home -my sisters and I were excited. Santa had come while we were at Church. He had brought us presents. So we opened our presents. We were all happy-it was the best night of the year.--And now I look in the mirror that has suddenly appeared. I see myself on Christmas Eve. With my train set.-I move for a better look. I see myself stuck in a snow bank--I see my sisters coming to help me. I holler-I'm stuck in the snow and I need help. I hear my sister Deanne--We're coming to help you.-How good it is to look in to look in a mirror and see a reflection of my life.

November 23, 2023 00:10

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