Bonded over Apples

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Bonded over Apples 

By: Haripriya 

“What do you want to do?” asked Alley, looking down at her sister, Callie.  

“I don’t know Alley. What do people... sisters do together in fall? Any activities popping in your mind?” Callie questioned Alley. 

“That’s what I said! I don’t know!” Alley replied, looking frustrated. 

“Fine, well... I’ll give you some time alone to think. Just don’t get mad.” Callie advised Alley.  

Alley looked at her sister, sympathetically and nodded her head. She pushed her chair inside the table and walked away.  

Callie too pushed in her chair and decided to go to the living room. Maybe she would find something to do? Whatever it was, she was sure to find an activity.  

She sighed and sat on the couch.  

“Why are there so many magazines on the table? Doesn’t Alley know what cleaning the table means? Ugh. I guess I have to do everything in this house by myself.” Callie groaned and decided to organize the magazines and put them away in the old cabinet.  

She couldn’t really moan about doing this because it was going to take her some time to organize and put them away. That would occupy some of her time, and Alley would come up with an idea that they could do together for their homework.  

Their teacher had given them a week to write about something special that they did or were doing this fall. The two of them usually don’t work with each other, now they are being forced to do it, and they knew that there was no way they were getting out of this. 

“This one is like... 4 years ago? Wow, I guess nobody in this house keeps track of these things.” Callie talked to herself, feeling surprised.  

As she was looking through the magazines, she found something, very important. An idea had sparked inside her brain as she read the title of the magazine. She glanced at the pictures and smiled bright. Now all she had to do was convince Alley, and she was sure this would work. They could hand this in as their homework!! Callie quickly grabbed the magazine and rushed to Alley’s room. 


“Wow... so much for knocking on the door.” Alley said, uninterested. 

“I’m sorry, I was just so excited! Trust me, you actually might like this one!” Callie persuaded Alley. 

“Fine, I’ll ask you a few questions, then I’ll think about whether or not doing it.” Alley concluded. 

“OK. Now go ahead and ask me.” Callie said. 

“Now, first question. Does this activity have anything to do with outdoors?” Alley asked. 

Callie gulped. She knew that Alley was the kind of girl who enjoyed going outside like taking a hike, or nature walks. Callie didn’t know what to say. She was clueless. Afraid to admit the truth. Callie knew that Alley won’t like her idea. She started stammering and murmured something under her breath.  

“Didn’t you hear me? I asked you if this... activity you’re talking about involves or does anything with nature, and the outdoors?!” Alley asked, rather angrily. 

“Yes, I did hear you. It’s just... well...” Callie started to say something but couldn’t find the proper words to finish it. 

“Why is it taking you so long to answer this question? Just say yes, or no!!” Alley screamed. 

“Fine!! Yes, everything in it involves... going outside.” Callie hesitantly answered, looking down at her feet.  

“Then, you know the answer. Nope. I am not doing that activity. Let’s do something else like... I don’t know, bracelet making? I have an entire set of fabric, beads, jewelry, and other things. We could do that!” Alley tried to convince Callie. 

“2 reasons. First, that is not an Autumn thing! Second, apple picking is so much better! It is fun, and it is what people... sisters can do together in Autumn!! We could write about this, not making some puny bracelets!” Callie argued. 

“Wait, it was apple picking? Your idea was... apple picking?” Allie asked, looking confused and flabbergasted at the same time. 

“Well... yeah! If you had heard my idea...” as soon as Callie started talking though, Allie interrupted. 

“I am going with you! Remember, take two baskets. Also, I don’t know if I have ever told you this Callie, put... I too like the sound of apple picking! It’s a great outdoors activity and... we could get ourselves to know about each other much better!” Alley threw her arms in the air, feeling so excited.  

“Wait, so this means that you like the idea of apple picking!! FINALLY!! We got an idea, an activity that we can do together, yes!” Callie too hugged her sister, feeling joyful and glee. 

“Now what are we waiting for?! Let’s go Callie, and make sure to bring the...” but as Alley started speaking, Callie chimed in. 

“Baskets! I know, Alley!” Callie joked and both girls chuckled. 

So, both girls rushed to the pantry to grab the baskets and they rushed out of the house. 

“So, are you ready Alley?” asked Callie. 

“Of course I am Callie! Anyways we’re doing this together, and I know that we both will have a lot of fun, trust me...” Alley replied, cheerfully. 

The two looked at each other and smiled. They opened the door together, waiting for their surprise. 

“WOW!!” Alley exclaimed. 

The leaves, they are making these apples even more gracious looking. Look at all those fresh apples! It looks so yummy, and... and delicious!! Can we eat one!! Please?” Alley pleaded and looked at Callie. 

“Um... let me think about this, NO! Not right now, after we pick a lot of apples and once, we are heading home, then... maybe we can eat one or two. Is that clear?” Callie looked at Alley, suspiciously. 

“Sure, I guess. Now let’s pluck a lot of apples, because they look amazing!!” Alley remarked once again, which made Callie giggle. 

They never realized that they were going to be bonded over a few apples. Autumn is magical, and it can do unexpected things. 

~The End~ 

October 11, 2020 20:11

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Hello everyone! I would love to hear any feedback and suggestion from all of you (if you have any) and I am also curious on what was your favorite part of the story, and what part I could have improved on? Have a great day! 😊


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Soofia Asad
07:41 Nov 14, 2020

Makes me wanna go for apple picking myself


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Sowmya Rana
22:13 Oct 29, 2020

Nice Story...


Thank you!! :)


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