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INTRO: Hello dear reader, what you're about to read is a motivational passage of Sean Sorce. He's the proud author of ongoing series: "The Rissindell Stories" & the first collection of short stories: "No Shortcomings, Just Stories". In this following passage, he will go over how to Motivate Yourself!

If I've made it this far, I can make it anywhere. This is what I keep telling myself everyday. For tomorrow will always bring a new opportunity for anyone who keep pursuing their dreams and ambitions in life. Throughout my life, I always told myself that I wanted to become a writer since I was really little. I believe I was five when I first started writing my own short stories for my Papa to read. Back then, he was my original beta reader and best friend. Now, I have several other beta readers now reading my current stories, either it being a novel or short story which is a blessing of itself. I'm sure little 5 year old me will be all in awe about the achievements I have made along the way to get where I am today. Motivate Yourself!

Sure, it's been quite a struggle but I always overcame it. So much hardships I have had to endure, but it never once stopped me in reaching my goal. I know how life can sometimes make us unbalance, but we must always try and do make the best in what we have been given. As Walt Disney had once said: "We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” I take this quote very seriously for if we keep striving to continue our dreams and ambitions then surely the world is full of unlimited possibilities. In fact, I always said that "The sky is never the limit to anyone who tries to reach for the stars especially those who still got imagination". I even mentioned this in my previous collection of short stories about it while dedicating the book to my close relative. You can say that both quotes can go hand in hand for they do have some similarities. Motivate Yourself!

Never have anyone tell you otherwise! In life, we will have people who will be there to support us through thick and thin. However there will be those who will doubt your dreams, hate your ambitions, and/or say anything negative about your pursuit of success. Well I'm here to tell you to forget them. There is no room for doubters, haters and nay-sayers for you can make your own path to reach your own goals! Yes, we will encounter at least of these individuals on our everyday basis, but we can simply chose to block them off with a switch either psychology and/or mentally. I've had a handful of people who are within these categories and what I like to do is just ignore them. Last thing we need is for them to get into our heads that we aren't good enough. They do this to toy with us making us feel doubtful, hateful and negative. To that, I say: "Back off!" Motivate Yourself!

Sometimes in life, we need to have patterns especially with our goals in life. For example, with my first book: "The Blacksmith's Nephew", I took me at least 3 and half years to publish it. I work hard everyday while also giving myself a mental break here and there so I won't burn myself off. The only times I don't write are the months of April, August and December. Between these trimesters of writing, I kept that pattern going especially with my second book: "The Fisher-Orc and His Voyage" and will still do it so on and so forth. However I am going to finish that 2nd book in summer of 2023 after two years since the first one. While I did took long with the first novel, it was afterwards that made the writing more easy because I knew what I was writing and how I was going to do it. This all helped when I made the decision of giving myself breaks in between. I'm surprise that I never came across a writer's block yet but I think it's because I always pace myself with these projects of mine. See what you can do to make your a pattern and schedule your routine. Motivate Yourself!

Often times we will get rejected. I have had plenty of share of rejections in my life. Back when I was trying to publish my first novel, I got rejected by a local traditional publisher. Now I ain't going to say their names but that publisher rejected me because they thought that my work isn't what they were looking for. I didn't take much of this rejection hard, no, instead I just chuckled and said to myself that it was their lost. For within that short period of time, I found a self publisher who can take my work for free, not giving me any deadlines and won't say no to me. Anyways I have already been rejected too many times but I always just shrug if off right away nowadays. I'm a writer who can handle a rejection. Motivate Yourself!

You are probably wondering: what inspires you, Sean? Well, I'll tell what does: it starts with my dreams. I don't think I can stress this enough but I always wanted to be a writer. It's just something that clicks to me the most more than any other professional. Sure, I'm a welder too however that's just a safety net career. Writing you get paid a lot but I still love to do it on my own time and schedule. When I write, I just love escaping from this world that we live in to a world I made myself. I do tend to read other books, some even made by other writers I know, than just my own and it's a great escapism. However I do enjoy the writing more so than the reading because I like working with my hands and mind simultaneously. Once I start writing, there's no stopping me for I have developed a creative mind over the past 30 years of my life. Motivate Yourself!

OUTRO: This is the end of Sean's motivational passage! Hope this help motivated you in the long run! Please don't be discouraged, and never give up on your dreams. For as Sean Sorce had said: "The sky is never the limit to anyone who tries to reach for the stars especially those who still got imagination"! Now all of you dreamers, go out there and Motivate Yourself!

February 18, 2023 02:05

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