Romance Suspense Thriller

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Light enters my domain, forgotten to all, but not to her. She comes often, calling into the vacant halls filled with paintings and busts of the family that lives here. The woman who's always pushing her glasses back up, as if they were never meant to charm her face, acts as if she owns this place. But she is no relative of mine.

"Hello!" she says with an excited expression, the same reflection in her voice as every time she visits. "I've brought a new gadget today! So, I hope you're finally ready to talk to me." She says, as if anything has changed from the previous 'gadget' she’s brought.

Always something new, or 'modified' she would say. Always eager and hopeful that today would be the day she can bridge our two worlds.

I move to float by her. She shivers with my presence, "I see you're just as eager as me to get to the tests today Velma!"

"I'm not, and my name is not Velma." I say to her, her source of light flickers with my words.

"I understand, Velma. Don't you worry, your side of the story will be heard by me, you have my word." She places a rectangular box on the ground, "After today, you'll be able to tell everyone who comes to visit you your story."

"Pointless. Only a fool like you would spend your time here, why should it be me who stays with you?"

She pulls her jacket around her tightly, "Velma, please remember your personal space."

Moments like this make me wish she could see me, just so she could understand how dramatically I roll my eyes towards her.

She continues to work on the box, flipping switches and pressing buttons. A box is a box, and won't be anything other than a box. Except that this one vibrates on the floor, so I lean in closer. "Why is it vibrating?" I ask her.

She stands, jaw open, "Velma?! Is that you?"

"My name isn't Velma, I tell you this every day you come."

Tears roll down her face and she covers her mouth with her hands. "It works..."

"The day you bring something that works, I'll kiss you."

"Oh Velma, you're saucier than I thought you'd be." she says while her cheeks flush a deep red.

"Saucier? What is this?"

"You're more flirtatious than I thought."

"Others have said something similar... Wait... You can hear me?"

"Yes." She says eagerly nodding her head. “Yes, I can!” she shuffles in her spot, “So, how do we go about getting that kiss Velma?”

I move into her space, and place my lips on her cheek. She shivers, “There. A kiss. I don’t need anyone thinking I don’t keep my word.”

She smiles while bringing her hand to touch where I kissed her, “It’s cold.That won’t do.”

“I’m sorry that my performance is not to your standards, but there’s only so much I can do while in my domain.” I wave my arms widely, as if she can see them.

“You’re right.” she takes a moment to think, “I know what will be next, I’ll create something that will show your projection.”

“You create one thing, and now you think you can do it all huh?”

“Of course.” she says, almost jumping with a naive innocence.

The days that followed this event, the investigator would come in to talk to me. Bright eyed and excited to tell me the next step of her plans.

“See this Velma, based on this theory if I use ultraviolet light and shift it so it reflects into…” The science of what she says is quite droll, but she is excited about it, which I find adorable. “By doing all of this, I think we can get an accurate projection of your form into something I can comprehend.”

“Well, if anyone is going to do it, I know you will.”

She looks down at her waist, at the updated mini speaker that my voice comes through, “Thank you, that means a lot. I won’t let you down.”


The investigator is sitting down on the rug laughing as she finishes telling her story. She then gets quiet and I can tell the tone has shifted. “Velma. You have yet to tell me what happened. About your murder. I don’t mean to pry, but from the evidence. It just seems like you were unjustly killed.”

“I’m sorry to say, but I don’t remember dying.”

She looks over at my projection, sitting legs crossed over her B.A.M.F. Projector. “So what is the last thing you remember?”

   “Honestly? The last thing I remember is you entering my domain.”

“You keep calling this place your domain. You know this used to be your house right?” She stands up, heading towards the stairs.

“A place like this? Mine?” I laugh, “No. This is too elegant for my tastes.”

“Maybe your tastes have changed? Afterall, what good are material objects to you now.” she says while running her hands against the guard rail to the stairs above. “It’s not much, but I know if we can unlock part of your memory then everything will just open up, and you’ll be able to find peace and move on.”

“Find peace? Who’s to say I’m not already at peace and enjoying my life?” I stand up and walk away from her projector. “Or should I say my spiritual life?”

“Are you?” she asks, as if afraid of the answer I’ll give. “Are you at peace Velma?”

I don’t respond and leave her in silence.

“Okay…” she comes down from the stairs, “I’ll come back again tomorrow to let you think about it. Thank you Velma.” She gathers only a few pieces of her equipment as she heads for the door, “I always enjoy our conversations, I hope you know that.” She smiles as she walks into the light.

The next time she enters my domain, she doesn’t push her glasses up or say hello in her normal way.

“Is everything alright?” I ask her.

She huffs, “No. Even with all my work, the research department still refuses to fund my work!” she says while hurriedly putting down her materials.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe they need something more conclusive?”

She turns the B.A.M.F. Projector on so she can see me, “That’s exactly what they said. I’m just so frustrated!” she says, crossing her arms and looking down.

“If there’s anything I can do, feel free–” she abruptly interrupts me.

“I want a hug.” she says with her cheeks puffed out.

“You want a hug?” I say, my mouth hanging open. “Then go hug somebody.”

“No. I want a hug from you.”

“....” I burst into laughter. “You want a hug?! From someone who doesn’t even exist in your realm?!”

“I do.”

“Your strangeness baffles me still.” I wave for her to come closer to my projection, and she smiles as she puts herself inside my incorporeal arms. “You’ve done phenomenal work so far, and you will continue to outshine everyone else, no one will be ready for what you accomplish.”

“Thank you Velma.” she says, a phrase I’ve heard more than once. Yet this time, a faint smile cracks my lips. “I wish you would stay by my side forever, I feel like I can achieve anything with you close by.”

“We both know that can’t last as things are. Not if you’re to succeed on your objectives.”

“I know.” she says dejected.

“I will stay by you as long as I can though.” She smirks as she leaves my cold embrace. The Investigator moves to the side tables that she has pushed together to act like her desk. I wait for her to finish writing in her log book before I bring up the next topic, “You asked me if I remembered dying.”

She stops writing and looks over her shoulder, “I did. Did you–”

“No. Like I said, I don't remember dying. However, it did beg the question, what do I remember?”

“Yeah?” Her expression is a mixture of curiosity and optimism.

“Sadly nothing. For instance, you keep calling me Velma no matter how many times I tell you that’s not my name.”

“Well, yeah. You keep saying your nameless, so I figured I would keep calling your name in hopes you would remember.”

“But I don’t. Because I can’t. I am Nameless.”

“I’m sure once we pull your spirit back into this world, that will help jog your memories. Until then, I’ll keep calling you Velma.” She puts her head down and goes back to writing.


Pumpkins light the foyer, and the Investigator finishes carving the last one. She smiles as she looks at her creation, a smile that could melt snow with its radiance. She adds some cinnamon to the inside of it before placing it over a candle.

“I’m not sure why you’re adding spices to a pumpkin that you won’t be using except for decoration.” I tell her.

“Simple, when I pull you into the world, I want the first thing you see to be me, and I want the first thing for you to smell to be pumpkin spice.” So pure that smile. In the past it would have made me cringe, but now it’s food for the heart. 

She places the pumpkin in its spot, closing the circle of smiling Jack O’ Lanterns around the two towers she has built. She moves her carving knives to the side, now that the ambience is set, and she attaches the final cables to power up the towers.

"Alright Velma. It's time. Are you ready?" she asks as if I’ll change my response.

"Are you sure you want to attempt this? I can’t guarantee you’ll like what you see."

She presses her hands together and looks up at me, "If I succeed with this Velma, then I'll prove to the world we can help all the souls of the lost, and we can help people even after death! It won’t matter what you look like, just that you will be here. With me."

"If that's what you believe, then who am I to try and stop you. I trust you."

"Thank you Velma, I love you too.” She gestures with her arms inside my space, “I would kiss you if I could, but..." She giggles with no regard to the fact that she’s about to breakthrough with a scientific marvel.

“Soon, you may get that wish.”

“I hope so.” She pulls her levers and presses her buttons, reminding me of the day she achieved her first breakthrough. The day we first started talking with each other.

The lights flash as she starts her machine up, the house rattles, and then the machine gives a low hum and everything returns to normal. A small rift between the towers opens.

“Everything looks clear, you should be good to enter.” she says.

I step out of the portal she has created, and smile at her. "Hello my dear, it's so good to see you! Are you doing well today?" I say with a deeper yet caring voice.

She takes a step back, "Who are you?! You're not what should have come through!"

I open my arms wide, "Velma, it's me!" I point to the ring on my finger in hopes that will help.

She takes a step back, and quickly grabs one of the carving knives, pointing it at me.

I throw out my hands and take up a defensive stance, "Whoa there Velma. Let's just take it easy now. Remember where you are. Remember who you are. Remember what the exercises the doc–"

She screams out with tears in her eyes, "You lied to me!! You're a demon! You tricked me into bringing you here!"

"Velma, I don't underst--" my words are cut off as she runs forward, jamming the knife in my chest as I collapse.

I re-materialize behind her, by the door that has just been opened, and I stare in horror and disgust as Velma continuously stabs our husband in the chest as she cries. "Velma!" I shout. What are you doing!?" I attempt to rush over to her, but stop when she looks over at me, her hands shaking and covered in blood.

"Jones! I did it! I killed the demon!!" She stands up smiling, knife still in her hand as she approaches me. “I will admit, it’s my fault for bringing it into this world.” she looks over at the two coat racks before looking back at me.

I only whimper my response, "Velma... That's not a demon... That's our husband you just killed!!!"

This next part is always my favorite, no matter how many times I watch it play out.

Velma looks down and sees the dead body of one of her husbands. The face of pain, fear, and confusion she makes is exquisite every time, and could feed me for years. It’s a shame us Nameless are gluttons.

I move quietly, crouching down to grab one of the carving knives still on the floor. She turns around laughing, startling me.

"Jones. You must be one too then! Cause I'd never kill anyone!" She holds her knife more firm and points it at me, completely snapped.

I lunge at Velma so we can start from the beginning of her harrowing song once again.

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