Band of Brothers, The O'brien's

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Suspense Thriller Friendship


  By Professor Alan Dale Dickinson


CHARLES WARNER Kennedy “Charlie” O’Brien, was an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Director for the Western Region. And his office was in downtown L.A. (Los Angeles), California.

           It was located at the corner of 3rd. and Hope Streets, on top of ‘Bunker Hill,’ in the heart of the Financial District of the, “City of the Angels.” His office was on the 30th floor of the 55 Story sky high office complex.

           And on a clear day, you could see forever. Remember that old song? However, on a ‘smoggy’ day, not quite that far. As a matter of fact, on a ‘bad day’ you could barely see across the street.

           “It never rains in southern California,” do you remember that great song? Well, it doesn’t very often at least. Albeit, we do have ‘soupy’ days filled with suet and smog, oh, alas!

His large executive office window faced northeast. Toward the lovely ‘San Gabriel’ Mountain range, and the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood, or Hollyweird, as Charlie likes to call it.

Charlie is a real life IrishLaddy,’ who loves to celebrate ‘St. Paddy’s Day,’ with green beer, lots and, lots of green Irish beer. He loves all kinds of people, he loves Irish pubs, he loves pretty Irish Lassie’s, and he loves everything Irish, period!

Also, our man, ‘Charlie Brown,’ as some people liked to call him, to his major dislike I must hasten to add, he loved to laugh.

He was well known for his very boytrose belly-laughs whenever he heads a good joke, or a funny story. Charlie was a big man, 6’ 4” and about 250 pounds. It was all muscle because he worked out every day at the gym, he did not have a once of fat on his entire body.

And his size made his laughter seem even more fun to listen too, and it was also very infectious to everyone who heard it. He tells people that he got that great laugh from his beloved mama. She was full blooded Irish, with an Irish temper to match. And yet she was still a Saint in his eyes and he sorely misses her, every day.  

CHARLIE O’BRIEN has a big, very big, family, and he has four (4) brothers, all older than himself by the way, with no sisters. And, also, he had too many cousins to count. Plus, lots of wonderful aunts and uncles.

They were very close to each other and they would do anything, and I do mean anything, to help each other out when one of them was in trouble and/or any kind of need.

There was; a) Donald, who was a Commander with the outstanding LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), b) David who was a Captain with the Brea Police Department, c) J.J. Jesus, Sarge, was his nickname, he was an excellent Investigator for the OCSD (Orange County Sheriff’s Department).

And, Sarge worked directly for Don Barns, the Sheriff, and last but clearly not least, and, d) Tim, who worked for the OCDA (Orange County District Attorneys) office. He was Todd Spitzer’s investigator and also his right-hand man as well as his campaign manager.

They affectionately called themselves, a “Band of Brothers.” The five (5) brothers would occasionally work on the same cases, if they were real ‘High Profile’ criminal cases.

They did this in addition to their regular very stressful and quite dangerous, jobs. Currently they were requested to work on a joint-taskforce by the Governor, Gavin Newsome.

And also, the N.S.A. Director at the White House, in Washington D.C. Charlie was told that the POTUS (President. Joe Biden) was in the loop on this case as well.

CHARLIE HAD broken, the news to his, ‘Band of Brothers,’ just recently. It seemed that some Terrorists had snuck into the United States at the U.S. and Tucson, Arizona border.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) told Charlie that this group of illegal aliens, and terrorists, had in their possession two Dirty Bombs.

One bomb, most likely would wipe-out the entire city of L.A. (Los Angeles), and there was no telling how much damage two bombs, would do the state of California.

The cities between Ventura and the El Centro, California, at the Mexican border, might disappear in less that 60 seconds. And perhaps even worse damage was entirely possible.

 Charlie told his “Band of Brothers” the following at their first ‘Round Table’ meeting to discuss this very dangerous and patriotic mission for the White House and the CIA.

“A dirty bomb is a mix of explosives, and Dynamite, with ‘Radioactive’ powder and/or patters When the explosives are set of, the blast carries the radioativmatterail into the surround aries, with quite deadly consequences.”

Then he took a deep breath, ran his big and scared, hands though his nice- looking salt and pepper hair, and then continued by saying, ‘A dirty bomb is not like an Atomic bomb. Period.

“An Atomic bomb like the ones dropped on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, Japan, involves splitting of Atoms, and a huge release of energy that produces the well-known Atomic mushroom cloud.”

And added this statement too, as he finished his very relevant and quite important information about the four (potentially) by adding, “A dirty bomb works completely differently and cannot create an atomic blast.”

“However, that does not mean to say that it is any less devastating, horrifying, and terrifying, to the people who are in the effected area, than the two A-Bombs pounded upon Japan during the big one, WW II (World War II).”

And finally, Charlie finished his very relevant and quite important information about the four (Perhaps) by concluding thus, “Dirty bombs are scary, Vitriolic, vicarious, and also, they are extremely dangerous, and they are easy to hide and move about without much detection, (except for a Giger-counter).

And no country should have even one of these heinous WMD’s , as they are the deadliest weapon on the face of the earth, with the exception of New era Hydrogen bomb.”

THESE WERE the names of the terrorist’s, according to Jan Smoker Director of the whole worldwide Agency. She also told Charlie that all of these despicable men were all from Yemen and were all wanted “Dead or Alive” by INTERPOL, in Lyon, located just outside of Paris, France!

The names of these five vicarious terrorists, were as follows:

1. Abdrabbuh Mansur Zaidi (The leader).

2. Ahmad bin al-Badar.

3. Shiur Aden Kathri.

4. Mahar Sultanate Qishan.

5. Abdul Fattah Saleh.

And, not surprisingly the same exact day, June 3rd, another separate group of ‘terrorists’ crept, around the U.S. and Mexican border at T.J. (Tijuana), Baha California. This group was allegedly from Syria. Where the ‘Despot’ Bashar al-Assad ruled over a depressed and put-upon country.

Jan Smoker told Charlie that the names of this particular group of ‘bad-actors’ were as follows:

1. Riad ‘Syria’ al-Abdadi (The Leader).

2. Qassem Saad al-Din.

3.Housein al-Nurani.

4. Shamashi Yamhad.

5. Amram Muhammad.

The latest intel (Intelligence) from Jan Smoker at the CIA in Virginia, was that according to the D.O.D. (Department of Defense), that one Dirty Bomb could wipe-out all of the metropolitan Los Angeles area.

And two Dirty Bombs could wipe out almost all of southern California. Not an event that the POTUS nor the NSA wanted to even envision.

Charlie assured Jan Smoker, and the President of the United States, that he and his “Band of Brothers” would track them down, find them, and place them in a damp, dank, and dark, ‘Black Op’s Site.’

He wanted to put them in an awful prison, somewhere, let’s say, in Albania, and or Poland. They have several terrorists from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan still there left over from the Wars in those countries.

Those countries are very poor, have no industry, and they make a great deal of money by housing other counties hardened criminals, drug kingpins, and/or terrorists.

CHARLIE HEARD it through the, ‘Grape Vine’ (Do you remember the late great Mr. Marvin Gay? He was one of Charlies all-time favorite Motown entertainers), that both of the groups, and all the ten (10) terrorists, were living above, a big ‘Mosque’ in downtown L.A.

It was located at Sixth Street and Spring Streets, close to what is call the “Skid Row” of Los Angeles. The poor and forsaken people from all over the nation came out here to California because the weather back east was way, way to cold for them to live on the frozen street.

Charlie knew lots of Muslim people and had several friends of that faith, including people from Iran (Persia), Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkey. He was not biased nor prejudice, not at all. 

He always says that there are a few ‘crazies’ in every country, the Middle East, and even in out good ole U.S. of A.

He also has lots of Jewish friends and has notice that there are a lot of very fine, very nice, looking women whenever he visits Israel. He goes there on vacation every two years; he and his lovely wife just love it there. They really do.

The head Cleric, Sheik Abdullah Mansur al-Ahmar, a former member of ISIS-X, was providing them with food and lodging at his Mosque. Also, he gave them a lot of cash that had been sent to him by al-Queda, in Iraq.

Charlie decided to call an old buddy of his at the L.A. Sheriff’s Department (LACSD), his name was Alex Venezuela, the New Sheriff in Town.

The Sheriff, told Charlie, “I will send my special team to assist you to capture these despicable excuses for human beings, and by the way Charlie, I am coming too.”

Alex was a big, rough and tumble kind of guy and he was not intimidated by anybody nor anything, not even ‘terrorists and /or dirty bombs.” Bring em’ on he added, “Game on Bozos.”

He told Charlie that his anti-terrorist section of the LACSD was well aware of that particular Cleric as well as the, ‘All American Yemenite’ Mosque.

CHARLIE’S BAND of ‘Brothers’ along with the L.A.P.D. “SWAT” Team, The LACSD anti-terrorist unit, and the FBI, of course, were hidden in several different old run-down office buildings at 6 th. and Spring.

They got a tip from a C.I. (Confidential Informant) who lived on Skid-Row, that he had over-heard that the Yemenis terrorists were moving out tomorrow and that they were going to set timers on their (two to four), Dirty Bombs.

 And then they would disappear back across the ‘Mexico’ border with the U.S., on their back to Yemen and Syria, (respectively) before the deadly bombs were set to go off! Cowards!

The LAPD ‘SWAT’ officers covered the back of the Mosque. They put up road blocks, to protect the business people that worked in the area, and also the poor souls on skid-row.

The LACSD split their team in half in order to cover both sides of the whole building, the FBI and Charlie would go in the front with a ‘knock, knock’ warrant, and they would go int hot’ with every kind of weapon that you could imagine.

Charlie, at the assault briefing that they had just had, told everyone, “We want to take all ten (10) of these bad guy terrorists ‘alive,’ they have rights even though they may not deserve them, any questions.”

“OK, lets cowboy-up and go get the bad guys just like John Walsh, on America’s Most Wanted T.V. show, or as John ‘Duke’ Wayne use to say, let us go amongst them.”

THE LAPD, had several former marine corp. snipers and Sharpshooters (Over watch), on all of the surrounding roof tops, Michael Moore the LAPD Police Chief has showed up very unexpectedly at Charlie’s briefing.

The Chief said, “Hey Charlie, old buddy, did you think for one minute that I was going to miss all of the fun?” They the chief laughed, and Charlie laughed louder, and then the whole room broke out in heavy breathing humor and laughter concert.

           Just seconds before the LAPD ‘Knock-Knock’ mini-tank rammed into the front Mosques front door, which by the way, was made of heavy reinforced steel, also on the front of the little tank was a sign that said, “Hello from the LAPD SWAT.” 

Charlie did not hear it until it hit him in his left shoulder, it was a 7.62 NATO round from a Chinese made AK-47 (The Russian AK’s, were much better, Charlie told people, but they cost more, a lot more).

           He bent over in pain, and just as he did another round went ‘wisping’ by his Helmut. Then just as he stood up, and a third shot slipped into his left calf which was sticking out from the steel door to the mini-tank.

           Jan Smoker, CIA, yelled, “Someone get Charlie to the ER Paramedic’s ‘bus,’ and do it right Now.” Captain David, and Sarge, grabbed him and pulled him to his feet in an effort to get him to the Bus which was right behind the tank.

Charlie made a big commotion, and yelled at everybody within earshot, “Get me to the front door, I want to be the first one in.” Someone handed a crutch, and he hobbled over to the front door, right after the tank delivered its little ‘greeting’ to the terrorist.

           Charlie practically fell through the big steel front door, he fired his custom made 12-gauge, Dickinson shotgun, at a terrorist right by the front door. The pellets picked the man up and moved him twenty-feet from where he was standing.

           Within seconds, the LASCD had men coming through the side entrances, on both sides and the LAPD officers were coming in the Back door, and they yelled, “LAPD anybody home?”

           The FBI anti-terrorist team moved in along side Charlie and pulled him off to the side. As soon as they did that, he reached down and grabbed his .357 Magnum in his good right hand, and his .40 Caliber Sig-Sauer automatic in his wounded left hand.

CHARLIE WAS madder than a wet-hen, he was cursing and yelling and cursing more, at himself, out-loud, because he had let some stupid criminal with an old worn-out AK-47, shoot him not only once, but twice!

Just then he saw some movement on the staircase leading up to the second floor, he took careful aim, very careful aim, with his trusty revolver, and put a hole in the middle of the second terrorist.

Charlie heard David take out two more near the top of the staircase, and then Tim handled another one on the second-floor landing. That meant that there was five or so down, with five or so to go.

Jan Smoker and Sarge were now on the second floor, and moving, real, real fast, and they found the remaining five terrorists holed up in the kitchen. It was very tight quarters, but they both knew what they were doing.

She put the one standing behind a big chair to sleep, and then another bad guy who shot at her from behind the oven. Sarge was right next to her, and took out the remaining two losers.

Charlie was very, very happy, you could easily tell, maybe he started in on the green beer before anyone else, and/or it was the antiseptic med’s that they gave him, at the closing briefing after all of the commotion sellted down, and the LAPD coroner had hauled all ten of the despicable terrorists, to the LA City Morgue.

Our man Charlie, had been patched up, and had a shoulder sling on his left arm, and an elastic bandage on his left leg. Luckily, very luckily, both bullets had been ‘through and through’ wounds. The great LAPD Paramedics told him he would be fine in just a couple of weeks.

After a very short debriefing, the “Band of Brothers, O’Brien’s” were eating at Cantor’s would famous Jewish Deli, downtown L.A., and he said let’s have a toast, and then tried to stand up, both fell back into his chair, but recoved, his balance, and the he raised his mug.

To the best Brother’s any where on the Globe, “To the Brother’s O’Brien!”

By the way, Cantor’s had the best hot Pastrami’s in the whole wide world, it would melt in your mouth, literally. And the cosher dill pickle that came with it, was to die for. 

It had green beer in it, of course, what else, and he told everybody to drink to the fact that no one got killed, a big plus, and one four other officers had been wounded besides himself.

The end. 

January 31, 2022 12:00

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