The doctor's office looked nice. The chair was leather and a pitcher of water and some candy for the patient were set atop a wooden coffee table. All that could be heard was the clicking of a keyboard.

Can you recall when you first noticed the loss of feeling in your fingers? Did you note down the sensation in both your left and right trigger fingers?


Did the incident relate to trauma, or did it occur during the demon-slaying campaign? This information is crucial for an accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The tests we conducted, along with the scans, reveal a discernible pattern.

Silence persists

The doctor adjusted his glasses. According to your medical history, you ventured to Phobos and the depths of Hell, as well as Exultia. Both Mars and Hell are notorious for causing damage to the nervous system and bone structure. Over the years, I've witnessed numerous cases of Dr. Hayden's employees being affected. Before the demon outbreak, most individuals working on Mars displayed rapid bone degeneration. Did you experience any sharp pain when you ventured outside the facility's protection? I'm not referring to battles and direct injuries, but rather whether you spent time on the surface.

Doom guy shifted in his chair.

The continuous demon slaying and conflicts are evidently taking a toll on you. The scans indicate extensive damage across the board. Frankly, I'm astonished that you're still alive. In my professional opinion, it's crucial that you cease such activities and instead embark on an intensive medical recovery program, including mud baths, ice massages, and senior gymnastics...

Doom guy stretched his gloved hand and retrieved a pen and paper from across the desk, then slid it into the doctor's view.

Mr. Doom guy, there's no need for this kind of language. I'm merely offering my educated opinion. You approached me with a problem, correct? I'm trying to help. The damage to your hands is among the most severe I've encountered in my career. Have you been using your fists to break rocks?

Doom guy clenched his fist and tapped his other hand, flashing the horns sign.

Fighting demons with punches? What were you thinking? I read in your records about some of the techniques you employ in combat: bare-hand rock climbing, jumping from significant heights -

Doom guy pointed at his boots.

While the impact compensation system might offer some assistance, it's not designed to endure falls from such heights. The fact that it helps doesn't mean your legs aren't sustaining cumulative damage. Additionally, your Praetor suit lacks upgrades. Why haven't you enhanced the armor and life capacity?

Doom guy wrote something down.

Please refrain from using this term. It's disrespectful to women. Boosting protection and health shouldn't be equated with being a certain term. And investing all your resources into ammo is excessive. This is likely why your fingers are numb; you consistently keep them on the trigger. I understand there might be a connection to BJ Blazkowicz. In my earlier years, I collaborated with a doctor who treated him for a terminal illness. He wielded heavy weapons in both hands and fired simultaneously. The damage inflicted on his shoulders was beyond surgical repair.

A burst of red erupted in the doctor's office.

Yes, I'm well aware that you possess the ability to wield the Crucible. However, it appears extremely cumbersome and unwieldy. This is detrimental to your back. Don't misunderstand me, Doom guy. I've seen the Titans you've defeated; there's one right outside this window. Your actions are undeniably impressive, and on behalf of humanity, I express my gratitude. Nonetheless, the conflict has subsided, and we have it under control. You can afford to take a break. When was the last time you had a vacation?

"Doctor, his pulse is escalating rapidly, and he's harboring thoughts of murder and dismemberment by chainsaw," Vega's voice resonated through the suit's communication system.

Listen, Doom guy, I comprehend your situation. Abandoned on Mars, a simple marine, your unit obliterated. Rage consumed you, and killing became your sole purpose. They even went so far as to kill your pet rabbit. During that time, you battled hordes of demons without celestial powers, and you survived! But did you stop there? No, the Seraphim granted you "formidable powers," the king enrolled you in the Night Sentinels, and your killing spree persisted. Let me share something with you: your cervical spine is severely compromised. The cave-in trap compressed your vertebrae to the point where your neck is nonexistent. Your body isn't designed like that of a demon; you're not built for rapid weapon switching. My previous patient was a Marauder. He claimed you killed his friend with two rapid weapon swaps. It was quicker than he could summon his ghost dog. And let's not even delve into the topic of dashing. Do you comprehend the G forces your organs experience when you dash at that velocity? Why not learn from Davoth? His armor was twice as massive and augmented with advanced cybernetics. He didn't subject his body to such strain. Why not follow his example?

Doom guy glanced out the window, spreading his legs wide.

I gather that progress is limited with you, Mr. Doom guy. Would you like me to recommend another doctor? Perhaps she'll be more successful in earning your trust. Don't you have anything to add?


Vega, didn't he create a massive hole through the center of Mars using the BFG 10.000?

"He did, doctor."

What's wrong with you?! What did that achieve?

"He then propelled himself into the planet by launching from a cannon."

"Good Lord, what did you expect that to do to your body? How much radiation do you think your body absorbed while fooling around in the firing chamber? Come to think of it, you're likely still radioactive. Leave my office right now. Don't return until your suit's ammo capacity is depleted. Upgrade the radar function, and consider searching for action figures; that could be enjoyable. Hey, Vega, play some soft rock at a moderate volume, haha. Get the fuck out of my office.

August 25, 2023 20:04

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